20th Anniversary of Buddyship!

So some time at the start of the year, I was telling buddy that this year’s gonna mark our 20 years of friendship and we ought to celebrate! I joked that he should give me a treat to thank me for tolerating his stupid face for 20 years and he actually agreed to it…hahahaha!

He even gave me a handmade “voucher” for my meal before I left for Hong Kong, and I finally redeemed my long-awaited treat! xD

Being ever-generous, he actually came up with a few good Japanese restaurant choices because he knows I’m crazy over sashimi~ But I’m very nice okay, I researched on them and eliminated the real expensive one(s) even though I really like the unique interior of the place because I always tell him, “钱不是这样花的!!!” Haha!

Our BHB conversation! We were both in a dilemma of what to wear after the impromptu suggestion to go cycling has been accepted…LOL.

conv 2

Even when we were in the train, we were still wavering between choices of where to eat! In the end, we decided to stick to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar! 😀 It’s my first time there and judging from the queue, I’m sure it’s not bad. Furthermore it’s the glutton buddy’s recommendation, it must be good!
 photo 20130511_135734_zps799a013c.jpg

Full house!
 photo 20130511_141645_zps5c5c86fc.jpg photo 20130511_143235_zpse2dbeb01.jpg

Finally got a seat by the counter!
 photo 20130511_143220_zpsf85be6d5.jpg

Get to watch the chef cook~
 photo 20130511_150735_zpsd5345752.jpg

And the first dish to be served was my salmon sashimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
It’s 8 bucks for 5 slices but they are damn thick! And definitely fresh~ Super shiokkkk!!! Knowing how much I love them, buddy immediately ordered 2 plates of them without me asking…hahahaha! ❤❤❤
 photo IMG_20130511_143730_zps3e2e2491.jpg

 photo IMG_20130511_144637_zpsd40b12a8.jpg

Pork cheeks!

 photo IMG_20130511_145641_zps9e236a29.jpg


And then comes the highlight of the day, or rather, of the restaurant – SHIOK MAKI! This is like their signature dish and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who visited raved about this! The moment I tried it, I understood why it’s called SHIOK Maki, because it’s really so damn shiokkkkk I tell you!!! You will feel like a shiok monkey!
 photo IMG_20130511_150057_zps2a220d80.jpg

It was so nice to the extent that we were both damn full, yet buddy kept asking me if I want another plate of salmon sashimi and I was like, “Very tempting! But I was actually thinking of another plate of Shiok Maki.” LOL. But of course we did not go for that; we were exploding!!!

I did not take photo of all the food that we ordered because the food there were just too good (except the bland age tofu) and we were both too busy eating! But this was how it’s like after the staff cleared like 3-4 plates…hehe.
 photo 20130511_150013_zpsbea524e3.jpg

Was a tad disappointed when one of my favourite enoki mushroom roll was sold out but towards the end of our meal, we saw the chef making it and despite being really full, I didn’t wanna leave without having it xD
 photo IMG_20130511_152312_zpse326fed3.jpg

Super gluttony day! But I have to emphasise that he is more of a gluttony because he even had one bowl of ramen!!! But it was a really good meal! Thank you, my irreplaceable buddy! ❤
 photo IMG_20130511_151423_zpsf38f8bef.jpg

And thank you for all the times you were there during these 20 years, be it when I’m drunk or when I’m PMS-ing or when I just needed to rant, bearing with my 霸道-ness, like how you used to describe it, and most importantly, bringing me so much laughter and for being a really, really good friend all these years!
 photo IMG_20130511_151912_zps50bb1f4c.jpg

Oh plus bearing with the endless cam-whoring below just because I am not satisfied with all the shots! LOL!
 photo 20130511_151535_zpsa08abd36.jpg

 photo IMG_20130511_151631_zps8253e928.jpg

I hope that’s more of a smirk and not a halfway-dig-teeth face.

 photo IMG_20130511_152647_zps9a08ed1b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130511_153944_zpsd92f2002.jpg

Finally got a satisfying shot to make our version of #whatpubertydidtous! xD
Happy 20th Anniversary, idiot!

Walked all the way to Sunshine Plaza after that, in hope to get our food digested so that we have space to stuff down some custard buns. Although that did not happen (the digestion part), I still finally tried Victor’s Kitchen’s custard buns, which Lyn has been raving about! And OMGGGGGGG~ I think I’ve found the nicest custard buns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo IMG_20130511_164042_zpse9026f5c.jpg

This is heaven can?!

What makes this custard bun so different is that it has this strong buttery smell which makes it taste really, really good!!! And the filling is definitely generous! It was just such a good food day and I’m totally craving for this right now~

But after so much calories taken in, it’s time to burn some off! Off to East Coast Park to meet up with the rest and even president Shi Min came along; that just shocked everyone…hahaha! I can’t even remember the last time we were there together, but anyhow, the aim of the day is for me to learn how to cycle!

But because there were way too many people there, I was kinda embarrassed to start x.x
So the guys actually rented 2 double bikes to chauffeur Queen and I, who both don’t know how to cycle, and then 1 single bike which Shi Min rode first~

Something kinda scary happened while I was on the double with buddy. I lost my balance on the bike because I wasn’t holding on to the grip and I actually tried to use my leg to brake, but it ended up scrapping a hole off my shoe! It could have been a hole off my foot =/

Chanced upon this quiet park where kids learn about road safety and they figured that it’s a perfect location for me to learn, so I took over Shi Min’s bike and started trying on my own~ It was really much easier learning on this bike, but I still had some problem controlling the direction.

Tried a few times and I managed to cycle longer distance, but still lost control and banged into curbs or lamp posts in the end! Shi Min said I have actually mastered it, but it’s just that I am not confident enough~

Kept trying and trying on my own until I managed to cycle longer and longer distance, then the guys figured that I’m ready to get onto the path. But I was still losing control every now and then, especially when turning! =/

In the end, I had no choice but to leave the park as well since everyone was leaving to accompany Gui to return his blades. So I just tried to cycle on my own from the park to the rental shop, which is quite a distance away, and somehow I just managed to get it!

Although I still lost control and stopped a few times, each time I continue, I managed to cycle a much longer distance. In the end, I managed to reach the rental shop without lagging too much behind! Hehe!

Then cycled all the way to the hawker, which is at another extreme end, and I didn’t have much problem! I managed to cycle smoothly all the way, until I reached some uneven path or slope area and became a little unstable, but I did not fall nor stop~ Only stopped at a point when I thought I have lost my way and at the last point when the slope towards the hawker was way too steep and I couldn’t get up…LOL.

Proud of myself and definitely happy that I have finally learnt how to cycle! Something that I have been wanting to learn and now I managed to get it off my must-do-before-25 list! 😀 Though still not 100% stable, I look forward to more practice and I hope I can cycle with no fear at all soon!!! 谢谢大家~!And sorry to all the people I almost banged into…ROFL.

(via picsandquotes.com)

(via picsandquotes.com)


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