Cycling cum Modeling Day!

Because I am really not the smart kind that pick things up fast, I am so scared that I would “forget” how to cycle if I stop for a long time and wasted last week‘s effort! I am really the kind that needs lots of practice and get familiarised before I can do something confidently, hence I wanted to “practise” again this week! Hardworking right? Hehe.

 photo 20130518_161822_zps348e0036.jpg

Hello again, East Coast Park~

And my cycling partner of the day – Siew Eng!!! 😀
 photo IMG_9551_zps2bfb04c4.jpg photo IMG_9553_zps5b46e4aa.jpg

Off we go~! Siew Siew secretly snapping behind my back -__-”
 photo IMG-20130519-WA0001_zps9fad3949.jpg

We rented for 3 hours and started off with the quieter side first,until we reached a dead end~ I stopped for like 2398479387 times because I was still a bit unstable, especially when there were people near me!

I still couldn’t balance veryyyy well at the start so I just kept paddling, which made me nervous whenever I gotta slow down or something. I even banged right into Siew Siew’s butt because I didn’t slow down in time! My poor cycling partner~ After that she did not dare to cycle in front of this P-plate cyclist anymore…LOL!

Got better after riding for a longer time (though my butt was also aching more and more!) and managed to ride to the other end, way beyond the hawker this time! Decided to take a break when we chanced upon this nice auntie selling ice-cream *ling ling ling~* 😀

 photo IMG_20130518_182359_zpsf7b37e41.jpg

My yummy yam! ❤

 photo IMG_20130518_191016_zpsdbc9d383.jpg


 photo 20130518_182640_zps84237acc.jpg

Time for a rest! (:

 photo 20130518_184254_zps0a9e8431.jpg

Pretty sunset behind us! 几 lomantic~~~

 photo 20130518_183156_zps0269f21a.jpg

Cam-whore time~! 😀

And then we started taking “emo” shots for each other because the colour is just too nice! But I really loveeeee how the shot turned out! Kudos to Siew Siew! It somehow captures a mixture of emotions that I can’t express.
 photo 20130518_183421_zps35da846a.jpg

Tried taking the same thing for her with the same angle and framing and etc but somehow it doesn’t feel as nice leh!!! 😦 No 天分~
 photo 20130518_183735_zpsc04e0299.jpg

I quite like this though~
 photo 20130518_183317_zpse9332eea.jpg

Even tried asking her to remove her 乌拉博士 specs but still couldn’t get it leh =/
 photo 20130518_183939_zps641846da.jpg

Anyhow, she started getting all sorts of photography inspirations and went, “Eh you go stand there leh~” So my cycling trip turned into a modeling trip somehow…LOL.
 photo 20130518_184430_zps83567d66.jpg

And because she said my legs make it seem like I’m doing yoga, she thought I might as well strike a yoga pose there! Hahahaha! Nice effect though xD
 photo IMG_9506_zps7957a3d7.jpg

Then we went on to jumping shots! 😀
 photo IMG_9516_zpsce52a64e.jpg

 photo 20130518_185221_zps673363b8.jpg


 photo IMG_9519_zps518fe0b5.jpg


But this one looks like she got scared off by something…hahahahaha!
 photo IMG_9520_zps868ee13d.jpg

 photo IMG_9521_zpsccc15221.jpg

Up in the air!

So this was another of her inspirations~
 photo 20130518_185855_zps430bdfe8.jpg photo 20130518_185900_zps2edf53ec.jpg

Got tired of posing plus I ran out of poses (I mean I am never good at posing), so I decided to just lie down and rest…haha!
 photo IMG_9523_zps1bf3ba57.jpg photo IMG_9525_zpseb1e88f7.jpg

The standard poses~
 photo IMG_9529_zps304e3349.jpg photo IMG_9531_zps4df7cffc.jpg

Back to cam-whoring again! But with the sea this time~
 photo IMG_9512_zps0c15efb2.jpg photo IMG_9513_zps8e439f64.jpg photo IMG_9514_zps2fd1078f.jpg

 photo IMG_9515_zpsc92a3b7f.jpg

Favourite pout~

Then she went, “You go sit there~ You go sit there~” again xD
 photo IMG_9534_zpsce514cd5.jpg photo IMG_9540_zps3f9657e1.jpg photo 20130518_190245_zps533004a0.jpg

In the end, we spent 1 of the 3 hours taking all these photos before we cycled the long journey back again~ Hahahaha!

 photo IMG_9558_zpsb4c639e8.jpg

Before setting off!

Siew Siew’s 翘翘 keeps blocking me x.x
 photo IMG_9559_zpsb9129e71.jpg photo IMG_9561_zpsa48974e4.jpg

Almost had a serious accident on the way back when I lose control on the steep down slope after the hawker and banged right into the railing! The impact was pretty huge, but luckily I braked wayyyy earlier, if not the impact would have been even greater and I might just fly over the railing! x.x

Scary experience, but I still wanna cycle! I wanna be really good and stable with it, no matter on slopes or where! Managed to reach just in time to return our bikes and ended our cycling trip! 😀 Thank youuuuu for cycling with me…hehe!

Off to Katong to get my egg tarts only to realise that it was already closed! –CRY!
Settled for prata instead and I think that meal was more calories than we had burnt…hahaha!

Second round of ice-cream after that! xD
The mao shan wang was just sooooo good that it’s just worth the calories. LOLOL.
 photo IMG_20130518_212445_zps22db7715.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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