BEE with you~

Had a good training on Tuesday! Gave my best and having a guy hold for me for the second round also allowed me to maximise my power~ Just that Wang Sha’s huge height difference with me caused much inconvenience -___-”

 photo 20130827_220621_zps6394ad7a.jpg

My 2 mates – Wang Sha & Snow White~

 photo 20130828_231754_zpsee675814.jpg

Look what arrived!!! And with a piece of one of my favourite biscuits! TEEHEE~

Was craving for 流氓冰 again but only discovered that it was closed after breakfast 😦 Went all the way to find this 芒果奶冰 as replacement instead! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20130829_112609_zps941d8354.jpg

 photo IMG_20130829_141250_zps05223b2b.jpg

Nice honeydew flavoured grumpy Doraemon mooncake! 😀

A failed attempt to make the “zuo mo ni jiang bad de” face~ Hahaha! Suddenly saw some similarities with the mooncake above instead xD
 photo IMG_20130827_115628_zps987336dd.jpg

Learned freestyle for swimming this week and man~ It was so tiring!!! 5 minutes into it, I missed my breaststroke already D:

It’s seriously not easy to master and I still have difficulty with the breathing part. So much water got into my nose and you can imagine how gao wei is that -.- Drank some water as well during the demo because the coach suddenly turned my head side way without any warning!

So the whole 1 hour we just practised and practised~ 脚是酸的 lor~! T.T

Was on leave on Friday and I took the chance to get the highly-raved 流沙 bread from Baker’s Talent that I saw in Edmund’s instagram! And OMG~ I love it!!! Regret not buying a few more~
 photo IMG_20130830_163732_zpsb9f77c91.jpg

And then my long-awaited kway chup~!!! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20130830_131605_zpsd43d84ea.jpg

Had not stepped into a library for some time and I finally took the chance to as well~ Found another of Jodi Picoult’s! 😀
 photo IMG_20130830_185020_zpse9b3538e.jpg

It’s a story related to an autistic kid, which makes me even more interested because I have always wanted to try connecting with them. Sometimes people tend to categorise intellectually-disabled and autistic together but they are actually very different. Having worked with intellectually-disabled ones before, I think they are “more friendly” in a way, as in they welcome you into their world. But for the autistic, it’s actually very much the opposite.

 photo 20130830_182642_zps8b391cd3.jpg

Reading with Poohpooh! xD

It wasn’t a boring Friday night with my book, but it’s not the ideal way that I wanna spend my Friday night either~ Finally got out to run some errands and then impromptu movie date with Trinity at buddy’s house!

The 2 guys wanted to watch Conjuring but it wasn’t available, so we made do with another Korean horror movie which has the highest rating – 杀人漫画~

In the end, because we failed to hook it up to the TV, buddy came up with the “fantastic idea” of opening and setting up his new TV to try -__- I was against it because I know setting up a whole new TV is gonna take time (and it was already 11+), but Gui actually said he agrees with bud’s idea!!! –FAINT!

So I waited more than an hour for the 2 guys to set up the new TV…
 photo 20130830_235556_zpse8693e99.jpg

 photo 20130831_000622_zps90668e2a.jpg

Very insistent…

 photo 20130831_002321_zps61f4faeb.jpg

I think they were regretting…

And after everything, we realised that the movie’s audio is incompatible with this TV! Zzzzzz! So what great idea did the 2 guys came up with this time? To play the video on TV and audio from laptop and try to sync them (by pressing PLAY together -.-“)!

It worked out in the end, just that every time a part ends, we gotta “re-sync” again -__-”
And after so much hassle just to watch a movie, it turned out to be more of a gory one than horror~ But it was not bad luh.

Anyhow, for those who are bored, this is quite a funny read! Story of Man A’s life after he stole Man B’s phone but forgot to switch off the camera’s auto-upload function…hahaha!




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