Rushed down all the way to Ubi after work on Monday night for a job briefing with Lyn~ As usual, the girl was late and while rushing over, we were trying to figure out which direction it is. We both checked our GPS and I figured that it’s left, while she said it’s right -.-”

After so many failed attempts of me leading her the opposite direction, she definitely did not trust my map-reading skill anymore. She insisted that we go right, until we asked some passerby and they said it’s left! Moral of the story: Just because you were wrong for 9 times, doesn’t mean you will be on the 10th. Hahaha!

I was quite confident this time because Hong Kong trip has definitely trained my map-reading skill well! *proud* Imagine I had really followed her direction and walked all the way to the opposite side, then we would have been even more late!

Anyway the briefing only lasted for 15 minutes. But whatever, as long as I get the extra income which I really need!!! More events/ad-hoc jobs pleaseeeeee x.x

So happy that I finally caught The Great Gatsby which I really didn’t wanna miss but thought I will, since it’s ending soon!!!

Even though it was only rated 3 stars on GV website, I actually enjoyed it pretty much. It’s a beautiful and luxurious film; all who have watched would agree. Lots of hardcore partying as well, and hardcore love.

The ending is pretty sad though, and I really hate how the girl just ran away like this. Everything was for her, in fact, poor Gatsby basically built his whole life around her!

I guess that’s the reality of life – you never know who’s gonna be worth it. People surround you when you are rich and powerful, but what matters in the end is who stayed; who was there even if you have nothing left.

“Falling in love changes your destiny … forever.”
-The Great Gatsby

Finally had my Tom Yum noodle as well! After weeksssss of waiting~

Part of the magic that cheered me up from a scale of -10 to 10, though I think the magician always plays a bigger role.

Rose, lychee, passion fruit & banana-chocolate! It’s my first time trying banana-chocolate macaron and it’s really niceeeeeee! On cloud nine ❤

Hardcore training on Wednesday x.x
Actually not really lah. Because female coach was not around, so everything was kinda cut short~ But look what happened to my poor shoes while running halfway!

Mr Lame: Com’on lah..I have been seeing you wear this shoes since you joined like 3, 4 years ago? It’s time to change!

Me: Actually it was since poly (Year 1).

Goodbye my 7-year old track shoes. But you left at such a wrong timing T.T
*Sings “How could this happen to me~~~~“*

Anyhow, there was this new but familiar face whom I recognised almost immediately as TCC’s friend cum neighbour, because I just stalked her Instagram few days ago! HAHAHAHA. I just like to look at photos of pretty girls. (Yes, I can’t be more straight -.-)

But because she came with this guy who looks nothing like the boyfriend I saw in her pictures, I thought I got it wrong. Until I was partnering her for the night and she introduced herself…

Her: By the way, I am Grace.

Me: You live at Shunfu area right?

Her: *stunned* Yes…

Me: You know Chin Chieh right?

Her: Yes!

Hahahaha! So 巧!I actually met her 3 years ago at TCC’s 21st, but of course she doesn’t remember me. It’s not difficult to recognise her though~ Anyway she was so nervous to partner with me that she kept asking, “不会打死我 right? 不会打死我 right???” LOL! I was more scared to cause any injury to her pretty face! xD

Handmade Rice Krispies from Nadine! So full of ❤!!! It’s sweet when people bother to do such thing once in a while to tell you that you have been remembered (((:

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


3 thoughts on “L.O.V.E

  1. I just watch The Great Gatsby as well. But Gatsby’s past mystery is only briefly mentioned. I so wanted to know about his past and why he went missing for 5 years

    • I think the movie is an adaptation of a novel, that’s why many parts were cut out. I think during the 5 years he was trying to build his wealth to impress Daisy, because she’s materialistic and he was penniless back then, that’s why they couldn’t be together. So he went into illegal business and became super rich, then tried to organise these parties hoping that one day Daisy would come.

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