Baking of Kiddies’ Dream~!

Because of the haze again (!!!), even NDP practice was cancelled on Saturday! Argh! I was so looking forward to our first combined rehearsal!!! D:

Luckily I didn’t have a boring Saturday in the end because I already had a back up plan – baking! But since Lyn was also looking for some activities and outdoor activity is a no-no, I figured that we could bake together~

But before that, finally tried Jollibee with her! Surprisingly, the queue moved pretty fast! (:
 photo IMG_20130622_152234_zpsc62c07e3.jpg

Surprised that they even serve spaghetti there! But my favourite is still the sausage bun that I ordered; the chicken was okayyyyyy~

Shopped a little around Lucky Plaza since I had never really walked around the place before. Chanced upon nice tibits there! Hehe. Eat and eat and eat~

 photo 20130622_163911_RichtoneHDR_zps0fcb1122.jpg

With my Superman! xD

 photo IMG_20130622_164454_zps5d565548.jpg

Petit Doughnut from Lyn!

Then off to my house to bake~! But before that, we dropped by NTUC to get some other ingredients and then this 2 gigantic owls caught our attention!
 photo 20130622_172915_zps8ea97d24.jpg

Don’t look at me, I shy shy~~~ (@^.^@)
 photo 20130622_173011_zps7df7e868.jpg photo 20130622_173016_zps1afba14b.jpg

Why the sudden urge to bake? You mean ask. That’s because I happened to find this cookbook in office that contains lots of recipes of yummy-looking cakes! It was used in one of the shoots years ago and has been collecting dust in office since then, so I decided to put it into good use! 😀

I wanna bake sooo many things! But baking is also quite an expensive pursuit (so many ingredients to buy!) and each recipe takes a few hours to bake, especially when I don’t have proper equipments like mixer, so we had to do it the manual way~ Grew some muscles as a result! Haha!
 photo 20130622_185110_zpsb9f92eb8.jpg

 photo 20130622_191354_zps5bb9896f.jpg

So chocolatey~!

 photo 20130622_191749_zps35bd8b9b.jpg

Pouring into the baking tray~

 photo 20130622_191752_zpsd88f7d91.jpg
 photo 20130622_191833_zpsd2dca2bd.jpg

 photo 20130622_193501_zps8fab0e98.jpg

Baking in progress! 😀

 photo 20130622_195557_zps161b7557.jpg


 photo 20130622_194421_zps37a7f7c5.jpg

My little helper~

But because the size of my baking tray is much smaller, the cake somehow raised a lot! And it started to look a bit … obscene ugly =/
 photo 20130622_195651_zpsf62f121c.jpg

Putting it back to continue baking~
 photo 20130622_194438_zpse680c5c0.jpg

And then the outcome looked even more obscene!!! LOL! This was actually after we tried to salvage it x.x
 photo IMG_20130622_202113_zps1c8500de.jpg

But Lyn taught me a trick used in bakeries, which is to cut off the ugly top since we are going to put icing on top to cover it up! I was like, “Okay! Let’s do that! If not how are we going to present to Facebook?!” LOLOL.
 photo 20130622_202744_zpse242eceb.jpg

Like a pro~
 photo 20130622_202754_zpse58d36c9.jpg

Then caught eating -.-”
 photo 20130622_202938_zpsa52f36cd.jpg

Time for the last part – top it off with icing coat!
 photo 20130622_204059_zps3a78c6c5.jpg

 photo 20130622_204126_zps2e6d2b59.jpg

And ta-duh~! We are done with our Kiddies’ Dream! 😀
 photo 20130622_221635_zps866e279c.jpg

Looks not bad right! But the chocolate icing coat is supposed to solidify but somehow it doesn’t… Other than that, the cake actually tastes quite nice! Not I self-praise but the cake is really pretty soft! (:
 photo IMG_20130622_210206_zps611f7594.jpg

Cutting a share for Lyn to bring home and also a piece for Chii Hian to try! That’s the good (or maybe bad) thing about being my neighbour – I loveeeee to share my food and you will be my guinea pig! xD
 photo IMG-20130623-WA0001_zps8d553de6.jpg

So that marks the end of our baking day! Off to meet Clique for a late night drink (carrot juice) and short chit-chat session; a simple Saturday spent (:
 photo IMG_20130623_004513_zps9d245384.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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