Ti Amo

So into making things lately! So after the cake, I made beancurd pudding! 😀 Super shiokkkk to have it first thing in the morning!
 photo IMG_20130624_101945_zps233ca681.jpg

Okay luh, I didn’t really “make” it, since I just need to cook and chill it~ But it’s damn convenient when it comes to satisfying your tau huey crave!

It’s actually what the 2 big owls were promoting in NTUC the other day and after sampling the beancurd, Lyn and I actually each bought 1 packet! They are having Buy-1-Get-1-Free promotion!!! Super worth it but I only managed to make 4 servings instead of 5, as stated D:
 photo IMG_20130623_192330_zps4f70de26.jpg

Favourite olive rice to last me for the late afternoon shoot! ((:
 photo IMG_20130624_135703_zps077ccffd.jpg

Thankfully the haze is more or less gone and we could finally shoot! This place makes me miss night strolls even more (╯.╰)
 photo 20130624_173128_zps21001960.jpg photo 20130624_173451_zps1c20de53.jpg

Managed to wrap within 2 hours! But we were all sticky and gao wei by then~
Decided to head back to sell off my S2, since I am rather tight on cash!

So while lao niang was rushing to the handphone shop before it closes, some weirdo tried to hold me back again!!

Guy: *rushes towards me* Errrrr sorry, may I know where’s the nearest … ATM?

Me: (Feeling skeptical for his hesitation and thinking, “Seriously? We are right beside POSB!”) Oh POSB? It’s there…

Guy: (Didn’t even bother to look where I was pointing) Oh okay. Actually I saw you walking past and … I’m thinking if I can get to know you. My name is X (seriously, I don’t even remember what’s his name), you are?

I don’t know why I bothered saying my name, but I guess I was still thinking there might be a chance that he says, “You’re on candid camera!” But that did not happen. He went on saying he thinks I’m cute and etc and that’s when I realised he’s being serious – seriously siao!!!

So I tried to elude by saying that I am rushing, which I really was! And he actually gave with the corniest reply ever – “I am rushing too! I am rushing to meet you!


Oh my tian~~~~~~ This just makes me wanna run away from this crazy fellow even more! I seriously need to stop meeting weird people like this! Or rather, these weird people should stop doing this kind of bo liao thing!!! ARGH!

In the end, I did not part with it because I didn’t manage to fetch a good price! D:
I was all ready to sell to the first shop at a lower price than I expected until the guy did a test and realised that my LCD screen is spoiled! I didn’t even know that!!! –CRY!

But he was very nice, he told me to try my luck at other shops nearby that might be “lazy” to check and even helped me to change my wallpaper and etc to something that doesn’t show the defect! Haha!

Unfortunately, the person from the other shop still checked in the end T.T
So I was quoted an even lower price than what I had expected and was in a dilemma of whether to sell or to try my luck at other shops~

Me: Will the price still be the same at the end of the week???

Guy: But I won’t be here after today. I am only taking over my colleague today, I will go back to the other shop tomorrow.

Me: So will your colleague quote the same price??

Guy: Maybe he will give a better price, because he more tiko. So if he sees you, he might give a higher price.

Me: Then I might as well sell to him!

So in the end I still did not part with my S2, but I am ready to say goodbye~
You have served me well these 2 years!
 photo IMG_20130624_000940_zps37e2ea29.jpg

Heard this song in boss’s car on our way to shoot and fell in love with it! Did a check on the singer and it turned out that she shares the same birthday as me! 😀 Awesome song, awesome lyrics, and probably awesome personality too! HAHA.

Darkness falls on a Sunday night
Once again I’m all alone
And I can’t fight the memories
Lost deep within my thoughts ’til the dawn

Say goodbye and then you return
To a place you call home
And I don’t know why we keep fighting for
A love that has been cursed from the start

Some people say that those with impure hearts
Will not be given a blessing from up above
Won’t you please tell me what crimes I’m guilty of
I know my feelings are real
But is this love ?

Kissing you as I close my eyes
Make me believe that you are mine
I don’t wanna see the pain tomorrow brings
I need the warmth of your embrace
I feel your body close to me
And now I know this is where I want to be
Simple words I know I cannot speak
“I love you”just echoes silently

There are some who will tell you lies
Playing games from the start
But when I say that I need you truly
Believe me these words come from my heart

In a world full of deception and sorrow
You make a promise to never hurt those you love
I’ll bear this burden, I’ll learn to carry on
A fire burns deep in my heart
I will be strong

It hurts me every time you go
I long for you when we’re apart
I reach for you but I’m left here in the dark
And when the day it finally comes
For us to say our last goodbye
This is all that I ask from you before we part
Let me sing a final song for you
Keep it locked up deep down inside your heart

If we had only met much sooner
Then we could have walked this path together
But it’s much too late for regret
Wipe my tears I try to forget
If we had only taken time to
Figure out a way to see this thing through
Just the two of us we’d sing in perfect harmony (Ti Amo)

Kissing you as I close my eyes
Make me believe that you are mine
I don’t wanna see the pain tomorrow brings
I need the warmth of your embrace
I feel your body close to me
And now I know this is where I want to be
Simple words I know I cannot speak
“I love you”

I can’t go on I feel so weak
It’s in your eyes you’re blaming me
But we both knew it would end before the start
And every night before you sleep
Please won’t you say a prayer for me
Promise you’ll never forget the times we had
Close my eyes to all the lies I see
All alone with my precious memories

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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