Olympic Day & NE1

This weekend felt exceptionally long, probably because it was a rather packed one. Started Saturday morning with a healthy activity – a run organised by McDonalds!

 photo 20130713_082439_zpsfc8980f8.jpg

Firstly, it’s quite unbelievable that I signed up for a run. And more importantly, I actually woke up early for it. But since it’s only like 2.7km or something, and Karen and gang kept asking me to join them, I figured that I don’t mind going down to run in my pajamas. It’s pretty near my house anyway~
 photo 20130713_085710_zps3eb77997.jpg

 photo 20130713_085822_zpsaa6bd07d.jpg

Summer, Karen and Karen’s sister – Meow Meow (I still don’t know her real name)

 photo 20130713_085809_zpsb9228d8e.jpg

Waiting at the starting point

 photo 20130713_090825_zps122f6ca0.jpg

Ronald McDonald starting the race~

I was really prepared to run okay, which is why I even brought my track shoes back. But it turned out that everyone in front of us were just strolling, and in the end the ladies also didn’t feel like running, so we ended up strolling along with the rest =/

It was only towards the end then Karen and I started running, while Summer and Meow Meow were still chit-chatting behind~ As a result, they were caught on TV because they were strolling right in front of the minister that came for the event! Phew~ Luckily I ran -__-”

 photo 20130713_094625_zps089cfc41.jpg

With our certificates for completing the run walk!

 photo 20130713_095338_zps9b569a02.jpg

Ronald & us! But not Karen’s Ronald~

Ended the Olympic Day in just an hour or so and brought the ladies to the market for breakfast, since it’s my territory~ Managed to nap for a while (actually over-napped) before heading out again for NDP NE Show 1!

Still managed to reach on time even though I know I did not have to, cause I have already done my hair and makeup at home. Surprised that it didn’t take me that long to do my anyhow-bun. I really just anyhow poked hairpins here and there, and it turned out not bad, at least the front…haha~ I didn’t even bother to look at the back.

So glad that my Ah Boy is finally back after so many weeks! I think he MIA-ed for like 3-4 weeks? Although I’m very particular about commitment (attendance) for the rehearsals, I’m still so happy to hear him calling me “Jie Jie!!!” when he saw me! (:
 photo IMG_20130713_191101_zps06e8778a.jpg

Practised through a few times before dinner and one of my shoes actually flew off while doing a kicking action during the Hip Hop dance! Mad embarrassing and Ah Boy actually picked up my shoe and continued dancing with it, cause he didn’t know what to do with it! LOL! Totally reminded me of Chienny running out of formation to pick my shoe for me during NDP’ 04 when it flew off as well~

Practised at home the night before so at least I am so much more familiar with what to do now. I have been really confused with all the repeat this and repeat that and what to do for this point and that point that I had not been able to focus on the dance. Now at least I am a little more confident~

Still felt nervous before the show but thankfully everything went quiteee well. Did not make any major mistake except that the last map formation was still quite chaotic. The army guy actually told us that the map outline would be very thick this week, and it was, but it’s still so dim!

We totally missed it and everyone in my line overshot, and I did not know whether to join them or not. But it would look stupid if I were to stand on the outline alone, so I ran along with them. Who knows they actually ran back after realising that they have overshot! So in the end I was not standing at my usual position -.-”

Waiting for the fireworks before finale entry!
 photo 20130713_201215_LLS_zps23b4b1dd.jpg photo 20130713_201752_zps0b46a6da.jpg

Sadly, I did not manage to take any nice shots of the fireworks =/
 photo 20130713_202119_zps14019b8b.jpg photo 20130713_2021140_zps6fc43d58.jpg
 photo 20130713_202106_zps13e743b4.jpg photo 20130713_202110_zpsb1551496.jpg

Did not have the chance to take a picture with my SOKA girls before the show but luckily I managed to find them after the finale! Hehe. So cute with their caps~
 photo 20130713_203646_zps19594307.jpg

 photo 32632_10151746445274587_1705200106_n_zps286d08ce.jpg

The Malay group non-Malay girls

 photo 1016353_10151746445414587_954524516_n_zpsc9c98ffd.jpg

The standard pose

I feel so sad whenever a show is over because it’s like we put in so much effort for the makeup, the hair and everything then within 5 minutes, everything’s over 😦 How I wish we can do it over and over again!

 photo 20130713_215520_zpse48aa6de.jpg


Sneaked back into the platform after the show and there was still a group rehearsing over and over again. I wanna rehearse too~
 photo 20130713_215609_zps048c10aa.jpg

But of course I wasn’t there to rehearse on my own, I was there because I was waiting for Mr. Producer (but cam-op for the day) – Chin! He is the only producer that I still keep in touch with once in a while because seriously, he was one of the (few) nicest producers I worked with during my internship already~
 photo 20130713_215401_zps09700299.jpg

Haven’t met him since I helped out for his Sheng Shiong show more than 5 years ago! He is the cam-op for the NDP show this year and even took a shot of me on purpose during the performance -.- But at least he really took it during the second half when I am more confident with the steps…hahaha!

Waited for him till the whole rehearsal was over because after rejecting his vodka dates for so many times, I know I won’t be spared this time round…haha! Off for some catch-up session after 5 good years…oh man~ Feeling so old now.

 photo IMG_20130713_225545_zpsbda4c41a.jpg

Some good music (:
And I think they sang Just Give Me A Reason TWICE for me!!! Hahaha!

 photo 20130713_215447_zpsa84918a1.jpg

The night is still young.

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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