Iron Man 3!


Energy booster~


Home-cooked tang yuan for lunch!

Finally caught Iron Man 3!

But I was kinda expecting more since my brother claimed that it’s the best out of the 3~ Although I don’t quite remember Iron Man 2 by now, I kinda have the impression that my heart was racing along with the movie, which I don’t feel for this sequel =/

The plot was occasionally coincidental, which made it too “easy“, and many “twists” turned out to be for comedic factor (e.g. the revelation of Trevor), hence making it less serious or intense, and at times even -___-|||

The Iron Man suit duplication also contributed to the lack of excitement of the movie I guess. It’s like a mass production, and watching a group versus 1 person, and watching 1V1, which one is more exciting? Go figure.

Anyhow, my intended French lunch turned into … this, because I was too lazy to go out in the end…hehe.

Almost died after missing just 1 week of training last week due to PH -.- And all my favourite mates were not around, hence leaving me in the hands of female coach and the senior, aka the killer team~ Mad tired but it was a good one! (:




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