Karen’s Bachelorette Party! :D

Attended my very first bachelorette party on Saturday and although it’s not the usual wild party that I was expecting, it was a K-session so I didn’t mind! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20130831_153312_zpse3af089a.jpg

Karen wanted it simple as well, so there were no strippers or wild dares xD
Her sister’s hen night was a little wilder; she got an angmoh to put on lipstick and give her a kiss at Clarke Quay, but he made it wilder by kissing on her waist instead of cheek! But that’s how hen nights are supposed to be! Hahaha!

 photo IMG-20130901-WA0015_zps6cad3749.jpg

With Karen and her (biological) sister!
And look who I have got here!

 photo IMG_20130831_160602_zps6a9fe33b.jpg

Kumakuma singing K! 😀

 photo IMG-20130901-WA0012_zps8c2cbee9.jpg

Having a good time singing!

 photo 1167087_10153137593625136_109999309_o_zps1292cf26.jpg

With Sandra – the wedding planner and Miss Bachelorette!

Group photo with the sisters and Karen’s colleagues! A pity the other 3 sisters couldn’t join us~
 photo 1268644_10153137595035136_1210337609_o_zpsd15921c6.jpg photo IMG-20130901-WA0003_zpsdfcc2bf8.jpg

After 4 hours of singing, Karen’s colleagues left while we headed over to Bugis+ because I wanted to take photo with the big Rilakkuma mascot! 😀 So happy that I managed to catch it on his last day!

Initially I thought I missed the timing or something because the mascot was so flat and it seems like no one’s inside!
 photo 20130831_184816_zpsc6a7496b.jpg

Me: What time is it from…?

Staff: You mean what time it ends is it?

Me: I mean what time is it starting… When can we take photo with it?

Staff: Errrr now? You just have to write down your name on the list…

Me: Huh but how come there’s no one inside (the mascot)???

Staff: Who says! You write your name and he will stand up already~

And indeed! Once I wrote my name, the big Rilakkuma stood up instantly and it turned out that there is someone inside! xD
 photo 20130831_184531_zps03b0ad3b.jpg

Apparently he was just resting because there weren’t many people coming to take photos with him~ But the moment I wanted to take, people started gathering and I got a little embarrassed to take out my Kumakuma! Hahaha!

Of course I still did because that’s what I brought him here for! 😀 I actually even brought my Rilakkuma tee and wanted to change into it! But to save time I decided to do without~
 photo IMG-20130901-WA0004_zps5a92aef7.jpg

 photo IMG-20130901-WA0000_zps5934623a.jpg

Group photo! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20130901-WA0008_zps5c3afc24.jpg

Asking the Rilakkuma to hold the banner for me but he bo hue x.x

 photo IMG-20130901-WA0001_zps82364bb6.jpg

The required photo for their Facebook page~

Although the contest is over (I didn’t go because of the contest; I just wanted to take photo with the mascot), you guys can still help me to “like” my photo on their page xD

Couldn’t bear to go so I took one more shot with him! Hehe! Really wish I can bring him home with me!!! 😦
 photo 20130831_184605_zps4354e3b9.jpg

And then he sat down again right after we finished taking~ So poor thing! I think he must be feeling so warm inside, because the guy gotta keep fanning him… And not to mention, his head is so heavy! =/
 photo 20130831_185334_zpsd49fd51f.jpg

 photo 1277989_10153137595520136_1094525381_o_zps8457e09f.jpg

Happy like a bear! 😀

The ladies dropped their initial plan of dining at this pretty restaurant in Clarke Quay because I had to rush off for work soon, so they settled in this Japanese restaurant in Bugis+ so that I can join too! Felt kinda bad but I would love to join as well, since I have been wanting to visit that pretty restaurant too~

But the Japanese food was pretty good too! 😀 Managed to have a few quick bites before rushing off!

 photo IMG_20130831_191731_zps1e0b37e5.jpg

Salmon salad!

 photo IMG_20130831_192832_zps58371b93.jpg

Salmon sushi!

 photo 1272557_10153137596555136_772364097_o_zps969a8f1c.jpg

And a last photo with Miss Bachelorette! 😀

Off for work at Jalan Besar stadium and I actually gave up my traffic-counting job for this because it’s the same pay but only half the duration! Furthermore I was expecting it to be kinda more interesting because I get to be the supervisor! Hahahaha!

Actually it was Gui’s position, since he registered first, but because I got him the job through Shu Hui, I demoted him to be interviewer aka surveyor and promoted myself! LOL. But at the end of the day, he was also glad that he’s not the supervisor because it was more than just “supervising(eye power)~

Reported earlier for the briefing and also got to tour around the stadium during the match first before our job starts, which is after the game. It’s my first time watching a live match and omg~ The people were pretty … scary. They were basically shouting and shouting, showing so much agitation and passion =/
 photo 20130831_212801_zps59ec2f71.jpg

Anyhow, Singapore won!!! 2 VS 1! Hahaha! It was actually pretty exciting watching it live~ Hehe.

Towards the end of the game, I briefed my team of 5 (including me) and got them to start grabbing people to interview once the match ended. Each of them were supposed to complete 8 interviews, which we realised it’s mission impossible after 1 because the interview is so long!!!

By the time each of them completed 1 interview, there really weren’t many people left in the stadium -.- So we had to rush out to grab people instead~ I was supposed to make sure they are really interviewing people and not doing it themselves, and on top of that, check the completed interviews for discrepancies and etc.

There were so many unanswered questions or unclear answers that I needed to clarify with them but it was more important to grab the remaining people first, which honestly, weren’t many left. Really sweating in my jeans while I kan chiong-ly checked through the completed set that kept coming in~

My eyes also became crossed after checking all the interviews x.x
But I think the interviewers were definitely more exhausted than me, because they had to repeat the LONGGGG interview for 8 damn times!!! And it’s seriously long, I tell you. Many respondents were obviously getting impatient halfway and wanted to leave.

But anyhow, we all completed our mission impossible eventually! And I still think it was rather fun, minus the sweating in jeans part. I really hate jeans. Like omg~ I really couldn’t stop whining to Gui that I feel like taking off my jeans on the street >.>

Got pangseh-ed for Swee Choon by the first person and later on, the second person decided to join the first person for Mahjong, so it was a double pangseh….Zzzzz. Firstly, I hate being pangseh; I hate people breaking promises. Secondly, I hate the fact that people can do it conveniently without considering my feeling, and like what am I supposed to do when they pangseh me and go for Mahjong. Le sigh.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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