That Girl In Pinafore

Finally sorted and developed the 2 years worth of photos! Now it’s time to get a new album again~
 photo 20130819_234607_zps6cff3157.jpg

 photo IMG_20130819_195125_zpsbcc9fd76.jpg

Dinner with Mr Ow at 49 Seats.

 photo IMG_20130819_200300_zps67047807.jpg

Shared with Yinning~
The seafood sauce (not in shot) makes so much difference.

 photo IMG_20130821_114022_zps462cde6b.jpg

Hearty breakfast (:

 photo IMG_20130821_122816_zps13164b94.jpg

UFO sweet treat for lifting the mood.

Thought I would miss this but I managed to catch That Girl In Pinafore before it ends.

Wasn’t expecting much because there were mixed reviews for this film. It’s obvious that this is trying to be a “Singapore version of 那些年“, but somehow some elements are just missing…

On top of that, with the censorship and everything, more “essence” of the movie was inevitably lost. I mean “what the *tootttttt*” just doesn’t sound as cool as “what the fuck“; it’s like constipation. And with the constant *toottttt*-ing here and there, it can get annoying. In short, censorship stops the shit from flowing.

Apart from all these, the storyline itself was okayyy. Nothing especially unique, but I think people who enjoyed this film mainly enjoyed it because of the songs (and pretty casts), which I did.

Here is one of my favourite 新谣 from the movie~

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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