Traffic Counting

Left the house early on Thursday that I ended up roaming around and eventually went to Orchard Central to redeem my “atas” breakfast set~ Thank you OC! 😀

 photo IMG_20130530_115103_zpse69b76f0.jpg

Breakfast set excluding the toasts

 photo IMG_20130530_134639_zpsff45b60f.jpg

清淡 lunch – yong tau foo! (:

Had an exceptionally long Friday to go because I had to rush down to Boat Quay after work for a second job! Haven’t had any events lobang for a long time and thankfully Lyn brought me 1 lobang, which is her traffic counting job! Really need to earn some S4 fund!!!

And this was my best moral support – favourite lunch to last me for the whole day~! ❤❤❤
 photo IMG_20130531_144129_zps3c44c8dc.jpg

Was stationed outside Raffles MRT and basically, I was supposed to count the number of people walking past this bar, towards Clarke Quay.
 photo 20130531_194352_zps19b5066a.jpg

But because it was such a wet (and disgusting) night, I had to take shelter inside this pathetic phone booth! The only place to sit is on this hard iron bar and my Rilakkuma bag even dropped to the disgusting ground! –CRY!!!
 photo 20130531_200401_zpsaed2eee9.jpg

Furthermore, I later spotted a spider and a big web within the booth…gosh. I was praying so hard that it wouldn’t drop down! But I shouldn’t complain that much since at least I get to sit and seek shelter, just that if given a choice, I really wouldn’t wanna stay in there for 7 hours! x.x

开工咯~!Equipped with the clicker, which you click each time a person passes by (of course we don’t count mentally -.-), the time sheet which we gotta record the traffic every 15 minutes…

And the tag!
 photo 20130601_134847_zpseb71ff88.jpg

It’s definitely a very, very easy job that doesn’t require you to use brain at all, hence it’s easy money. Just that it can get quite boring and also awkward, when people at the bar are all wondering why is this girl standing inside the phone booth for so long =/

I really wished I could sit inside the bar and order a drink, then count from there~ It would have made the whole night more pleasant than hiding hideously in a phone booth and watching everyone else party x.x

Anyhow, the rain stopped and when the in-charge came by, I asked her if there is an alternative place that I can sit at and ta-duh~! I was finally out of the booth after 2 hours plus! 😀

Stationed outside the train station where I get to enjoy the breeze, sit in any kinds of position that I like, snack in peace while I click!
 photo 20130531_205909_zpse53babee.jpg

I also get to enjoy the pretty night scenery and see the beautiful Fullerton Hotel~
 photo 20130531_205946_zpsf8f7e23c.jpg

Watch people part-tor by the river and feeling like a complete loner that got pangseh-ed by her partner/blind date (for hours) -.-”
 photo 20130531_205935_zps31aa7fe2.jpg

 photo 20130531_220404_zps0cb5b51f.jpg

Bollywood version of 那些年我们一起追女生?

 photo IMG_20130531_204850_zps10bad8b6.jpg

Cake delivery from Ah Lyn!

It was definitely better sitting outside and time was passing pretty fast, with every 15 minutes passing after a few clicks~ But the only “bad” thing is that I had no one to talk to 😦 I was so bored to the extent that I wanted to talk to the ants, or the cockroaches that started coming out to hunt for leftovers towards midnight…Zzzzz.

I mean the whole job would really have been perfect if I was stationed with someone, then at least I wouldn’t look so awkward sitting there the whole night. I think everyone really thought I kanna fly aeroplane -.-”

Then it was finally 2am!!! Time to knock off~ Although it’s an easy job, it still can be rather tiring. And the night ended with this surveyor auntie trying to sell me a space in the columbarium which is supposed to be like a 6-stars hotel or so-called MBSZzzzz.

I mean if I wanna stay in MBS, I wanna stay NOW. Why would I wanna stay when I’m already dead?! What an epic way to end the night -___-”

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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