14 Hours of Work Marathon!

So after like about 6 hours of sleep, it was back to Boat Quay for the people-watch job~ Took the full shift, which means 14 hours of non-stop counting! Nope, we don’t have lunch break or whatsoever because someone just has to be there to count all the time, hence we are allowed to eat at work. So even for toilet breaks, we gotta call the in-charge to come and take over =/

Got assigned to another location and it is the famous BK Eating House at Boat Quay!
 photo 20130601_125754_zps761962b0.jpg

So in order to get this view of the human traffic, I had to be standing here, right along the road with no table/chair to at least put my things, and right outside a pub! I could already imagine the horror of standing there for 14 hours! T.T
 photo 20130601_120447_zps927734ef.jpg

Thankfully, this nice surveyor happened to pass by and told me that I can actually sit inside BK House and count! I was skeptical at first as to whether such privilege is allowed but he said that’s what he did the previous night, when he was stationed here! =O

And so I settled in the coffee shop and shamelessly sat 14 hours there! Yes, 14 HOURS!!!
 photo 20130601_133643_zpsc525a646.jpg

I basically equipped myself with everything from a 1.5 litre bottle of water to food to jacket to mp3 to fan! Haha!
 photo IMG_20130601_134049_zps7fcbcac8.jpg

Of course I ordered a drink even though I really don’t need one x.x
Apart from the 1.5 litre of water, I had like 2 packets of soy bean milk with me! And I really looked like I was there for a picnic~ Haha!
 photo 20130601_124230_zps4b57f0a6.jpg

Yes, I even have fruits!!! xD
 photo IMG_20130601_140436_zps03a074be.jpg

 photo IMG_20130601_140735_zps2e025be3.jpg

Big but sour strawberry!

There really weren’t many people passing by there in the day, so time wasn’t passing as fast… The traffic was barely a hundred after half a day =/

Nevertheless, I think I really had gotten a very ideal location with chair, with shelter, with food and drinks easily available. Really can just click and eat the whole day, just that it was really really paiseh to sit inside for 14 hours!!!

So after a boring and embarrassing 7 hours, I finally ordered another drink (that I don’t need) to chope my seat for the next shift, although there were still empty tables around =/
 photo 20130601_185829_zpsf172e9bb.jpg

The crowd started coming in towards the evening and I definitely had a more interesting night than day! First, came this group of angmoh men who took the table beside me and they were obviously damn curious about what I’m doing, but I just played cool listening to my mp3.

And because of that, they thought I couldn’t hear their conversation (and they thought I don’t understand English), but the fact is their “She’s a spy!!!” conversation was just way too audible? LOLOL.

So after like more than 10 bottles of beer (yes, the big bottle kind), one of them finally satisfied his curiosity…

Man A: Do you speak English?

Me: Yes.

Man B: That’s a bad news.

Man A: We were just curious… We see you doing something there, what are you actually doing?

So I explained to them the whole project and they agreed that it’s an easy job, but were definitely startled to learn that I was there since 12pm! Haha! They felt so sorry that they started asking me to join them for a beer, which of course I turned down.

So they started chit-chatting with me in their half-drunken state, which I really don’t mind because it’s rather entertaining and I had never been so deprived of talking before! So there’s finally someone to talk to me and more importantly, make me laugh!

Man B (1 of the more drunk one): What’s your name?

Me: Vivian.

Man B: Wow… You’re gonna be big. Not BIG big, but big.

Me: ????????

Man C: What the fuck is that all about????????

I think they really had a bit too much because they just kept ordering and tipping the beer auntie! And then, they even tipped me! –FAINT!!!
 photo IMG_20130601_224633_zps622e8ea7.jpg

What happened was, Man A took out this 10 bucks…

Man A: Let me ask you a question – Why are we here tonight?

Me: Errr… To drink…???

Man A: Why are we HERE out of all places? *waving the 10 bucks*

Man C: (constantly telling me the answer) Because of cheap beer! Because of cheap beer!

But I didn’t wanna answer because I didn’t want the money!!! So the beer auntie answered on my behalf that it’s because they have the cheapest beer here, which honestly, I don’t know. I mean I didn’t know that’s the cheapest.

So Man A gave the 10 bucks to the auntie as tips again and went on the whole night saying how can I not know this in his half-drunken state…

Man C (the most sober one): She doesn’t need to know, she has tons of guys waiting to buy her drinks.

Man D: Exactly!

Man C: Guys would usually buy you drinks right?

Me: Errrr no…..

Man A: (repeating for 27389237th time) You don’t know, but she (the beer auntie) knows!

Man C: Don’t worry. You don’t have to know. All you have to know is to get guys to buy you drinks, okay?

Hahaha! I really didn’t know what to say!
Then  right before the group of them left, this surveyor happened to come by to wait for the in-charge to come over and Man A took out another 10 bucks. But this time, he directed the question to the poor surveyor, who got dragged in for nothing!

Man A: Why are we here today?

Man B: Out of all the places in this area, why are we drinking here, beside Vivian?

Surveyor: Because you guys think she is pretty?

Man B: That is half correct. But that’s not the answer.

And because of that, Man A gave me the $10 “tips“! -________-|||
I kept refusing it and asking them to tip the beer auntie instead, but none of them just wanna take the money back!!! And they just left like this…

Me: Omg~ How??? T.T

Surveyor: Just take lor. That time got one surveyor uncle also kanna.

Me: Huh?! Uncle got tipped???

Surveyor: We were at the coffee shop and he removed his cap to put on the table, then someone walked past and put money in.

Me: *stunned* I will be very sad if that happens to me…

Surveyor: So from then on, he always goes out with a cap.


Then after the interesting encounter with the group of angmoh, guess who I spotted smoking outside the bar opposite me?! Wee Hao Ming aka my primary school “old flame” who used to write love letters to me (but I burned them all one day when he pissed me off or something)…ROFL. At least I did not burn him up! xD
 photo 20130601_231812_zps31085197.jpg

I can’t remember when was the last time we met but we figured that we probably had not met ever since we went to different secondary school? Oh gosh. That was 12 years ago!!! Can’t believe I still recognise his stupid face, even though it has really bloated up a lot~

He accompanied me to chit-chat for quite a while and I spent most of the time nagging at him as usual, for all the smoking and excessive drinking -.- Catch up a little and even got to know that his younger Sis has actually gotten married! Oh my~

Then he pangseh-ed me to go back for his drinking D:
But it’s okay because came another funny group of people that took the table beside me and I think they are all Hip Hop dancers or something. They look somewhat familiar and I just can’t recall if I had seen them in O School or Ngee Annhmmmm.

Well anyway, they got curious after some time too and the crappiest guy finally asked me what I am doing. After learning that I had been counting since noon, they too offered me to join them for a drink! Hahaha!

Again, I refused and continued to get entertained by their conversations. I wasn’t eavesdropping since they were speaking out loud but they are really funny and crappy that there were a few moments when I almost wanted to laugh along! Too crappy already!!! But I can’t because then they will know I have been listening xD

The crappiest guy even counted down for me and finally, the 14 hours ordeal is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said, it’s an easy job, but 14 hours of work is still work and it’s definitely tiring! Not forgetting all the second-hand smoke that I had to take in…Zzzzz! I wouldn’t mind taking this job again but probably never full shift again. 14 hours is quite crazy =/

Thank goodness transport is provided and I just couldn’t wait to go home to KO on my comfy bed! My butt needs a rest from sitting for 14 hours!!!

Thank you everyone who entertained me in a way or another and those who counted down for me! You don’t know how much your moral support helps! ((((:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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