Bangkok Goodies!

Spent half the Sunday clearing all the things I have been procrastinating and then the other half at Kranji Camp for NDP practice. Went through the dances and learned how to incorporate them with the formations~

It’s a good thing that we don’t have to dance as much now, because we just have to pose there for certain parts and let the other ethnic group(s) dance, but it’s also confusing because you need to know which part to continue next! I mean we spent so much time learning the whole dance and it’s like a flow now, so I just can’t help but forget to “pause” at times =/

Got our incomplete “talisman(formation list) and I am indeed #1! x.x
 photo 20130512_183535_zpsbe566817.jpg

Snacking on Bangkok goodies from Ah Lyn during dinner break! 😀
This toy-looking thing actually tastes like ang gu kueh! So amazed~ I mean for someone who don’t usually eat ang gu kueh, I actually liked this!
 photo IMG_20130513_132524_zpsa8e1680e.jpg

Carried on with the formations after the break and man~ Formation 4 is always confusing me!!! Because my row is the only row moving backwards while the others are ALL moving forward (and even the choreographer would say “move forward”), so I can’t help but always ended up following them! Argh! I am supposed to move BACK! Really “following BLINDLY” @.@

Tried the formations with the dances and it was even more confusing this time with all the pauses and new steps! The few of us were totally lost as in when to change formations, especially for the 4th! We thought it was time to change but it was actually a new “moving forward” dance step -____-|||

Still a lost sheep at the end of the practice, just hope everything gets better the next practice. And hope my last two formations are easy peasy pleaseeeee~~~

Rewards at Han’s this week~!

 photo IMG_20130512_204515_zpsc6178028.jpg

Banana split!

 photo IMG_20130512_204640_zps14abc331.jpg

Still sad over my peach tart 😦

Pouting because I lost the 终极密码 game and had to eat the last mouthful of Tiramisu…haha! (The orange tee is really ugly by the way!!! I can’t believe we have to wear it for next 3 weeks…Zzzzz)

So much goodies from Bangkok!!! OMG~ It looks as though I am the one who went on holiday, isn’t it?! Even has got bag and shoes, and it’s because I was looking for white shoes during the JB trip~ Hehehe!
 photo IMG_20130512_223656_zps69bacfe7.jpg

 photo IMG_20130512_224445_zps4dcd8a2a.jpg

Cuteeeeee bee necklace!! 😀

 photo IMG_20130512_225021_zps0a582dd4.jpg

Yes, this is real! 终极密码, anyone?


I need this!


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