Sentosa Cove!

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Hotpot noodle for lunch! Yums yums~! 😀

Had quite an unexpected Monday night because I ended up in Sentosa Cove! Had never been to the place before and definitely wasn’t expecting to, but it was an impromptu chill-out night with June and her colleagues at Brussels Sprouts! (:

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Food food and more food!

We had like mussels, salad, cheese croquettes, potato croquettes, fries and drinks! But I still saved some space for the yummy-looking desserts~! 😀

 photo IMG_20130729_223113_zps18791bd4.jpg

Favourite molten cake with Belgian chocolate inside!
Simply orgasmiccccc~

 photo IMG_20130729_222642_zps4ed7bc47.jpg

Banana crepe with ice-cream!

 photo IMG_20130730_155714_zps2f10561e.jpg

Another sweet treat from the sweet Kelly! ((:

 photo IMG_20130729_221357_zpsc6d49291.jpg

Took this poster in the washroom xD

Took a night stroll after the full dinner and drinks because it’s all our virgin trip there! Sooooo many yachts right behind us and I really really wanna go on one someday 😦 Or at least a cruise trip! I’m so gonna love the 海风~
 photo IMG_20130729_234125_zps0bd64aac.jpg

560000_10151842920232664_1762973609_n copy

With my hot ladies!

La Senza shopping with the Na-sisters because Queen has 50% off for her birthday month and I basically just grabbed like everything I think it’s pretty! Trying is free xD

But there is a maximum discount limit and after deciding if it’s an impulse buy or not, I gave up a few pieces and got only 3 that I really heart! I was really tempted to get more (ultimate sucker for lingerie!!!) but I think for now, I’m happy with my pretty buys! Hehe!

 photo IMG_20130731_001010_zps5d361417.jpg


(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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