Suay Wild Wild Dry Day =(

Woke up early to prepare for the Wild Wild Wet outing that Lyn had booked us for since last month and everyone seems pretty excited, discussing about bikinis and such, and then guess what? The suay-est thing that can happen for a WWW outing happened!

My big aunt decided to give an early visit and ruined it all! What a start of the day!

I didn’t want the whole plan to change because of me, so I thought maybe I will go down to the PC show to get my S4 first then join them later or something. Lyn wanted to change the whole outing to some forest adventure instead, but I strongly protested. I mean even I have packed my bag and everything and everyone was just mentally prepared for a water activity day, then suddenly 1 hour before the outing, because of 1 person, we ended up in the forest.

I really hate disappointment and last minute changes, which is why the more I don’t want that to happen to others. I really dislike being the 害群之马!So I managed to convince them to go ahead with the plan after agreeing that I would still join them to help look after their bags and etc.

Happily got Mac breakfast for everyone and delivered all the way to Pasir Ris, only to realise that we could have gotten it there because Mac breakfast is until 12pm on weekends T.T

Anyhow, happy to have finally satisfied my craving!

 photo 20130608_122336_zps15fcf399.jpg

Time to start the wet (dry for me) day off~!
 photo 968926_10151733219837664_478301864_n_zpsee1dc86e.jpg

Group shot! (:
 photo 993017_10151733220392664_364292669_n_zps264f85c7.jpg

The little girl was having her virgin try on bikini but she refused to flaunt it off!
 photo 20130608_130557_zps1daa0cc3.jpg

We were all trying to convince her to strip but she ended up covering more -___-|||
 photo 1006250_10151733316187664_405134955_n_zpsf6ae3fe7.jpg

Trying to get a sneak preview of what’s inside! LOL!
 photo 998905_10151733220592664_1039828061_n_zps1abee245.jpg

Spotted this cute little bee whom we requested to take photo with, and then she started smiling and smiling to our cameras! Mad cuteeee one!
 photo 20130608_133517_zps0842e687.jpg

Even has got wings behind! Hehe!
 photo 20130608_133529_zpsdd1bf245.jpg

 photo 20130608_133604_zps184a336b.jpg

Little bee with big bee! 😀

The girls started off with their first ride, which is also the most only exciting one – U-slide! I was responsible for capturing shots of them from below and I managed to capture this epic expression of Tiff!!! LOL!
 photo 1002976_10151733220787664_1455198378_n_zps8542b4db.jpg

Thanks to Kelly’s water-resistant camera, we managed to take nice photos in the theme park!
 photo 1000908_10151733221207664_1090878708_n_zpse17fa71a.jpg

The 2 girls getting ready for “Yakult” to pour down! The big bucket used to be a big Yakult, but no more now~
 photo 20130608_133944_zps349fc879.jpg

 photo 20130608_134038_zpsf159f272.jpg


 photo 20130608_134035_zpse92a5e6f.jpg

Wild wild WET!

 photo 7802_10151733221587664_1451700698_n_zps01bf3f15.jpg

With their flatten hair…hahaha!

The bikini babes and Miss 包到完~
 photo 946491_10151733221282664_350074910_n_zpsc0f8e252.jpg

She didn’t dare to strip because she said her bikini is too loose -.-”

Me: Then why you buy so big when you know you got nothing to “support”?!

Lyn: Free size lah!!!

Me: Hmmm…then stuff tissues lor! That’s why you brought so many packets right?

 photo 429990_10151733221512664_735450017_n_zpsf504291f.jpg

The girls went on for their other rides and told me to go to the other end to take snapshots of them. I camped there and waited for quite a while, but each time a float slides down, it’s not them! So I gave up and went to take a seat, then they came down!!! –Faint!– At least I managed to capture this tiny shot of them…hehe.
 photo 936396_10151733221732664_1330623511_n_zps5a0f3040.jpg

Took a break from my photography job and slacked at the sun chair, while they went to play in the tsunami pool~
 photo 1005692_10151733219782664_2036598288_n_zps1f273096.jpg

Kelly even prepared snacks and drinks for me! Hahaha!
 photo 20130608_144453_zpscaae4578.jpg

So this is what happen when you don’t get to enjoy while others are having fun x.x
 photo IMG_20130608_145045_zps115e9965.jpg

But well, at least I must say that this is the first time I took so many photos in Wild Wild Wet! Usually my phone will be locked in the locker~
 photo 20130608_152544_zps265d05b0.jpg

It was definitely a good chance for suntanning, but I have just evened out my tones and I really don’t wanna uneven them again =/
 photo 20130608_151931_zps57e4f364.jpg

 photo 20130608_151905_zpse95a6bfe.jpg

Watching everyone else enjoy 😦

The girls coming back from their Tsunami fun~
 photo 998262_10151733221812664_1281024979_n_zpsd272dd64.jpg

Yay! Accompany the bored me~~~
 photo 941553_10151733223182664_705827230_n_zpsef285400.jpg

Then it started drizzling~ Lyn was trying so hard to convince herself that it’s just water and not rain -.- Until the lightning struck and it started pouring; all activities were being stopped and so everyone rushed to the nearest shelter~
 photo 20130608_154026_zps1e0292f7.jpg

By the time we reached, there were no more tables left, so we built our own “condo” there and had our mini picnic! Haha!
 photo 20130608_154031_zps1b9dbbc9.jpg

 photo 20130608_154913_zps26679c44.jpg

Snacking time~!

 photo 20130608_160046_zps55c6514d.jpg

Our cozy little space~

The rain finally stopped after about an hour and the theme park resumed its operation. The girls went on for their activities while I stayed to look after our belongings~

Shortly after, I heard someone calling my name from the pool beside and Lyn’s head popped out for less than a second, then she went down again. Then another head popped up again. It was rather “cartoon” because it resembles those arcade hit-the-squirrel game, and I thought they were just fooling with me. Who knows they were actually trying very hard to get my attention in order to pass me Lyn’s specs! LOL. So I finally came to their rescue xD
 photo 6673_10151733225102664_1015660128_n_zpsf70e8af9.jpg

Spent all my phone battery trying to complete my 4 Pics 1 Word game while waiting for them, but the wait became way too long and I got so bored of waiting!!! It didn’t help that the hot sun was shining directly at me and it was so damn hot, making the me even more impatient!

After waiting for more than an hour and still see no signs of them, I was really on the verge of putting all their bags in the locker, find them to pass the keys and leave!

I was indeed very angry waiting for them aimlessly and you know how much I hate aimless waits. It’s like there’s not a single sign of them and they did not even inform me what time they would be back, so I just waited and waited and waited. So did Eric, who was already on his way to meet us for dinner!

Yes, I felt angry because I was bored and it was super hot. But at the same time, I felt angry also because of their lack of responsibility in returning back on time, or at least to tell me what time they would be staying until, when I had already told them we would be meeting Eric at 6pm, and now I am stuck as the middleman.

I was really, really, really on the verge of leaving. Leaving for home! But that is the worst side of me that I wouldn’t want them to witness, especially when it’s supposed to be a happy outing.

So I finally waited till they returned after close to 2 hours, passed them their belongings and left to roam around Downtown East on my own. To whoever that’s reading, I’m sorry for the very bad attitude that I displayed but I just didn’t wanna wait there a minute longer…

 photo IMG_20130609_121223_zps328de7cb.jpg

Cute Rilakkuma bag spotted!

Cabbed down to Expo to meet Eric and by the time we reached, it was already 7.30pm. Happily got my queue number at the SingTel booth, only to realise that they have no more stock left for white S4!!!

Seriously, what to expect when you already had such a suay start of the day?! I was soooo disappointed and also angry that I did not stick to my usual stubborn instinct of coming down to get my phone first before heading to WWW, and now I made everyone come down for nothing!

So disappointed that I kinda flared at the staff when he kept trying to get me to buy the black one instead. I was like, “But I don’t want the black one!!!” And I could see his face change. But really what! Why would I wanna make such a sacrifice just because there is no more stock?! Really couldn’t help it after all the suay things that happened in a day, or rather, in this whole week…Zzzzzz.

Anyhow, I managed to calm down and we accompanied Kelly to search for her desired laptop before heading to Changi City Point for dinner. The nice pizza that I chose kinda made things a little better~
 photo IMG_20130608_205904_zpse7abbd08.jpg

And the generous donation from Kelly, who doesn’t eat mushroom but ordered a mushroom pasta -___-|||
 photo 20130608_210849_zps1b833e56.jpg

 photo 972269_10151733226867664_240152_n_zps222e8cab.jpg

Happy dining!

Eric treated all of us to the dinner and although I did not eat much,  it made me feel so bad because it wasn’t a cheap meal! And he came all the way down to meet us but ended up waiting and spending so much =/

We wanted to treat him back so someone suggested having coffee, but we were all too full for coffee, so Ah Lyn actually suggested drinking! She even brought us to the various bars that are hidden in the other corner of CCP and I didn’t know that FIV五 has opened another outlet there!

Even Eric, who doesn’t really drink, made an exception and order one glass…hahaha! We 带坏 him~ But it’s real funny how after just 1 glass, his face was redder than Lyn’s sun-burnt face! LOLOL.
 photo 970746_10151733227082664_154730098_n_zpseb433a53.jpg

 photo IMG_20130608_223841_zps3557751c.jpg

Eric and Kelly’s white wine, Lyn and Tiff’s lychee martini, and my red bull vodka!

 photo 20130608_224108_1_zps3862cbef.jpg

Cheers to cheap alcohol~! 😀

Had a good time chilling out and we all managed to catch the last train back to Tanah Merah…phew~! Then it was a longgggg journey back for me x.x

 photo IMG_20130609_102154_zps651e31e3.jpg

Sneaky act by the sneaky Lyn again!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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