Platform, finally!

After weeks of practice at ulu pandan Kranji Camp, we finally moved on to the platform! Was so looking forward to it that I was determined to be there be it well or unwell! (:

Finally settled everything for my phone (screen protector, SD card and etc) before setting off to meet the rest at Victor’s Kitchen! 流沙包,here I come again~!!!

A pity Kelly couldn’t join us at the last minute, so it was left with Jason, Eric, Lyn and I~ Felt kinda bad that the poor horse only had 流沙包 to eat in the end, but bo jio later people say bo jio =/

Anyhow, set off to the platform on a reckless ride! Was lying so comfortable when I suddenly slid all the way down -.-”
 photo 20130616_143817_zps9892ef01.jpg

Dropped off at Marina Square first since it was wayyyy to early to go to the platform to WAIT~ Permission granted by the group leader anyway! 😛

Ran out of places to walk then we chanced upon this IT exhibition again and I excitedly dragged Lyn and Eric in! Forced the little one on a virtual makeup by yours truly…HAHAHAHA. Not bad what! Now she doesn’t look Primary 6 xD
 photo 20130616_150817_zps75073efe.jpg

Headed down to the platform and as expected, despite being 15 minutes late (on purpose), everyone was still waiting around~
 photo 20130616_160438_zps529d8919.jpg

Used the time to cam-whore instead! Hehe! Such opportunities only come when the others are not around 😦
 photo 20130616_160850_zps38bd82db.jpg photo 20130616_161013_zps16599af8.jpg

 photo IMG-20130616-WA0007_zps86c03f04.jpg

Fattest cheeks competition

Dragged Auntie Ah Eng in to cam-whore as well! Hehe! Really happy to still be able to see her every week! 😀
 photo 20130616_170031_zps818e1251.jpg

Finally off to the stage~! It was blazinggggg HOT by the way!
 photo 20130616_162621_zps761f62ce.jpg

But I don’t mind because this is gonna be where we’ll be performing ultimately, and the feeling of rehearsing on this stage is really different~ The gaps between the markers are much wider, and you really get the feel of how it’s gonna be like…

I could already sensed it x.x
At least 10% of it. Cause right in front of me is the whole block of seating galleries!!!!!!!!!!!! Initially there would be other groups dancing in front of us, but now after all the changes, I am really the very firsttttt row! –CRY!

It reminds me of taking over Edlyn’s position last year and it was enough to freak me out even though our group was just standing in the middle, so let alone so close to the audience now T.T
I’m so not gonna wear my specs! Stage frighttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Cam-whoring while waiting for instructions~
 photo 20130616_162604_zps28b628db.jpg photo 20130616_162609_zps476329d1.jpg

Lots of changes again and even our Malay dance has changed a little! Argh! Now instead of 5 formations, we are having like 8!!! I am really scared and worried that I wouldn’t remember!!!!! D:

Break after going through all the changes! And we used our time wisely to cam-whore again! Hehe.
 photo IMG-20130616-WA0006_zps95039801.jpg photo IMG-20130616-WA0009_zpsc9ac380a.jpg

I loveee zooming into Lyn’s epic faces. LOL.
 photo 20130616_170735_zps7dc86b10.jpg photo 20130616_170832_zps350648fc.jpg

 photo 20130616_170909_zps59f14c4d.jpg


Really cam-whored so muchhhhh! But Lyn still finds it not enough and went like, “Take more pictures~” after every minute!!!

WY and I ignored her because we were busy uploading our photos but she just went on and on -.- I told her she sounds like those annoying kids that repeatedly ask, “Mummy, can I eat McDonald? Can I eat McDonald? Mummy, can I eat McDonalds?” She really does look like one ya! xD
 photo 20130616_171106_zpsfb497a6c.jpg

Back to our group’s turn to practise and I’m glad we had the privilege of walking through the formations one by one after all the changes~ We really need that before jumping into rehearsing with the music and dance steps! No point having a messy rehearsal.

But it’s annoying when some selfish people just don’t wanna cooperate and rather do things their own way! First it was taking own sweet time to get on the platform just because the sun is too hot. Have you ever considered those who are already standing and waiting under the hot sun just because of you?! Yah you think we’re stupid, but you’re plain selfish.

Then it was screwing up formations just for your own FAME sake! Seriously? So dying to be on camera? Never see camera before?! Markers have been assigned last week and yet everyone chose not to stick to it and swarmed to the front line!!!

Why? Just so that they can be the front-liners and have a higher chance of “camera exposure“! Seriously annoyeddddd and turned off by these people!!! Don’t you have the slightest idea of what’s a FORMATION and MASS DISPLAY?! If everyone wants to stand in front, then we will only have 1 formation – 1 LINE!

In the end it was obviously way to squeezy for everyone to dance and we had to waste time to reassign everyone’s marker AGAIN! Zzzzz! Really pissed off with these selfish people!

 photo 20130616_183107_zpsc4fa9ed5.jpg

Pizza Hut dinner!

Everyone was surprised that I’m packing it home and so I gave the standard answer that I have 5 siblings at home to raise…LOL. Last year I said 8. But anyway it’s true what! My brother’s appetite = 5 siblings’ -.-”

 photo 20130616_190544_zps25b281b0.jpg

Remaining 三朵金花~

With the floating platform! (:
 photo 20130616_190736_RichtoneHDR_zps821e50db.jpg photo 20130616_190906_RichtoneHDR_zps8b5be65b.jpg photo 20130616_190954_RichtoneHDR_zps9ef3908b.jpg

Went through the finale steps and formation after dinner and thank goodness, this year’s finale dance steps are much more easier! Haha! Can’t wait for the next practice already~~~ First combined rehearsal!

Reward of the week – Alfero! Durian, chocolate and passion fruit!
 photo IMG_20130616_201738_zps60c03443.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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