Killer Sunday!

Worked real hard this weekend! After all the cycling on Saturday, I actually woke up early for morning training on Sunday! It was to make up for the training that I missed while I was in Hong Kong and I had been procrastinating it =/

I don’t know if I should say I chose the right Sunday or the wrong one, because Mr Lame wasn’t around and hence it was conducted by female coach, which means “you gonna expect more“, as said by a mate~

And I mean a lot more. I was already so tired after demo-ing for the last 2 combos, let alone doing my own -.-”

Female coach: (After trying out the combo with me twice) Okay, let’s demo.

Me: *???* Wasn’t just now a demo already? T.T

Female: (After demo-ing again) Okay? Can remember the combo? Or again?

Guy: Again again!


Hello! Not you demo what!

But oh well~ I survived another killer training! Rewarded myself with a cup of Green Tea Frappe before rushing off to Sis’s house! 😀

Vic: Help me buy Mac. Got new burger?

Me: Yah..think got a double patty thing.

Vic: Yah that one. I want upsize.

Me: (To Sis) You want nuggets?

Sis: Don’t want. I very fat!

Hahaha! The difference between man and woman~ Sad reality.
Anyhow, finally saw my love boy after weekssssss!!!

Sis: Look who is here~

Isaac: *shy smile* Bear!

Sad reality #2 – he recognises my bear more~ But then he started Yiyiyi-ing non-stop again…hahaha! My cuteeeee boy! *pinch cheeks*

Only managed to spend a short time with him playing the fishing game before I gotta rush off for NDP practice 😦 Oh and guess what, I totally forgot about my shoes and happily wore slippers for the practice!!!

So thankful that other than the fact that my Sis uses the same facial products as me (so I can easily get them after showering at her place), she also shares the same shoe size as me! Phew~~~ Can imagine being chased home by the mad woman if I had worn the slippers -.-”

 photo IMG_20130519_223537_zpsb85f349b.jpg

Favourite biscuits from Sis! Teehee~

Practised the dance steps in the hall as usual before continuing with the formations after dinner break~ Got our 5th formation and luckily it wasn’t too challenging for me to remember.

 photo IMG_20130519_185218_zpse8c1a74b.jpg

While waiting for the rest to settle their positions~

But we screwed up the first round of practice when we were concentrating on the new clapping steps and totally missed the markers! I think it was because I overshot mine and hence everyone overshot along with me! >.<

So for the second round, my partner and I were like, “Let’s concentrate on finding the marker this time! Clap wrongly also nevermind lah!” Hahahaha! And then I got it this time! Hehe.

Went through the whole dance + formations for another 2-3 times and I think I am much clearer now as compared to last week~ At least I know when to change formations and I am also more familiar with the dance steps now, though still can’t remember 100% of them =/

But I get worried when the others run to the wrong markers! My blur partner beside me kept running to the wrong marker and I was like, “Ah boy!!! Here!!!” Cause I realised I still don’t know his name…haha! But hope everything will just get better with each others’ help! (:

Reward this week – Rojak and dumplings! No picture of rojak because we cleared it too fast…hehe.
 photo IMG_20130519_210442_zpsd7f19acf.jpg

Overdue pictures~

 photo IMG_20130517_182053_zps2fb60ad5.jpg

I miss my green pau ❤

 photo IMG_20130517_204456_zpsd827dec3.jpg

Lychee Margarita served in cute cactus glass!

One thing I love is to people-watch in a bar because it’s just real entertaining! And who knows, you might end up making some friends, who will then come with half a pint of beer~

 photo IMG_20130517_221110_zpsafb04b88.jpg

The first-timers rule x.x




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