Blue Valentine

I like movies that are realistic, movies that depict the reality of our daily lives. Blue Valentine – one of the Ryan Gosling’s movies that Yinning passed me, portrays a young couple who were once passionately in love, trying to salvage their rocky marriage years after.

I don’t know why I even missed this good movie when it was out 2 years ago, especially when there’s Ryan Gosling. It was sad, it was blue, it was realistic. But because it’s blue, it’s NSFW, or even Not-Safe-For-Trains -.-”

I didn’t know the BLUE Valentine meant a blue film and I was watching it in a crowded train when this naked bathing scene (which Yinning excitedly told me before that I get to see Gosling’s ass) appeared. I had to stop immediately and switch to my music player. Awkwardddddddd max. People peeping onto my screen probably thought I was watching porn. But then again, it’s indeed R21. I guess that’s why I didn’t know about it – it was probably not shown in Singapore before.

Putting the blueness of the film aside, it’s actually quite a cute love story. The corny pickup lines, the passion, the crazy little adventures, the sacrifices, that’s how every love started, isn’t it? Maybe not every, but there will always be this one person that is able to bring out the craziest or the silliest side of you. “You know when a song comes on, and you just gotta dance“, that kind of feeling. And you put in all the effort, because you really, really want to be with this person.

Effort – the word that one can say so effortlessly, but when put into action, it takes much commitment, time, patience, determination, and great love. The greater the love, the greater the determination. And the more you want to be with a person, the more you would put in the effort, no matter how much it takes.

But in reality, love doesn’t always work out. You stop creating sparks in your love life. You start looking at the flaws more than good, and the virtues that you once loved became flaws too. You stop doing things for one another that you once did. Effort is gone, passion is lost, and it comes to a point when it’s too late to turn back – this is exactly what Blue Valentine portrays.

And just this morning, I had someone asking me about boyfriends again. I said, anyone on the street can be your boyfriend, but to find the person that you can spend a lifetime with, it’s not just anyone. It’s easy to spend your time with someone, but I’m talking about a lifetime here.

So if I ever take that leap, and if that someone come by, I’m gonna make sure that it works out. I will make all the efforts for occasional dates or crazy little adventures. I will learn to focus on the good side of him and not the otherwise. I will not be stingy with my affection. And I will not stop trying to create sparks, for I will make sure this passion lasts a lifetime.

(via zephyrloveless.tumblr)

(via zephyrloveless.tumblr)


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