Catch-up session with Mr Owwwwww on Monday night and as usual, Ms Huang was lateeeee~ So Mr Ow and I settled in Brotzeit first for some food and drinks!

 photo IMG_20130610_195903_zps248a50b5.jpg

My standard drink at Brotzeit – white wine! (:

 photo IMG_20130610_194804_zpsc3024c15.jpg

Sausage platter to share!

It’s funny how the teacher that used to educate us not to do this and that is now drinking with us! Haha! But actually he doesn’t nag at us not to drink, in fact he encourages us to try things out in life and step out of the norm, which is what I like about him. I hate traditions. Yeesh.

Then he brought us to this secret chill-out place for a second round!
 photo 20130610_211906_zps0114c0a0.jpg

It’s somewhere that buddy raved before and I had been waiting till old for him to bring me there. Words words words. But now I finally had the chance! (:
 photo 20130610_205729_zps444d2acb.jpg

 photo IMG_20130610_210313_zps65d410bd.jpg

Oh how I miss Malibu~!!!

It was a nice ketchup session! (:
And guess who finally arrived the next morning afternoon?

 photo IMG_20130611_220831_zpsdebf9941.jpg

After such a long wait + fund-raising + 329874929 phone calls to SingTel, finally, S4-ed! I wasn’t intending to get it so soon because I was still saving up, but the PC Show deals kinda pushed me for it.

And then from the moment I placed my order online after failing to get it at the PC show, it has really been quite exasperating. I seriously had to call SingTel like every effing day!

Then even on the day when I was supposed to be excitedly waiting for the arrival of my S4, I ended up getting pissed instead. Took time off from work just to wait for it, because the delivery time was supposed to be 9am-12pm.

I definitely wasn’t expecting them to send it at the last minute, but guess what? I was still at home at 12pm! Was on the verge of just leaving for work and ask them to re-deliver again, but just when I was calling SingTel (AGAIN), I spotted a delivery man downstairs, running towards my block with a SingTel bag in hand.

So I opened the door and waited, and the delivery man was actually surprised to see me waiting there.

Me: I have been waiting.

Staff: Ohh..

Me: You’re late.

Staff: Yah late ah..

Me: It’s supposed to be by 12pm right?

Staff: Yah 12pm ah. On the dot *shows me his watch (which is obviously past 12pm now!)*

Seriously lousy attitude that turned me off even more! You first admitted that you’re late and then you tried to deny! I would have been nicer if you had appeared to be more apologetic! In the end, I didn’t even bother or have time to open up my S4 cause I gotta rush off for work! Seriously, SingTel?

Catch-up session with June on Tuesday after such a longggg time! Finally satisfied my Otah craving for the longest time too! (:

 photo 20130612_123238_zps3f20a1b5.jpg

First selca on my S4!

Impromptu decision to drop by Victor’s Kitchen for lunch while I was on my way to Marina Square to collect some gift set from the Samsung~

 photo IMG_20130612_153410_zps45ef54e2.jpg

XO carrot cake!

 photo IMG_20130612_153455_zps13714197.jpg

And the must-have custard buns!!!

 photo IMG_20130612_154607_zpsff764530.jpg

Finally satisfied my own craving~

 photo 20130612_162857_zps37478099.jpg


Indoor training is … torturous! Soooo stuffy and warm that I couldn’t stop whining about my mosquito bites! Ironically, we’re not allowed to train outdoor because of the dengue fever cases…Zzzzz.

(via yanilavigne.net)

(via yanilavigne.net)


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