Happy Meal & No.5!

Had a really filling and good breakfast that lasted me throughout the whole day! I mean the fact that I already decided on what to order wayyyy before I was there, this was kinda expected…haha!

 photo IMG_20130516_105543_zpsf8c6a9dc.jpg

Entrée – Soon kueh and yam kueh!

 photo IMG_20130516_105511_zpsfe7e01db.jpg

Entremet – Chee Cheong Fun!

 photo IMG_20130516_110027_zpsef93229c.jpg

Main – Kway Chup!

 photo IMG_20130516_113449_zps9b06730d.jpg

Dessert – Durian Pengat!

OMG~ Can you imagine how full I was?! I was really full till even dinner time! But it was such a good meal 😀 Can’t love breakfast more~! ❤

Started looking for a drinking partner because I didn’t want my week to be sooooo boring~ I know it’s not difficult to find one, but it’s just a matter of suitability. Lyn was the first to volunteer as usual -.- Even though she really is more of an eating person than drinking partner =/

But I was obviously too full to eat! And window-shopping is just gonna make my week even more boring, period. So anyhow, I decided to bring this little one to “见识见识” and since 1-for-1 Martinis only starts at 9pm, I brought her to Seventh Heaven to use up my voucher while kill some time~

Me: I am very full leh! You really must eat more hor! Like a lotttt more.

Lyn: I know lah… Isn’t that the standard meh?

Hahaha! Good~ She’s starting to know my “rule” and not argue about proportions! xD

 photo IMG_20130516_203610_zpsa533752d.jpg

Chocolate molten cake with ice-cream!

 photo IMG_20130516_204158_zps3bf1080f.jpg

Super chocolatey! But more of syrup than cake~

Off to No.5~! Managed to get the manager to reserve 2 seats for us and he got me the big cozy space which I loveeee! Hehe!
 photo 20130516_222130_zps0342452d.jpg

 photo IMG_20130516_211438_zpsf4904855.jpg

My must-have Peach Fruitini! ❤
Satisfied 50% of my peach tart craving! Hahaha!

And as expected, 2 shots of Tequila Rose were served all of a sudden~
 photo IMG_20130516_212329_zps0e9ad2b3.jpg

Me: Is this from …

Waiter: Yes. This is from our manager.

But actually I don’t mind because I love this!!! I was more worried for the little girl because the fact that I brought her in, everyone was like staring at me thinking why did I bring a Primary 5 kid here! Hahaha!

It was a bad idea to have brought her there because I was constantly worried if she’s gonna make it! I kept asking her, “You sure you’re okay?! Sureeeee??? I don’t wanna carry you back to Simei! T.T” Hahaha!

But the stubborn girl insisted that she can go for 1 more round and so we tried the Honeydew Martini as recommended by the waiter~
 photo IMG_20130516_222257_zps733b6c1b.jpg

Now, this definitely tasted more like Martini than the Peach Fruitni and as a result, after having 1 sip, she started lying on the cushions! I was like, “OMG~~~ Don’t close your eyes! Wake up!!! Your Kor will kill me! Wake up~~~” Then I poured all her remaining drink into my glass =/

And this was how she looks from Take 1 to Take 18237492! LOL. But that’s because of the flash…hahahaha!
 photo IMG_20130517_113734_zps9ae6fbfa.jpg

Finally one with opened eyes!
 photo 20130516_224027_zps24e772e8.jpg

Trying to pout like me but epic fail! LOL!!!
 photo IMG_20130517_112739_zps13a02821.jpg

Bad bad bad idea to have had her as my drinking partner~ I think she still belongs to the arcade more…hahaha! And then just when we were about to leave, Mr. Manager finally 忙完 and brought over another 3 glasses of Choya Martini to drink with us! –FAINT!
 photo IMG_20130516_232042_zpsd520a1e5.jpg

He claimed that this is the lightest amongst the Martinis but I still kept pouring Lyn’s content over to mine -.- The stubborn girl can really be stubborn~

Anyhow, crapped with him as usual till we finished the drinks and even made a new gay friend! Haha! Loveee the fun-loving regulars there and love the friendly gay pals out there even more!

Oh and guess what’s the worst pickup line that I’ve ever heard?

“Are you single? You know what material is this? *touch own shirt* Boyfriend material.”


(via yanilavigne.net)

(via yanilavigne.net)


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