Haze haze haix!

After training on Wednesday has been cancelled and I ended up spending my time in office, swimming on Thursday was cancelled as well, thanks to the haze! ARGH!

On a slightly brighter side, look what I found in my carrot cake that my mum bought! O.O

2 mini apples for afternoon break!


Big face with small apples~

The haze was really causing some light-headedness in me just by walking from home to the train station! Really dread stepping outdoor as a result, even for toilet breaks =/

Then boss came back excitedly with a few masks for us! Hahaha! He koped from the hospital and although surgical mask doesn’t help that much, we still all wore it~


Terrorist alert.


Much craved for tau huey!!!

No-work order issued by boss on Friday! And since the haze is driving everyone indoor, I was prepared to kill my own boredom by doing some baking~

Unexpectedly, it was a good Friday spent! ((:
And fruitful one~ Managed to get my ingredients and collected my Groupon buys too! Hehe!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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