Combined Rehearsal 3, which is also our first full-dress rehearsal went pretty well, at least much better than last week’s, all thanks to Friday’s extra practice at night. It was totally worth rushing down and getting stuck in that jam.

Reported straight at F1 pit and many were already dressed up and busy with makeups and hairdos. I was kinda shocked because I wasn’t prepared for a full-scale makeup or hairdo, at least not for the combined rehearsal, and I was definitely quite reluctant to tie up my hair, since I make much effort trying to keep it straight.

But anyhow, since it’s like a standard and everyone’s doing it, I went ahead to get the flower up my head. Thanks to Shuning and Chii Hian for helping me out! And my compromising point was – to tie half of my hair =/

Lyn got her hair screwed up by the helpers and no one could really recognise her with that horrible curry pok on her head. Partly my fault for not helping her with her hairdo, but I just don’t want her to be over-reliant on me sometimes. Sigh.

Managed to salvage it by washing off all the hair spray on her fringe, which was gao gao by the way. Now at least she looks like human~

Practice, practice and more practice; we need it! My memory is seriously failing me on all these various 4×8 counts, 5×8 counts stuff.

And like it hasn’t been stressful enough for me to remember my steps and counts, some auntie in my line just refused to cooperate. Instruction was given by Kelly for them to keep a lookout for my position when walking to new marker, so as to ensure a straight line, because it’s true that I shouldn’t be always keeping a lookout on them instead. But some stuck-up, or rather, fuck up auntie refused to listen and rebutted me with a “I’m lao jiao already“.

So she refused to listen and argued that doing it her own way is better, but the point is SHE is always the one walking out of line! And SHE was also the one who had been doing the wrong dance step, yet came to tell me that I’m wrong. Then when WY’s mum came to my rescue and corrected her, she still insisted that she’s right, and ALL OF US are wrong! How ridiculous!!!

Everyone in my line just gave me that “Don’t bother arguing with her” face, because she is ALWAYS thinking that she’s right, just because she’s LAO JIAO! So I really walked off halfway while arguing with her.

There’s really no point. All I know is instruction has been given, and it’s my responsibility to convey it to the rest of them in my line, that’s it. Whether you follow or not, it’s not up to me. But one thing for sure, teamwork is not about seniority or whatever lan jiao, it’s never about that.

 photo 20130706_185203_zps0cea3317.jpg


Cam-whore time~
 photo IMG-20130708-WA0000_zps3527a58e.jpg

The new flower?
 photo IMG-20130708-WA0002_zpsc628c3d7.jpg
 photo IMG-20130708-WA0001_zps3a0a23e0.jpg

It wasn’t a perfect show, but it was an improvement, at least I felt so. It was our first performance with full-house audience and my heart was pounding right before our turn. So so so glad that I am short-sighted, though I couldn’t possibly miss the thousands of flashy light sabers in front of me.

 photo 20130706_204046_zps3de5ca18.jpg


Everyone’s looking at the big screen behind~
 photo 20130706_203928_zps190ce79b.jpg photo 20130706_203741_zps09a8cf45.jpg

My Eurasian prince from last year, transformed into Malay this year~
 photo 20130706_203938_zps5186ef9e.jpg

I also transformed to Malay this year and I quite like the top, but not the mismatched bottom and super loose shoes. All of us were busy finding rubber bands on the floor to tie the shoes to our feet, if you can see the mark on mine~
 photo 20130706_204248_zpsa7a3c7a7.jpg

 photo 20130706_205239_zps69b7303c.jpg

Gotta bun up my hair next week. Hello curls.

Just 1 month left~ More practice is still needed!
Dance them all away.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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