Unexpectedly packed Saturday!

Thought I was gonna have a rather boring Saturday since there were no concrete plan, except for badminton in the evening~ But in the end I was busy running from places to places! =/

Starting from accompanying June to Zi Du An because it’s gonna be Poh’s 100 days this week… The cute June brought heart-shaped stickers to paste on his urn again and we ended up squatting till our legs went numb just to finish pasting all our stickers! Haha!
 photo 20130615_113905_zps349c9e40.jpg

Our creation~! It’s rather pretty isn’t it?! It definitely makes it stand out more~ So full with love! ((:
 photo IMG_20130615_113614_zps7da79cee.jpg

Accompanied her to have her putu mayam after that and then shopping at AMK Hub till she had to go off for work. Roamed around on my own a little after that and was attracted by this huge crowd at Bee Cheng Hiang~ It turned out that Ah Boys to Men casts were there to promote some bak kwa O.O

 photo 20130615_144525_zpsbe6e5ad9.jpg

Went back home and thought I could nap a while before badminton session~ But got an impromptu appointment that I couldn’t miss and so I headed down to town right away!

Lifetime Brazilian IPL deal, I can’t miss it the second time! Love the ultra-friendly staff there anyway (:

Back to AMK to sweat it all out and look who’s my partner of the night! UMA! Miss his chubby cheeks!!!
 photo IMG_20130615_193546_zpsfa5e3575.jpg

Was actually already feeling unwell in the day but headache got worse after I played 2 rounds…Zzzzz. Laid in the court to rest while the guys went to get Panadol for me but after 15 minutes, they came back empty-handed!

Cause Uma only brought $1.50 to the shop and he even tried to bargain with the auntie!!! Hahaha! Super cute and awwww~ But thank you guys for going all the way again to get it for me! ((:

Popped a pill and then it was diarrhoea followed by puking, twice! Thought it was the after effect of the jab that’s causing me unwell but I think it might be the pratas with June x.x

Watching the guys play~
 photo 20130615_203254_zps2b9d6f88.jpg

Anyhow, felt a bit better after resting for a while more and I managed to play another round at the last 30 minutes! I think I still have a bit of my “class chairperson aura” in me because Uma is still so scared of me! Hahahahaha!

After he smacked me a few times during the game, he was so scared whenever I tried to smack! Someone should have caught all the epic reactions of his! xD

But it was a good game! Miss badminton and miss my “coach” – Thapa even more! 😦 Hope all the viruses don’t be a spoiler to my next badminton session!

Went back to rest after that while the rest headed for dinner~ Buddy was soooo skeptical and insistent that I have something else on because “I’m going home” is just so not me -.- I know right.

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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