KBox Craze with Clique~

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Out of the norm~

This week has been okayyyyyy so far; at least the start of the week wasn’t too boring.
KBox craze with Clique on Monday night after so long!
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Mr. Annoying giving annoyed face

As usual, they were singing all the high songs while I was spamming emo songs. Then when it was my turn to sing, they tried to confuse me by singing my emo lyrics in their high songs tune! -____-|||
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4 hours of the usual highness~
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Left early because I had to wake up early the next morning for shoot, and it was held at the famous Block 9 of SGH! If you know the place well, you will know that Block 9 is none other than where the mortuary is!!!
 photo 20130618_100710_zpsd65ee329.jpg

I did not even dare to wander around on my own while looking for my colleague. The place already has a creepy feeling and when we finally went into the building, it was worse.

The whole place was soooo rundown that it could really be a horror film scene! We did not even know which door to enter and the worst part was, the staff whom we are supposed to meet were trapped inside because they do not have the access pass either and hence could not fetch us in…Zzzzz!

Then when we finally got in, thanks to a cleaner auntie, we were led to our filming location – a room previously used to dissect bodies. FML. Seriously, of all places, what a place to book -.- And the room looked aesthetically baddddd.

Even the staff agreed that the place is creepy and they actually booked it because that’s the only available room left. Thank goodness we managed to find another place to film in another block and all of us evaded immediately. What a way to start the day -.-”


Caught Now You See Me and it was pretty good! I didn’t know about this show at all and I just watched it without having a clue of what is it about. It turned out to be full of impressive magic tricks and it was definitely entertaining! The “twist” at the end was rather unexpected too!

Satisfied the little girl’s wish of having Gelare waffle despite being super full after all the chips~ Fat fat fatttttt!
 photo IMG_20130618_214415_zps76a79e74.jpg

3 consecutive shoots this week and the second one was at Tampines SAFRA~ Thank goodness I managed to get there without any difficult and even got to have my egg prata first!!! Seriously hard to find places that serve such thickkkk curries nowadays! YUMS~! (:
 photo IMG_20130619_203349_zps69ebf398.jpg

Shoot went pretty well and we managed to wrap in a few hours! Tried to play this durian game at MIND Cafe while the rest were lunching but couldn’t figure out how to play eventually. Eating durian is much more easier =/
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(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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