Mum’s Birthday Celebration

Looking forward to Sunday even though I wasn’t going out because the love boy’s coming over!!! I guess everyone’s equally anticipating because look what we all got him! 😀
 photo IMG_20130623_130355_zps8543fe6e.jpg

Cho~ naughty boy but cho~ cute one! Really don’t mind spending the whole day playing with him! A pity it was still a little hazy and he didn’t get to go down to the playground to play~

He was getting sleepy after running around the house but he still has not had his cake that everyone promised him! Boh jiak koon buay ki~ xD

And finally, he sees the cake! Not sleepy anymore~ Hahaha!
Even posed like it’s his birthday!!! *pinchhhh cheeks!*
 photo 20130623_154549_zps85ea68cb.jpg

Of course it’s not his birthday yet since there are so many candles! Haha!
 photo 20130623_154918_zps20488511.jpg

Sis actually bought it for mum’s coming birthday because Isaac lovesssss birthday cakes celebrations! Hehe!
 photo 20130623_155025_zps02b54c13.jpg

Refer to meme below~
 photo 20130623_155015_zps6c59ce25.jpgtumblr_m3qi05XNdY1ruoy68o1_500

I think Mum was also overjoyed since this is the first time Isaac is celebrating with her! Or rather, this is the first time we are celebrating, since it’s not our family’s tradition to celebrate birthdays~
 photo 20130623_155102_zps0aa6ca57.jpg

Really machiam his birthday!
 photo 20130623_155149_zps174e2b9a.jpg

Finally getting my cake! Can sleep in peace now xD
 photo 20130623_155812_zpsc541433d.jpg

 photo IMG_20130623_163158_zpsdfed414f.jpg

Happy Birthday, Mameh Mo~!

The naughty boy took a nap and woke up being all active again!

It’s damn cute when he dances to the If You’re Happy And You Know It song! And super funny too, the way he never fails to nod his head so hard…hahahahahahaha!!! Can’t stop laughing at the video, especially the last part! xDDDDD

And then it was time for le boy to go home 😦
Unexpectedly, he started dragging me with him to the door and insisted that I go home together with him! This has never happened before whenever he comes over and now it’s happening again!

Although it’s mad awwwwww~, it also makes it so heartbreaking for me to part with him! He was really dragging me to the lift in my pajamas and when we tried to trick him into the lift, he knows it!

Same when we tricked him to go out of the lift at ground level, he insisted that everyone goes out first before him, including me! Super smart boy! So I got out of the lift to trick him out, then ran back in again and closed the lift door, that’s when he started wailing again –heartache x 1000000000000000000

He’s gonna hate Yiyi for bluffing him =(((((((((((((((((((

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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