It has been a boring week and it will continue to be a boring week this week so there’s nothing much to blog about =/

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Rilakkuma biscuit from Bangkok!

And like what Zee said before when we saw some Thai shark’s fin at pasar malam –Thailand everything also fake. Shark fin fake … women also fake.” So this was what I got from the Rilakkuma biscuit! LOL.
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One of the worst bruises from Saturday’s cycling x.x

Finally tried Saveur and had my cheap French lunch~ Well, it’s not cheap as in dirt cheap, but cheap for French cuisine (:


Duck salad!

Like the salad, this signature pasta belongs to the starters, so don’t expect a normal pasta portion. I personally find this $4.90 serving just nice for me and what matters more is that it’s really goodddd!

Happy to see so many people came for training! No more lonely trainings, though I still ended up in female coach’s hand x.x

I kept “pleadingggg” Mr Lame to let me off since I already died once last week, but he said I should look on the bright side in the sense that no one else is stronger to partner with female coach…Zzzzz.

It turned out that the combos were rather okay~ I survived and what actually almost killed me was the new conditioning exercise, which now includes running, but with stairs! =/

The beginners stopped at 3 rounds and Mr Lame was actually “encouraging” me to stop at 3 as well, cause he knows running is not my thing. He was like, “There’s nothing embarrassing about running just 3 rounds. Our usual conditioning is not so much also~” -___-”

But I knew female coach will be disappointed if I do so, so I persisted! At the end of the 5 rounds, I could see that she was proud that I finished it and the “Good job!” plus ^5 was just worthwhile~

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.

Sweet treat from my sweet mate again! Although it’s peanut butter flavour, I still appreciate her sweetness to bake us stuff each time! Hehe! Gonna miss her during her long holiday hiatus~

P.S. I need a drinking partner!!!

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)

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