Chasing the blues~

Was feeling the blues on Thursday night; PMS at its full strike…Zzzzz. Decided to hit Wala Wala for a drink~ It’s been almost a year –misses!

 photo IMG_20130509_203156_zps4d9d0de6.jpg


 photo IMG_20130509_221409_zps5da5db0f.jpg

Good music~

And good entertainment of the night by Mr. End-of-Semester, who was rejoicing by standing on the chair and getting all the guys to sing together…haha! Very spontaneous! *thumbs up!*
 photo 20130509_220849_zpse059bc34.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_140345_zps8329c224.jpg

In a mood for sour stuff – black vinegar vermicelli! (:

Finally used my facial thingy Groupon and as expected, pushy sales! >.<
It’s really better going with friends because when you’re alone, you tend to be pressurised more easily –CRY!

Going home with a naked face~ Felt so insecureeeee but I actually do like the result of the treatment luh. It’s just a matter of whether it’s worth the “investment” x.x
 photo IMG_20130510_223302_zpsf8dc0b20.jpg

Came home with a mini surprise on my bed! Cutesy tissues from my pig brother~ Although it’s just tissues, it’s enough to make me happier a little, cause I do appreciate every little thing like this, and even thing like simply spending time with me knowing that I am feeling blue ((:
 photo IMG_20130510_232507_zps10e52e51.jpg




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