S.E.A. Aquarium

Got a pair of S.E.A Aquarium tickets lying in my wallet for months because quite some time ago, Queen was taking order for her friend who could get at corporate price and I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered 2 as well, I don’t even know why. But thanks to Lyn’s extra ticket, I managed to use mine and organise an excursion trip for le boy to see the fishies~!

 photo 20130714_152239_zpsa19a4cbb.jpg

Their virgin trip to RWS!

Because it was drizzling, Isaac transformed into the Little Green Riding Hood! Cho~ cute one!
 photo 20130714_152600_zps365fd2a1.jpg

Off we go to the S.E.A. Aquarium, which is a little like Underwater World, but much bigger~
 photo 20130714_153810_zps3016c921.jpg

It was so crowded though, and sometimes we could see more heads than fishes =/
 photo 20130714_153557_zpsa4cf43fa.jpg

But when we see fishes, it’s really a SCHOOL of fish!
 photo 20130714_153849_zps3c718f00.jpg

 photo 20130714_153613_zps7ff6b465.jpg

Diver at work!

 photo 20130714_154053_zps7719b36e.jpg

Le boy looking at fishies~

 photo 20130714_154212_zps069d8423.jpg

Going in school~

This reminds me of the aquarium in Wisma last time!
 photo 20130714_154616_LLS_zps8290e8b1.jpg

It’s so difficult to get the naughty boy to look at my phone and this is the lucky shot that he did. He was already distracted by other stuff in the second shot and hence I had to Photoshop Sis’s head from the second photo to this because her eyes looked weird in the first! Haha! Can’t really tell ya~
 photo 20130714_154723_zps32e9a223.jpg

I guess I really need to get my Rilakkuma phone case again because now he really refuses to look at my phone D:
 photo 20130714_155103_zps987d8eb9.jpg

Happy boy~!
 photo 20130714_154957_zps6902c680.jpg photo 20130714_155006_zpsa043ca6c.jpg

Trying real hard to take a shot of him with the fishies~
 photo 20130714_162309_zps2a3893dd.jpg

And finally!
 photo 2013-07-14164036_zpsd6f9cf64.jpg

Trying to catch the fishes~
 photo 20130714_155235_zps2008ba9f.jpg

And then he came across these corals and happily said, “Mushroom!!!” Cause he loves mushrooms…haha!
 photo 20130714_155537_zpsd6560351.jpg

 photo 20130714_155840_zpscd4d50f8.jpg

Pretty blue fishes (:

 photo 20130714_155855_zpsbeee17d1.jpg

Baby looking at the “baby” fishes~

 photo 20130714_160326_zpsbbde683b.jpg

This is a hell lot of fishes!

 photo 20130714_160423_zpsd4b30c88.jpg

Catch catch~

 photo 20130714_160438_zps9910aa3d.jpg

Looking at fishies swimming~

 photo 20130714_160834_zpsf28b29e0.jpg


And dolphins!! Too bad it was so crowded and I couldn’t get to the front to see~
 photo 20130714_160212_zpsc302775c.jpg photo 20130714_160245_zps383f9fbb.jpg

Arrived at the gigantic aquarium~!
 photo 20130714_161559_zps61a7cb95.jpg

But till this point, I think we have seen enough fishes and Isaac was also more interested in running around the big space~
 photo 20130714_161228_zpsb7c9f360.jpg photo 20130714_161334_zpsc809cb63.jpg

Finished up the place in about an hour and although I was expecting more from the place, I guess it’s still a good experience for Isaac to visit new places. I think I didn’t even have many of such opportunities when I was a kid.

Ended earlier than I had expected, so Vic dropped me off at Suntec for some window-shopping before I met up with the rest for Karen’s wedding discussion!
 photo 1026217_10152968648350136_1286096152_o_zps02918127.jpg

Of course this is not one of the sisters, this is Karen’s mum xD
 photo 1073209_10152968649965136_731115570_o_zps571b759a.jpg

So happy to see Edlyn because the last time I saw her was half a year ago at Karen’s ROM! I even bugged her over the phone that she mustttt turn up this time…haha~
 photo 1073290_10152968648640136_92061866_o_zps3b536ab0.jpg

My Caesar salad with smoked salmon~ Thank goodness Summer helped me clear like half of it =/
 photo IMG_20130714_184404_zps4691e543.jpg

And before the discussion for the happy occasion even started, something happy happened! Karen checked the 4D result and realised that she won!!! I shall not reveal which prize, but it’s quite a big one, though she only bought $1.

So she told us to order as much as we want and that’s when I happily ordered my macarons! Teehee~ Share share with everyone of course! Too bad only the chocolate taste is obvious =/

 photo IMG_20130714_192333_zps3641addc.jpg

Chocolate, lime, banana passionfruit & mango passionfruit!

Finally started the discussion and I think we were rather productive. Sandra – the wedding planner went through the sequence for the big day and then we went on to discuss our favourite part – the sabotage games! Hiak hiak~

I thought the ladies would find it too 狠, but who knows they were rather excited with some of my suggestions and so I ended up being the mastermind for most of them. Oops~ But I like how they 玩得起! Looking forward to the big day (minus the outfit)!
 photo 1074406_10152968643525136_1292677525_o_zps21f5d7ae.jpg

 photo IMG_20130714_194907_zpsf76bfd5b.jpg

My first (joyous) red bomb received!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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