Lola’s Cafe!

Swimming on Thursday was quite relaxing; 1 hour passed so fast! A little thankful that we don’t have to go to the deep pool this week because Joanjoan missed a few lessons and coach was still coaching her~ But she was having a stressful time!

I totally know how it feels with the coach focusing on you. I was also the one lagging behind at the start when Min and Joanjoan were already swimming and I felt a little stressed (and demoralised) too~

But I tried not to let that affect me because I know it would be more difficult for me to master, so I just buay paiseh a bit and learned at my own pace… Practised on my own as well and in the end I made it! So you must also 加油, Mojo! Don’t be stressed!!! Just be determined! (:

Nonsense of the week:

During first or second lesson…

Coach: Why don’t you girls get the swimming cap, then your hair won’t be messy.

Me: Don’t want! So ugly!!!

Last week…

Coach: (saw Shi Min with swimming cap) You went to buy ah?

Shi Min: Yah…

Coach: Wah…  Should have told me that you want.

Me: Why? You have free one ah?

Coach: Yah I have a few… I wanted to give you all but you said it’s ugly…

Shi Min: HUH!!!!!!!!!

Me: She bought for $20+! HAHAHAHA! Free one I want I want! Free must take! Cheap must buy!

Shi Min: -_______________-|||

This week…

Me: Did you bring the free cap for me?

Coach: Oh no~ I left it in my car. You wanna follow me to my car later to take?

Me: Huh…don’t want~ My mother said cannot anyhow follow people to their car… Next week then you bring~

Hahahahaha! I think he really doesn’t know how to deal with my nonsense sometimes xD

Anyway, such a blissful feeling to have someone waiting for you by the pool after your swim~! My lovely girls actually paid the entrance fee to come in to wait for me because I had no time for meetup due to swimming! Awwwww~

Off to Xiao Qian’s house to shower and partyyyyyy because her parents are overseas! Hehehehe! We were joking about switching on the disco light and the moment we stepped in, she really turned the house blue with this romantic lighting in the house!!!
 photo IMG_20130801_220159_zps221d7a6c.jpg

So it was a girly night of movie, snacking, snacking and more snacking! Look at the amount of snacks they bought!!! Hahaha!

And Nad Nad brought us our favourite lychee champagne again! Mini ones this time, so cuteeeeee~!!! But it was an alcohol-free night for us, just purely movie and snacks (:
 photo IMG_20130802_103847_zps5ab73f11.jpg

But I really love house parties! If only I have a chance to hold one in my house, or at least a sleepover! I mean even if it’s just slacking together and watch movie like this, it’s such an ideal plan for me! I may be someone who likes to stay out a lot, but to be honest, my ideal date that I have always yearned for is to cuddle and watch a movie on the couch together! Though now it’s with girlfriends ❤

We did not sleep over though, because all of us gotta work the next day~ But it was still a good girly night spent, anticipating and complaining about the movie together…haha!

Left slightly past midnight and the moment we stepped out, it started pouring!!! It was quite scary because it’s really once I stepped out of the block, I felt rain splattered on me and I kinda jumped back! I mean c’mon, we just finished an alien movie, don’t scare us like that!!! >.<

After so much snacking the previous night, somehow I still felt hungry the next morning and I finished up this huge plate of olive rice! HEHE. Swimming makes me hungryyyyyyyyyyy~~~

 photo IMG_20130802_105653_zpsbcf855a3.jpg

Breakfast ❤
Olive rice ❤

Explored one of the cafes that I wanted to explore – Lola’s Cafe!
 photo IMG_20130802_204648_zps77a6d831.jpg

 photo IMG_20130802_210655_zps0c919068.jpg

Desserts ❤

I actually came for this brownie but it turned out below my expectation~ The brownie wasn’t warm but cold instead, and it just didn’t blend well with the ice-cream. They are like two separate desserts…
 photo IMG_20130802_210855_zpsef4e59ac.jpg

Second round – Carrot cake! Not my choice of course =/
 photo IMG_20130802_215756_zps00745414.jpg

The tarts are not bad though. This is Sea Salt Chocolate Tart or something, but I prefer the lemon tart!!!
 photo IMG_20130802_215638_zps2de64394.jpg

And the paprika wings are goodddddd too~
 photo IMG_20130802_220852_zps3331fad5.jpg

Check out my new scarf! Hahaha! Off to JB~! xD
 photo 20130804_121147_zps3c603747.jpg

 photo IMG_20130804_142130_zpsb7a8d568.jpg

Our usual curry fish head!

Then off to KSL and I finally tried the Black Balls that everyone has been raving about! But in the end I think the black balls refer to the pearls, which both Lyn and I don’t take, so we chose this weird combination instead – grass jelly, ice-cream, pudding with tapioca + yam! Hahaha!
 photo IMG_20130804_153145_zpsdce48fec.jpg

The guys wanted to catch a movie again and because the other choices were action movies, which I have been watching a lot lately, I chose a horror film – The Conjuring instead since everyone has been saying it’s good~

It’s been very long since I last watched a horror movie anyway. I am not really scared to watch, I just really really hate loud noise and the idea of paying to scare myself =/

Well anyway, the movie was indeed not bad. I had fun disturbing Lyn and Jeong, who were sitting beside me…hahahaha! But I ended up getting abused by Lyn more because she somehow always hit me when she jumps up -.- And she jumped quite a number of times despite covering her eyes…LOL.

 photo IMG_20130804_185109_zpsd9b5743e.jpg

Tom yum & Salmon gyoza after the show!



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