Crazy Cycling!

Did not have any plan for the Sunday, which is also why I refused to get out of bed until noon~ Spent the day packing my room and upcoming trip before coming up with the impromptu idea to go cycling! 😀

Haven’t cycled for quite some time and I’m always scared that I will “forget” how to cycle. I know everyone says cycling is like swimming – you won’t forget once you have picked up the skill. But I’m different! I tend to forget easily once I stop practising~

Met Lyn after her toy exhibition trip and by then, it was already 6pm. Got our bikes and started cycling towards the usual direction – Bedok Jetty. But after like 15-20 minutes after we started off, it started drizzling a little and my butt was already aching x.x

We continued cycling to somewhere that we can find shelters, but the rain stopped -.- So we just carried on~ Bypassed the jetty and also where I stopped previous time, which means I went on a new distance! (:

Despite my aching butt, we continued till we reached this forest-looking place and hesitated if we should continue, since it was getting dark…
 photo 20130901_191115_zps4c581c24.jpg

My concern wasn’t so much of the darkness but the trail that I am unfamiliar with. As much as I am excited to explore new route, I wouldn’t wanna be rolling down all the steep down slopes x.x

Asked a cyclist and he said this is the route that leads to Changi Beach, but it’s gonna take very long because it’s around 10km! So we were stuck between the choice of just turning back or to go on…

I know the adventurous Lyn wouldn’t mind exploring the route~ Furthermore it really doesn’t make sense to keep cycling the same old route; it’s boring and I will never go beyond – no 突破 =X

Hence, we decided to cycle on a little more to explore, with Lyn cycling in front to warn me in case of any steep slopes! I thought it would be a “forest trail” all the way, then it will be like riding in MacRitchie Reservoir or something, which can be a bit scary~ But we actually got out after a short while and finally see something other than just trees!

 photo 20130901_191536_zps445314fa.jpg

Reminds me of Korea’s Cheonggyecheon Stream somehow~

Continued cycling till we reached the road, which led us to this longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg never-ending track! It’s so never-ending that we couldn’t see how far is our destination, hence we didn’t know if we should turn back since we may not ride back in time to return the bikes =/
 photo 20130901_193502_zps486af426.jpg

But since we had come this far, we really didn’t wanna waste it and turn back! So we aimed towards our destination – Changi Beach and continued on with the loud sound of the planes taking off and landing beside us! 😀 (Lyn was exceptionally scared of that sound somehow…hahaha!)
 photo 20130901_193527_zpsc2fea923.jpg

I wasn’t feeling tired from cycling but my butt was definitely aching, or in fact, SORE! Like each time I got off my bike to take a photo or something, I just didn’t wanna sit back again x.x

And after close to 2 hours, we finally reached Changi Beach!!!!!!!! 我们做到了~!
 photo 20130901_200136_zpsdb8ed9d6.jpg

Our initial idea was to grab something from Changi Village to reward ourselves, plus Lyn was extremely hungry by then~ But we didn’t have time because we only rented the bikes for 3 hours, and we have used up more than half the time to cycle here!

Of course we didn’t mind paying extras, but the shop was supposed to close at 9pm and somehow our rental time is until 9.15pm! Called to check and the person told us to be back by 9.15pm the latest, so we really didn’t have time to spare D:

Rode back immediately and at even faster speed, because I really didn’t wanna end up staying overnight at ECP for night cycling till the shop opens the next morning! Hahaha! That was my only motivation to ride back as soon as possible, despite of my sore butt!

But it was a really nice route for cycling because it’s straight all the way and no slopes! Furthermore it’s so empty that I can speed without fear of not being able to brake in time~

I was riding fine, until we got out of the “forest trail” once again and gotta make a sharp turn after a down slope to head back to ECP. Lyn was riding in front of me and after the down slope, she suddenly slowed down a lot to make the turn, and I couldn’t brake in time! >.<

So it was either I bang into her, or I avoid making the turn and head straight – which is the road. I did the latter and headed out of the road as there was no cars (yet). I did see a car coming but thank goodness it wasn’t going at high speed, and given my jaywalking experience, I knew it wouldn’t reach me so soon and I would also be able to brake in time, which I did~ 就这样,逃过了一劫 =X

But the real “mishap” happened shortly after, when we bypassed this narrow bridge that led to a narrow down slope. If down slopes are my weakness, narrow down slopes are my weakest link! Because I tend to lose control on down slopes and would swerve left and right, and narrow down slopes don’t allow me to do that!

So as expected, despite starting off in the centre of the path, as advised by Lyn, I ended up on the right (after losing control) and my right handle was touching onto the railing! I knew I would be flying off soon once it really bangs into the railing, so I was getting kan chiong to stop the bike, yet I don’t know if applying the brake immediately would cause me to fly as well D:

So at this point of time, I did something which I realised it’s quite stupid now… Like how you would react when you’re about to slip and fall, you would grab on to the nearest support round you, and that’s what I did when I was eager to stop my bike – I grabbed the railing beside me! x.x

So as you can expect, my bike flew and I landed over it~ New bruises and scrapped knees as a result! Wait till you see the huge ‘birthmark” on my thigh…haha!
 photo 20130901_233601-1_zpsc01fd8e7.jpg

Thank goodness I could still continue riding after that~ It really wasn’t that painful as compared to my butt! My butt was really soooo sore that it was going numb kind x.x

So unbearable yet we were rushing back to return the bikes~ It came to a point when I really couldn’t take it anymore and rested my butt for like 30 seconds, then continued riding on.

But somehow that 30 seconds was rather miraculous! I didn’t feel much pain anymore and managed to chiong all the way at gear 5 to the shop to return the bike and stall for time first, while the poor hungry ghost – Lyn was still catching up behind…hahahaha!

She kept asking me, “你脚不会酸 meh???“ Because hers were becoming jelly~ But seriously, my legs didn’t feel that tired even after riding for 3 hours straight, without any rest and the only time we stopped was to take a few pictures and video of the planes! It was only my ass that was suffering T.T

So when she finally made it to the shop as well, she was getting fainting spells from hunger and fatigue that she ended up sitting right outside the bike shop!!! LOL.
 photo 20130901_212729_zps1976015d.jpg

Initial intention was to bring her to Tanjong Katong to try the nice Mao Shan Wang durian ice-cream from Ice Cream Gallery, but since she was so hungry, I suggested grabbing something from Burger King instead. But the girl wanted to save her stomach for good food -_-”

Luckily we made it in time for the ice-cream before it closed in 10 minutes’ time! 😀 Baileys & Mao Shan Wang!
 photo IMG_20130901_222422_zpse9d01421.jpg

Finished off with $6 Punggol Nasi Lemak and that marked the end of our adventurous day! Hehe! Despite the bruises and scrapped knees, I am still proud of our achievement and proud of my 突破! 跌倒了,不就爬起来咯~

I know more serious mishaps could have happened and I also tried to be careful as much as I can. But that doesn’t mean I wanna keep staying within my limit, and in this case, stay on the same route that I have tried before.

If life is always so 小心翼翼, always staying within your comfort zone, then you will never go beyond and explore what you haven’t discovered~ You will never get to feel that sense of satisfaction of achieving something new! (:

 photo 20130901_212955_zpscfe4312e.jpg

YOLO~! Yooohooooo~

(via picsandquotes)

(via picsandquotes)


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