Night Festival~

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Breakfast delivery to my doorstep! Hehehehehehe!

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Another of my “commission” xD

Resumed swimming lesson after much self-practice and oh my~ So out of breath after just 2 or 3 laps of the mid pool!

Went to the deep pool again and thank goodness I managed to finish the long lap =/
Eventually we even did like 3 laps! Thought we couldn’t make it but it actually isn’t so difficult. It feels more insecure but it’s actually easier to float in the deep pool~

Forgot everything about water treading but once I got hold of it, I couldn’t stop doing the bouncing in water part…hahaha! Like so fun! More confidence in swimming in the deep pool now, but still not 100% secure without the presence of coach x.x

Nevertheless, swimming is always so much fun! Minus the tangled hair part~ (I actually look forward to it more than muay thai now =/ )

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Afternoon dessert after lunch!
流氓冰~ Sweet mangoes and good quality durian on top!!! ❤❤❤

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Night dessert after dinner!
Brownie with chocolate ice-cream! 😀

Really ate so much in a day~ Followed by mad spicy wings at Wings with Mommeyyyy June! It was so so so spicy that I was teary and I turned Angelina Jolie~

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Cocktails! Look so summer-ish~

Saturday was spent on napping, preparing for the marathon at night =/
Marathon as in work marathon again.
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 photo 20130824_232256_zpseeb111e8.jpg

People-watch @ SOTA

 photo 20130824_194159_zpsa31150a5.jpg

“Very nice one!”
*look at the squashed bread skeptically*

 photo 20130824_211001_zps79198931.jpg

Hungry me watching people queuing for ice-cream 😦
Uncle having good business due to Night Festival~

After 2 hours of counting (and the crowd was quite crazy), I was told that I need to count people across the street as well! Firstly, different instruction was given to me at the start. Secondly, I can hardly see people across the street even though I was sitting pretty high up already! Lastly, catching the people in front of me is already quite a challenge, let alone catching the crowd on BOTH streets moving at the same time! -.-”
 photo 20130824_232241_zps79eca6ee.jpg

But I am quite satisfied with my location anyhow~ I have clean toilets at Cathay (somehow that’s my main concern); I have crowd which means time pass faster and I get to sit down too! (:
My only complaint would be the bug bites; I don’t know mosquitoes or ants…Zzzzzz.

 photo 20130825_011609_zps4a593aac.jpg

Everyone walking past stopped by to take a photo of this~

 photo IMG_20130824_205344_zpsf61a8ef3.jpg

The silence and solitude after midnight.

The last hour was the hardest to pass. It’s not psychological but it’s just that there were hardly people around at 1am, so time was really crawling~ Could have really fallen asleep there =/

Finally it was 2am and it was time to knock off! Everyone was dying to go off and waiting for arrangement for the cab groupings, but yet we had to wait for irresponsible people who went off without saying and took their own cab!!! So so so annoyed because everyone left and the 3 of us really waited for so long when we were all tired and sleepy, yet these buggers just went off on their own! ARGH!

Sunday was a recharging day, spending with my beloved boy! Miss him soooooo much!!! And as usual, every of his visit is like a prince’s arrival~ Everyone would be busy cleaning up or cooking something! Hehe!

So much fun watching him babble in his unclear toddler language, and sometimes language that we all don’t understand. Like he kept shouting this “Wa-Wee-Weeeeee~” thing whenever he tries to struggle off something he doesn’t wanna do, but none of us know what is Wa-Wee-Wee! Hahaha! Probably some language he picked from his kiddy shows~

But he can speak so much now! It’s quite amazing for a 22-month and he picks up really fast! Always repeating what we are saying, sometimes even the bad stuff…haha! Cuteness overload!

Brought the naughty boy down to the playground in the evening and he was having so much fun running around! Sis and I were like playing catching with him, chasing around after him x.x
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 photo 20130825_182035_zps79b16544.jpg

Playing his favourite slide 😀

 photo 20130825_182158_zps1160b6fb.jpg

Getting ready~

 photo 20130825_182327_zps63b47242.jpg


 photo 20130825_182040_zps7fa96b43.jpg

Weeeeeeeeee~!!! 😀

Cho~ cute! Cho~ love! Made my boring weekend so much better! And also the impromptu meetup with my lovely PPGs at Xin Wang for late night drinks! Always so much to talk about~

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)

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