Lyn’s Advance Birthday Surprise~!

As it is Ah Lyn’s birthday this week, we planned to have an advance celebration for her before our NDP practice! Managed to trick her down to Causeway Point for lunch on the pretext that I bought some Groupon and it’s expiring soon blah blah blah, and she totally fell for it! xD

Got Eric to go earlier to chope table first while I hid at the train station because I definitely don’t wanna bump into the birthday girl with the cake -.- So after making sure that she has reached Empire State, Tiff and I made our appearance with the cake!

 photo 20130505_142714_zpsa547779c.jpg

Surprise surprise~ 😀

Drooling because I got her her favourite cake from Rive Gauche! Hehe!
 photo 20130505_142554_zps117c6641.jpg

 photo 20130505_142606_zps07996226.jpg

Making her wish … with a knife -.-“

 photo 20130505_142611_zpsc09ae6dd.jpg

Still holding on to the knife…

Really appreciate Tiff’s effort for coming all the way down from Tampines even though she was not going Kranji Camp with us after that! But in the end, she was psycho-ed throughout the lunch…poor girl! Hahaha!
 photo 2013-05-05-14-31-05_photo_zps2f2bd9c5.jpg

So glad that I ordered the bigger cake because I know everyone’s gonna love it! Cause I LOVE IT TOO!!! Hehehe!
 photo 20130505_142650_zps18bec85d.jpg

 photo 2013-05-05-14-49-13_deco_zpsc48eec18.jpg

The symbolic strawberries that I added for her~ 大吉大粒!xD

We ordered 1 mushroom pizza to share and I thought it wouldn’t be enough for everyone, especially the birthday girl, but it turned out to be rather big! And it’s thick crust~
 photo IMG_20130505_145025_zpse20bc5ba.jpg

I wanted to quickly take the first piece so that Lyn could not take picture of it (a move to make her trade photos with me) but the clumsy me ended up making a mess, as usual! LOL!
 photo IMG-20130506-WA0002_zps21b42f9f.jpg

It was a successful surprise and a good lunch, thanks to everyone’s effort!!! 😀 Off for our first practice at the Kranji Camp and at the very last minute, Tiff decided to come along with us for her very first NDP practice this year! A lunch turned into a long day for her~ Haha!

Went through the various dances again and also learned the remaining Chinese dance steps. At the end of it, my clothes were already soaked in sweat! =/

Then down to the parade square to start off our formations~ As expected, my “dearest” group leader had already arranged a “special spot” for me, which is the front row! Zzzzzz!

After last year‘s experience, I know what troubles all this “limelight” is gonna bring me and I really don’t yearnnnnn for it like how some others may. Furthermore, I am really not confident of the dance steps yet and even trainer Steven asked, “Li eh sai buay? (You can or not?)” I could only tell him that I wanna pang sai because I am too nervous! -.-”

Walked through the first 2 formations before breaking for dinner~

 photo IMG_20130505_184242_zps9883b7c4.jpg

My strawberries dinner!

Continued with the third formation and thankfully there wasn’t much problem for me, except the entry part! The entry part is the most stressful part because I’m at the very edge of this rectangular formation (the 90° part), so I kinda determine the positions of all the people behind me, PLUS all those beside me x.x

Luckily I have Tiff behind me to help me look out for my position, and my partner beside me who 一起乱 with me…hahaha! He was like, “Just do it only! The most we screw up together.” But most of the time, only he 乱…LOL.

Practised the formations with the dance steps and I really need much much much more practice for the dances!!! Especially the Chinese and Hip Hop dance, which was a total mess. It was shiok though~ Totally sweated it out and my clothes were soaked once again!

The addition of formations is the toughest part, but also the start of the fun part (:
As much as I fear not being able to meet up to the expectation and hence becoming the “black sheep“, I look forward to more practice and more fun to come! 现在除了加油,还是加油!

Rewards this week!!!
Actually it was Lyn who wanted to eat ice-cream and the pathetic mall only has Xin Wang that serves ice-cream (desserts) -.- Anyway, I think we have all worked very hard today! *smell clothes*
 photo IMG_20130505_210657_zps303fccd5.jpg photo IMG_20130505_211104_zps342fe395.jpg

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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