Wimbly Lu

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2013-08-19 00.29.01

The artwork of the legendary 赌侠 - yours truly.

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Bak Kut Teh noodle

Back to MINDS on Saturday and we made flower pots this week (:
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 photo 20130817_160214_zps04000158.jpg

Art pieces by the residents~

 photo 20130817_160223_zps9f2d7b4f.jpg

With one look we know who made this…
This was after salvaging the over-plot =/

And finally successfully tried Wimbly Lu~
 photo 20130817_182907_zps5e58f325.jpg

 photo 20130817_173754_zps08fa6ed7.jpg

Always waiting! But I was determined this time.

 photo 20130817_181413_zps7439b758.jpg

❤ the interior~

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 photo 20130817_180207_zps9e202645.jpg

 photo 20130817_173820_zps5d804efb.jpg

 photo IMG_20130817_174615_zps4cc6169d.jpg

Their signature root beer cake. It’s madness!

Another of their signature is their waffles. But I figured that’s gonna be too filling for me, so I opted for the lava cake~ Equally awesome! But it’s damn thickkkkkk, so only for those who are real chocolate fans. Definitely wanna come back again, especially for the waffles!
 photo IMG_20130817_180933_zps84fa306c.jpg

Off to Karen’s house for brothers and sisters meeting! So exciting~ But I’m still annoyed that one of the brothers actually stole our games sheet and even told a photo of it! Then what’s the fun anymore? >.>

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Sunday brunch with June and she got me a big box of Tim Tam from Aussie!

 photo IMG_20130818_180237_zps3f494bd9.jpg

Chienny’s belated birthday dinner; we never get sick of Jap.

 photo IMG_20130818_213208_zpsb3058c8f.jpg

Funniest souvenir I received – Rilakkuma tissues from Phuket!
Thanks Mojo!

 photo 20130818_185007_zps976e4df2.jpg

That’s my weirdo friend, playing Candy Crush on the displayed phone -_-“

Swimming with Mojo after that to burn off our sushi calories but after less than 30 minutes, it started raining. Zzzzzzz. Spoiler much.

(via quotesandimages.com)

(via quotesandimages.com)

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