NE 2!

Like last week, I decided to bun up my hair at home as well as do my own makeup to avoid horrible wayang makeup. But somehow, I had such a hard time getting back the same bun as last week!!! Argh. Took me forever to do it -.-”

And blue shadow really looks awful that we were all so reluctant to put it! But I really don’t wanna get the poor boy in-charge of our makeup and accessories into any further trouble~ He’s already so annoyed that after contributing so much, no one really appreciates his effort and I was like I know right! That’s why I’m not getting myself into shit again this year! Zzzzz.

Practised through the formations that we just got the night before and I really don’t understand why some people just cannot understand simple instruction!!! I mean if you can’t remember your position, fine, just follow how the first 2 rows did! 2 rows merge into 1 to form a new formation, is it that difficult??? Still can get pissed off and argued that they are standing in the correct position when it’s obviously wrong!

I really don’t wanna care anymore even though I really want us to put up a good show. I was very tempted to help the group leaders to get them into the right positions, but come to think of it, forget it, I can’t even get my own damn row to walk in a STRAIGHT line! I really give up and just close one eye whenever I see the same person obviously walking at a different pace as the rest of us. I don’t wanna bother anymore.

Back to put on hair accessories! Cho~ happy to have my “Yakult“! 😀
 photo IMG_20130720_185348_zpsf747b9ea.jpg

My nice nice assistant…hehe. Another poor assistant – Lyn was helping me pass the hairpins while I cam-whore and act like big star…HAHAHA!
 photo IMG_20130720_181940_zpsbd8fe28f.jpg

 photo IMG-20130720-WA0013_zpsc55d6502.jpg

With Summer before setting off (:

 photo 20130720_190020_zpsb9024c77.jpg

And my lolli-girls! Lollipop from Uncle Tan again…hehe!

 photo 1016906_10151761143824587_891799850_n_zpsa152095b.jpg

Lollip-gloss! 😀

This reminds me of when I reached and the girls were busy putting on makeup…

Lyn: You put lipstick ah?

Me: No?

WY: *takes a look at my lip* Lip gloss lah!

Me: I never put anything!!! *busy rubbing my lip to show them*

Lyn: Then why your lip looks so glossy one?!

Me: Saliva lah!

Lyn: How can it be?!

Me: Really never put anythinggggg! *still busy rubbing* My lip has always been like that ah -.-“

And like Wei Sheng, they just don’t believe me that I really did not put anything! I guess Sheng didn’t give me the nickname – Lipstick Girl for no reason -___-”

Non-stop cam-whoring with our lolli!
 photo 20130720_190013_zpsd1439044.jpg photo 20130720_185935_zpscca6ed7d.jpg photo 20130720_190512_zps0cccc596.jpg photo 998221_10151761143754587_803102544_n_zps1bc27692.jpg

One last picture before we set off to the platform for our performance~! ((:
 photo 20130720_190318_zpsa6a67d3b.jpg

It wasn’t a good performance on my end because I screwed up a little when walking to the second formation!!! D:

I forgot that the new formation requires me to walk to the next formation in 3×8 and I happily walked at the same pace as last time. As a result, the dance started before I reached my marker!!! I think that’s worse than doing the wrong dance step because screwing up formation is more obvious from the audience’s side!

And also because I am the first row to move, everyone was following my pace and I made some of them screw up as well! –CRY!!!– This really shows that once I screw up, I’m gonna 害到 a lot of people x.x

Apart from that, I also did one of the dance steps faster than the rest. Sigh! But I heard the back screwed up even more. They ran to the wrong position and were still adjusting when the dance has started! Ahhhhhh~ Keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining 3 (2 for me) shows!

 photo 20130720_200444_zps5398c867.jpg

Waiting for finale~

Finale was also in quite a mess because some people just have to run all the way from the back to the front again to be captured on screen! Mad annoying!!!!!!!!!! And the group beside us was also standing on our markers, squeezing us out of our positions…Zzzzz.

Anyhow, after the show~!
 photo 20130720_204220_zpsbe70866b.jpg

Everyone was busy looking for their friends or family members that they have invited because the tickets we got are for this week’s NE show. I’m somehow glad that I did not have to worry about that this year because I did not really “invite” anyone~

The ones I invited either cannot make it, or it is too big a group to invite. So I gave my pair to Jia Jia and her daddy, because the girl was sad that she couldn’t join us for this year’s NDP! So even though I did not invite anyone, I just hope at least my humble tickets can make this emo girl a little happier (:
 photo 20130720_212209_zps36aae8c0.jpg

 photo IMG_20130720_223839_zps088197d0.jpg

With my 2 guests!

 photo 1000727_10201776921293033_1963366145_n_zps63527e11.jpg

Do Re Mi Fa So~

Pics from last week~! There were so many cameras coming one after another that I had to think of so many different poses…hahahaha! But somehow only found 2 photos in Facebook after we posed for so many -_-”
 photo 1071400_642849595728109_67621502_o_zps315a7d1c.jpg photo 1074107_642849662394769_1136985490_o_zpsa7feb660.jpg

Received a surprise call from Jeong right after the show and it turned out that the guys were at Marina Square for Joey’s birthday, so I dropped by as well since it’s nearby to avoid another “nagging” from Zee~

They ended up in the arcade to “relive their olden days” and I was like, seriously? What a place to choose -.- But that’s the thing about guys of my age!!! –shake head

Then they even came up with crazy plan of going in to JB, at this hour! Of course I did not join them…Zzzzz. Moved to Sauce at Esplanade where the guys had their fill of beer and surprisingly, I did not drink a sip! But then again, it’s BEEEEEEERRRRR~

Group shot before I left early! I look super extra lor -.- Not brotherly enough to fit in anymore! Haha!

 photo IMG_20130720_230528_zpsa37a4d91.jpg

Enjoying its beauty every week (:

But somehow, I miss last year a lot more…

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)

This is one thing I’m gonna teach my kid if I ever have any.
(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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