Abby’s BIG DAY~!

After much preparations, it’s finally THE day~! In case you’re wondering what’s there for me to prepare, there’s a lot!!! Gotta 烦恼 what to wear (because I don’t usually attend weddings), borrow whatever I can from Sis – bags, shoes and etc, rebond my horrible-looking fringe and then after rebonding I have to go for treatment!

Sounding like I’m the bride right? Hahaha! But I can’t imagine the much more amount of things she needs to prepare =/

Anyhow, the big day started as a rainy one, dirtying my shoes and messing my hair…Zzzzz. But it did not take us too long to arrive at the church for my very first church wedding attended!
 photo 20130727_104101_zps7a588bb7.jpg

Found our pretty bride in the kids’ room and she looks like a little girl playing 扮家家酒 sitting in that kid’s chair! xD
 photo IMG_20130727_100849_zps3ed81179.jpg

And another pretty one who is also one of the sisters for the wedding!
 photo 20130727_102034_zpsac0460b4.jpg

Being Abby’s close friend since primary school, Limin was of course one of the sisters too! So we finally got to see her in dress!!! The last time I saw her in skirt/dress was Deyi‘s uniform >.<

 photo IMG_20130727_103411_zpsbebb1f3a.jpg

I look like I’m going to 嫁女儿 xDDDD

Presented the bride with our handmade gifts! 😀
 photo 20130727_101712_zpse0cf06c8.jpg

It’s pillow cases that we brainstormed, designed, and painted together!!! Hehe! ONE & ONLY~! (They weren’t aligned properly; they will join perfectly!)
 photo 20130727_101811_zpscc05349b.jpg

The back! Of course we used fabric paint that doesn’t come off after washing~
 photo 20130727_1018340_zpsd9cd1629.jpg

Sharing some pics from our gift-making session! 我们很用心做的噢~

 photo 20130607_212458_zpsd7f9c3a8.jpg


 photo 20130607_195912_zpse5a33735.jpg

First session @ SMU!

 photo 20130607_195815_zps2e39c25c.jpg

好爱抢镜头 -_-“

 photo 20130623_200535_zps7ad7eea3.jpg

Another session @ Chii’s house!

 photo IMG_20130623_211135_zps001f443f.jpg

Managed to trick everyone on Instagram! xD

Anyhow, this was our one and only chance to take a picture with the bride throughout the day! And she would be flying off soon after the wedding to further her studies with her husband~
 photo 20130727_102335_zps2bfcdd08.jpg

Off to the church hall to prepare for the ceremony! (:
 photo 20130727_104317_zps1afd1f3e.jpg

 photo 20130727_104208_zps0af1c427.jpg

Our very first church wedding~

 photo 20130727_104722_zps0a87fc46.jpg

The groom showing us his 裸照 xD

 photo 20130727_105018_zps657056f6.jpg

The proposal!

 photo 20130727_105346_zpsccdec631.jpg

Bride and her daddy, ready to march in~

The evolution! From cute little couple…
 photo 20130727_105313_zpsf15590cb.jpg

To teenage couple…
 photo 20130727_105337_zpsf400487c.jpg

And finally, the bride! (:
 photo IMG_20130727_111724_zpsbfad8217.jpg

Love the piece of music used for the march-in! Reminds me of the touching scene in My Sassy Girl x.x

 photo 20130727_105502_zpse5eab07a.jpg

The pretty tail!

 photo 20130727_113112_zps0592b8b2.jpg

Waiting to say their vow

Before the solemnisation, there were some preaching and also singing of the gospels~ I think we were a little overwhelmed by the latter =/

Well anyway, it was finally “You may not kiss your bride“! 😀
 photo 20130727_113830_zpse09addf8.jpg

 photo 20130727_115124_zps77b61dc9.jpg

Waiting to throw our flower petals!

 photo 20130727_115506_zps246ba2f9.jpg

The newly-wed receiving the blessings from everyone (:

 photo 20130727_115518_zps1398c0da.jpg

Adding colours to her long beautiful tail!

 photo 20130727_115532_zps4c6b3632.jpg

Pretty ground after decorated by the petals!

Then it was time for fooddddddddddddd~!!! We were all famished =/
 photo 20130727_121628_zpsd7d37fcd.jpg

 photo IMG_20130727_122004_zps38c14177.jpg

Look at these irresistible petite desserts!!!

 photo 20130727_124518_zps8c1be635.jpg

Sooooo petite that my face looks so big now -.-“

Done with part 1 of the day, then it was time to prepare for part 2! But disasters happened one after another D:

 photo 20130727_174640_zpsd270beef.jpg

First disaster!!!

Imagine my horror when in the midst of rushing to meet the girls, I saw this when I took out the pair of shoes I borrowed from Sis from the plastic bag! =OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Thank goodness I have the habit of sticking back all my worn out shoes till they are really cannot-be-worn-anymore and so I have the glue to stick the thing back! Imagine it happened after I stepped out! OMG~ Can’t imagine wearing this to a 5-star hotel!

But it wasn’t the end because the moment I stepped out, I was like … deaddddddd. I couldn’t even walk properly because the shoes were too loose!!! I wasn’t expecting this because my Sis and I share the same shoe size! >.<

Managed to go back and grab my spare heel grips before limping my way to the station and stopping by some void deck to stick my heel grips! 超狼狈的~!!!T.T

Well anyhow, we finally made our way down to St. Regis and Limin had already started “work” at the reception! Hehe!
 photo 20130727_193758_zps170876b2.jpg

Oh this was another gift from us! Half handmade because it was plain and we decorated it (:
 photo 20130727_193817_zps546e7924.jpg

Standard cam-whoring in the washroom while Limin is busy at the reception! xD
 photo 20130727_191133_zps6354a904.jpg

Before going out…

Me: I wanna 自拍~

Chii Hian: *busy posing beside me*

Me: I wanna 拍~~~

Chii Hian: *continues to pose*

Me: Hello hello…. 拍~! 拍~!!!(emphasising on the )

Then she finally got my hint! Hahahaha!

 photo 20130727_191241_zps047776bf.jpg

 photo IMG_20130727_194004_zps0dfbce81.jpg

The 5-star exquisite feel~

 photo 20130727_194104_zps0fcad133.jpg

Ning Ning with Chii Chii!

 photo 20130727_194038_zpsb257328a.jpg

Bin Bin & me!

We came slightly earlier because Abby told us to come early for the photo booth, which she reckons we will love! And indeed! We were having fun with the props~! xD

 photo 20130727_191807_zps86b2f7b7.jpg

Love my bunny ears 😀

Trying out different specs…hehe!
 photo 20130727_1920360_zpsed616c0f.jpg photo 20130727_191912_zpsf8361709.jpg

And we took so many shots that the photographer joked that he’s gonna charge us~ Loveeeeee all the photos and flawless quality and the instant printing service (though we waited quite some time for ours) 😀
 photo IMG_20130729_0001_zps81b998b5.jpg photo IMG_20130729_00012_zps66291b95.jpg photo IMG_20130729_0002_zps5e94cc6c.jpg

With the pretty missy! Love her dress and overall appearance for the night!!! (Don’t say I always make you paiseh hor, am praising you now xD) Anyway she was lucky to have her Sis to do her hairdo for her. I didn’t know what to do with mine and just did a little braid at the side. I think it turned out not bad too -self-praise- Hahahahaha!
 photo 20130727_193010_zpsc0fbdc89.jpg

 photo IMG_20130729_00013_zpsa1c762c9.jpg

Another look – cowgirl now! xD

 photo 20130727_193446_zps1e593ee6.jpg

Bang bang! For stealing my hat!

Finally went into the grand ballroom as the ceremony was about to start~
 photo 20130727_194435_zps2ab8a342.jpg

 photo 20130727_195447_zps94d152eb.jpg

Pretty table decoration!

 photo IMG_20130727_200517_zps01edaa98.jpg

Chocolate door gift!

Chii Chii was so sad at first because she got this chocolate and I got the soap instead. I thought she would want the chocolate (because she loves to eat!) but it turned out that she wants the soap more and I want the chocolate! So we had a happy swop…hahahaha!

Anyhow, something super funny happened right before our dinner!
We girls were the first to be seated before this guy whom we have never met before came to sit at our table…

As Limin had told me earlier on that her good friend – Wee Kiat will be the only guy at our table, I naturally thought this young man is Wee Kiat! So confidently, I was like, “Oh!!! You are Wee Kiat ah?!

Guy: *stunned for a while* Is this table 5???

Me: Yah…

Guy: Oh… Then yah I’m at table 5. But I’m not Wee Kiat, I’m Jay. *shook hand with me*

Me: *embarrassed* Ooohhhh… Ehhhhh? But my friend told me there would only be 1 guy at our table…

Guy: *shocked* So your friend told you there’s only 1 guy at this table and it’s Wee Kiat…?

Me: Yahhh….

Guy: Hmmmmm………

We chit-chatted a little and realised that he is Abby’s “outside friend” *cough cough* xD

Anyway, the story isn’t over yet…
Limin finally joined us at the table and sat beside me, between Jay and I.

Me: *whisper to Limin* You told me Wee Kiat will be the only guy at our table and I thought this guy is him!!! I…

Before I could finish, Limin turned around and gave Jay one big slap on his back (because his back was facing her) and Jay turned around with a blank look. For a moment, I thought Limin knows this guy as well, but not until she started apologising and we realised she made the same mistake as me!

So imagine how embarrassed I already was when I mistaken him as Wee Kiat… And now imagine how embarrassed Limin was after giving him that slap!! LOL! And it was quite a hard one by the way!  Jay must be thinking like, “What the hell is wrong with this table ah?!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I can still remember the scene and I can’t help but laugh whenever I replay it in my mind! Superrrrrr funny + embarrassing, yet so memorable because you know how awkward wedding dinners can sometimes be, especially if you don’t know anyone at all. So all these bloopers definitely “warmed us up” and we started chit-chatting and “interrogating” him about erm… Singapore Flyers xDDD

First march-in!

This is my first time having such personal course meal for wedding dinner and I actually like the idea because the portions are small so you wouldn’t bloat yourself, though I was still busy passing sharing food with poor Limin and Chii Hian xD

 photo PhotoGrid_1375075732987_zps4a308b74.jpg

The food were YUMS~!!!

 photo IMG_20130729_133319_zps03d9ba20.jpg

Missed this bird nest thing out from the collage =/

Had a few glasses of white wine over the dinner but that’s not all~ Martinisssssss~ Here I come! Hehe!

 photo 20130727_235802_zps0a909e92.jpg

Like a pro!

 photo IMG_20130728_130451_zps3ba60f69.jpg

And homemade macarons again!
I like anything homemade ((:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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