Museums Visit~

As the museums are having this free entry for all Singaporeans and PR thing and we were just nice looking for some activity that doesn’t require us to spend much money, the guys decided to have a museum trip to visit the various museums~

In the end, the 2 game freaks – Shrine and Gui were late and I was left waiting alone for 20 minutes! Now let’s take a listen to my stupid friend’s excuse -.-”

Gui: There is road construction all the way from my house to the MRT station!

Me: You were already late when you boarded the bus, so that’s not an excuse! You were playing game, right?

Gui: No, you listen… When the lift door opened, I saw many oranges on the ground! Then the uncle asked if I could help him carry these oranges to 12th floor, so I picked the oranges up and brought them to 12th floor… When he opened the door, there were many oranges on the floor again! So I …

Me: You might as well say when the lift door opened, there were many watermelons instead! Then you gotta carry them one by one up to 12th floor!!!

Seriously -_________________-|||
And then when we finally reached town, excited to finally try my Jollibee, it did not happen.

What happened was I was supposed to try it with Lyn, but because someone in Clique (I forgot who) happened to mention about it few days ago, and the conversation went like this…

Me: Oh I’m going to try with my friend.

Shrine: I also wanna try leh… Let’s go together lah.

Queen: Okay lor. I also haven’t tried before.

So everyone was on about it, which is why we planned to have that for lunch before heading to the museums. And since they all said they wanna try, I supposed they were ready to queue for it, because the estimated queue for Jollibee is 30 minutes to 1 hour?

But who knows upon reaching, they dropped the idea because the queue was too long and they did not wanna wait. Double -_________________-|||

I’m not angry, just disappointed. Especially when people make me look forward to something and I thought I could really finally try/visit, but it turned out to be a “false alarm“, and it’s not because that it’s closed or something, it’s just because of the queue, which has already been very much expected.

I mean if I had known, I would have just stuck to my original plan of trying it with people who really want to try. Sigh. Anyhow, off to the museums, starting off with Singapore Arts Museum (SAM)~
 photo 20130525_155240_zps955dc391.jpg

 photo IMG_20130525_235745_zpsffd3c203.jpg

Many parts of the museum were closed due to renovation/revamp, so we only spent like less than an hour there. But we still managed to find some interesting stuff inside, like this lighting setup that will automatically light up in a certain order when someone sits there.
 photo 20130525_154349_1_zps61d8c9e4.jpg

Moved on to SAM8Q and due to the Children’s Season, the place has been converted to more of a kids’ place~ Lots of kids in there and lots of kids-oriented exhibitions/activities as well.

 photo IMG_20130525_164032_zpsfea7c8cf.jpg


The guys trying to take photos for each other as new Facebook picture because they said it’s easier to attract girls when they think you are artistic -_____-”
 photo 20130525_160808_zpsd1c23e65.jpg

Captioned as “With my stupid friends” in Queen’s Instagram, and I totally know get that. They can be really retarded sometimes!
 photo 20130525_171445_zps95e7ff54.jpg

Moved on to National Museum of Singapore and the place is much bigger, with more exhibitions of course. But I still did not take many photos because I was too hungryyyyyyyyy =/
 photo 20130525_173810_zpscaa292ab.jpg

Finally went off for our dinner at Victor’s Kitchen! I would be really disappointed if it’s closed because it’s the next thing that I was looking forward to after not getting my Jollibee!

But we made it in time and were one of the last to get hold on the yummy custard buns!!! ❤
 photo IMG_20130525_183250_zps6844c5cb.jpg

So famished because this was like my first meal of the day after being too disappointed to eat my lunch, so I was busy gobbling the food up, hence the lack of food porn.

Did lots of walking in a day after we walked all the way back to Orchard again~ Accompanied Queen on a lingerie shopping at la Senza and I was very much tempted by all the pretty pieces definitely!!!

I’m a sucker for them, but at the same time, I’m still trying very hard to save for my S4 x.x
But in the end, ta-duh~!
 photo IMG_20130525_224035_zpsd8669b91.jpg

I really didn’t intend to get anything, but because they were having promotion for getting 3 pieces and Queen couldn’t find her desired third piece………
So I think it was fated xD

But I totally love it when I tried it on! While Queen was heading to the cashier, she even exclaimed to me, “I am so happy today!” And I can totally understand that!!! It’s superficial but what matters is it makes us really happyyyyyyy~! Hehe!

Off to buddy’s house again and the guys bought Moscato and beer just like Thursday night, except that I did not drink this time round because I gotta wake up early the next morning for JB trip~

 photo IMG_20130523_233715_zps96989780.jpg

Part of the culprit that caused my KO on Thursday night.

Crossed the border with Jeong, Tim and Lyn again on Sunday morning and because we gotta rush back for NDP practice in the late noon, it was a rather short trip~ Visited Sutera Mall instead of KSL this time because I was missing (self-proclaimed) 干爹’s shaved ice!

And I brought “dessert” for everyone because Jeong wanted to try! In the end, everyone including the timid Lyn was forced to try xD
 photo IMG_20130526_124019_zps38d1c94c.jpg

It’s very much like a normal fried snack actually~ And Tim couldn’t stop munching on it because he claimed that anything fried is nice -__-”

Shopped around Sutera Mall and snacked a little more before Lyn and I rushed back for our practice. Overlooked the time and we ended up being pretty late =/

Went down to the parade square again after revising the dance steps and before we even get to walk through our formations once, we practised with the music and it was quite a mess! But I enjoyed dancing in the rain (:

Then after the dinner break, we were given our new position for the first formation, which means yes, the very much unwelcomed changes again. I mean we were all so familiar with our previous formations by now after so many practice and at times like this, I really hate changes coming in! But I know there’s bound to be more.

While waiting for the others to get their new positions~ Couldn’t wait to practise already!
 photo IMG_20130526_191446_zps2cd9f960.jpg

With the dance partner that I always mention and call Ah Boy!
 photo IMG_20130526_191036_zps8dd03f43.jpg

The new formation really messed us up big time because not only do we have to walk a much longer distance to the next formation now, it’s also quite an odd shift! It’s no longer a straight diagonal line up or linear line that I can easily identify and worst of all, I am walking solo with no one in front of me to gauge.

At least last year the whole block of us would reverse, walk down and move left/right together, which I think is more uniform and also easier for everyone, but now it’s like scattered, 各走各的 and not only it’s messy for everyone, it’s also damn difficult for me to find my random marker!

My priority was definitely to get there without any risk of walking to the wrong marker and spoil the formation. But what works for me may not be the best way, and the better way may not be the best way for me if I am not confident that it works for me.

All I can say is this whole new formation really made me feel so incompetent and stupid. Really, really stupid, even though the guy behind me also said he still has no idea how he is going to get to his position.

I’m just sorry that I’m not that bright; I’m equally disappointed in myself too. But the thing is I’m trying. And I have always been.




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