Birthdays Rush


Miss Trinity HTHT sessions! (:

 photo IMG_20130807_145427_zps8f1f9f9e.jpg

Sucker for Tom Yum Yum Yum Yums~! 😀

Caught Wolverine with NDPeeps and I don’t know if I mentioned before, but of all the X-Men characters, I have actually always liked Wolverine the best! No, not because of his hairy chest, but he just feels like the most realistic one amongst others. And of course also because he is very man xD

Martinis after that! Because that’s the easiest place for me to get table…hehe.
 photo IMG_20130808_103304_zps88dc3df6.jpg

And then the manager came over to 灌 us again~
 photo 20130808_003604_zps6a6f00d1.jpg

I don’t know what’s this but I drank like 3 shots of them! Keep calm and just drink xD
 photo 20130808_003637_zps79002e13.jpg

So the longggg weekend started with much busyness~ 3 birthday affairs in a day, starting with Shi Min’s belated birthday treat at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar! Because she has been wanting to try the Shiok Maki after I highly raved about it during my first visit and I also miss it so much! Hehe!

Starting with appetisers first and I tried this (expensive) white tuna sashimi that a friend recommended but I did not manage to try the previous time~ It’s not bad, but I still prefer my usual salmon! 😀
 photo IMG_20130808_130948_zpsa82a51be.jpg

 photo IMG_20130808_130856_zps91f1ebf3.jpg


Century egg tofu which Shi Min wanted to try but in the end she didn’t like it. I thought it was not bad~ (She’s usually more fussy) xD
 photo IMG_20130808_131036_zpsb1338158.jpg

 photo 20130808_130726_zps98448640.jpg


 photo IMG_20130808_132020_zps44146d83.jpg

Shiok Makiiiiiii!!!

We were greedy and ordered the second generation one as well, which I didn’t try the previous time. I think it contains prawn instead of unagi, according to Shi Min.

Though the second generation one has a stronger charcoal smell (which adds on to the shiok-ness of Shiok Maki), it has less of a 口感 because unagi is definitely softer than prawns, hence it blends better in a way. So I personally like the original (first generation) one better (:
 photo IMG_20130808_131557_zps7f2845ed.jpg

Love taking photos with her because I would look so tall! Whahahaha~ But I love irritating her more 😛
 photo 20130808_140820_zps9a81fe64.jpg

Gift-shopping after that and I made the “birthday girl” run around with me because of several hiccups here and there! Sigh! But thank you so much for accompanying me around! And thank you for the yummy atas cake that I had been wanting to try but couldn’t bear to buy!!! Hahaha!

 photo IMG_20130808_224750_zps5e982bd4.jpg

Paris Baguette crepe cake! ❤

Finally got everything settled before rushing off to meet Lyn for birthday affair #2 – birthday cake-baking! The poor girl basically carried her whole house over because she claimed that her oven is too small, so it’s either I carry mine over, or she carries all her equipments and ingredients over -.-“

Ingredient-shopping already took us like an hour or more and we were both starting to feel tired by then~ I was tired from the previous night while she was tired after her kite-flying session, plus the “whole house” that she’s carrying (she refused to let me help…Zzzzz).

Finally started our baking session and I must say that the recipe is quite a challenging one! Halfway through it, I was kinda thinking, “Why did I even suggest baking T.T

Because I am usually not so ambitious and recipes that have a long list of ingredients would be eliminated or KIV-ed by me, and this recipe that the little girl has chosen contains this long list of ingredients for the cake, and another equally long list for the frosting itself –faint!

Since we already started much later than we expected, and we know it’s gonna take quite long for us to complete this cake, we split the tasks like while I mix, she prepares the next ingredient and etc~

 photo 20130808_211855_zpscf49c816.jpg

Preparing the baking tin

And ta-duh~! We were finally done with our first cake! But that is just the first layer x.x
We still had another layer to bake but thank goodness we didn’t have to mix the ingredients again, since that’s what that takes up the most time~
 photo 20130808_211843_zpsa73eef49.jpg

 photo 20130808_225126_zps3e67e863.jpg

Ding! Done with second layer too!

 photo 20130808_230259_zps25dd2172.jpg

Combining after adding frosting~

 photo 20130808_230537_zps737ee446.jpg


But we were only 75% done and it was close to midnight @.@
We still had to complete with the frosting and decorate the cake, which may seem easy but it took us quite some time too~

 photo IMG-20130810-WA0000_zps1f3f0ecb.jpg

Caught in my unglam (but comfy) pajamas!

 photo 20130808_230953_zps80b0255d.jpg

Touching up meticulously~

I wanted to decorate the cake with something iconic, so we tried making the signature white cap but the more we do, the more we ruined it! So there goes my Canelé macarons D:
 photo IMG_20130809_000312_zpsdb49ebff.jpg

Decided to go plain and colourful! Okay, that contradicts =/
 photo IMG_20130809_001307_zps90e9b00f.jpg

Built a cage and awaiting for the hippos’ arrival~! And so with this, we finally completed our 6 hours of baking, minus the ingredient-shopping part @.@

 photo IMG_20130809_004345_zpse4c12e64.jpg

Ready for the surprise~! 😀

But it was all worth it after we tried a little of our own creation! Now it’s a matter of whether our efforts will be paid off x.x

Dropped by buddy’s place for a while after sending Lyn off because I had birthday affair #3! Every year, my big day is also my dearest 姐妹’s birthday, so I specially delivered a small cupcake over (:

Was in a dilemma whether to stay up and bake my cookies overnight for the NDPeeps or to do it the next morning. But the birthday boy issued an order and reminded me that I trained so hard for this day, so I should be resting instead, which I agreed in the end~

Joined them for a round a Bluff before going off to have a good rest and get myself ready for the big day!!!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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