Back to Deyi!

Happy happy Wednesday that I was looking forward to but time passed so slowwww somehow x.x

Dunkin’ Donuts treat from Reiko! But actually, I just ate 1 Chewy Junior before that and still had 1 in the fridge… Fatttttttt dieeee meeeeee~
 photo 20130904_171213_zps9832065c.jpg

Then super full dinner at Thai Express! Was kinda sad that Naive has closed down; no more sesame seed grinding 😦 But this meal made up for it and I was kinda surprised that the food here actually tastes pretty good~! The fried yam is so yum yum yum that I couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth…hehe!

 photo IMG_20130904_203745_zps8ef4ae8f.jpg


 photo IMG_20130904_210113_zpsdb15ed6f.jpg

Dessert – coconut ice-cream with red ruby! *BURPPPPPPPPP!*

Back to my alma mater on Thursday morning for Teachers’ Day! Every year I have been wanting to do so but never had the chance to. This year I finally managed to and all thanks to Limin for accompanying me! 😀 I had a hard time finding people to go back with me because everyone’s working now (and not everyone has flexi hours like me)~

With one look, all is still the same, but actually, so much has changed… This morning while preparing, I suddenly realised that it’s been 8 years since we graduated! Like 8 YEARS!!! OMG~ I was horrified by how fast time flies! 2 more years and it will be a decade, 真的老了 x.x

 photo 20130905_114814_zps6c3dbc99.jpg

 photo 20130905_103916_zps4cee2292.jpg

The usual walkway that we have to go through to get to the canteen (:

 photo 20130905_103730_zps411dbdc6.jpg

Captain’s Ball in the hall! Awwww I miss that!

By the time we reached, the school has ended (because it was only half-day) and we took the chance to grab hold of all the teachers before they leave~ But we were not sure who is still around and who has retired or transferred!

Took a look at the staff chart and we were glad to still see quite a few familiar faces! ((:
But one of our biggest surprise was when we got informed that our form teacher – Mr Lim is now the VP! (And the fact that he has put on quite a bit of weight now…hahaha!)
 photo 20130905_103127_zpse5c0049c.jpg

Look at how he looked 8 years ago! He used to be quite fit but I guess life of a VP is just too stressful =/
gOOd cHaiR-gaL

I was his class chairperson for 2 years – Sec 3 & 4 and he still recognises me, just that my name slipped off his mind~ He used to put in a lot of trust in me, letting me handle all the 大大小小事 in class, which also motivated me to work hard so as not to disappoint him (:

Took a tour around the teachers’ room and managed to find our Mathematics teacher – Miss Foo (in pink) and Accounts teacher – Miss Lee!
 photo 20130905_110051_zps18d2f42e.jpg

Miss Lee still looks the same, in the same kind of outfit xD
In fact all the teachers still look the same! Except Mr Lim…hehe.

aCCounTs A1

The nonsensical boys with their “A1” for POA

Miss Foo still remembers us probably because our class really left a deep impression in her mind (not in a good way)…hahaha! I mean can you imagine how much this class chairperson had to shout and shout almost every day back then, “Stop playing soccer in class!!! Stop this! Stop that!” Then you can imagine how much worse the teachers had to suffer -_-”

Miss Lee didn’t quite remember us at first, but the moment we mentioned a few notorious names, she recalled our batch immediately with the “nightmareeeee” face…hahahaha! I used to love her class a lot but not anyone else, because accounting is quite a chore, and the chore came along with our ultimate naggy teacher xD

But I love it because she doesn’t nag at me (that much), and she really tried her best to make sure we do well (with her nagging and strictness). Both pinned high hopes on me as well, counting on me to teach my fellow classmates and that is why I managed to do well for O’s! Their faith gave me strength! ❤❤❤

And this sexy lady here is my biggest nightmare when I first came into Deyi…
 photo 20130905_111910_zps5a63f848.jpg

She is none other than our 魔鬼教练 who trained us the army style during PE! Hahaha! Imagine the sudden transition from primary school to secondary school when ball games turned into endless running and push-ups during PE~

And it’s really round and round and round around the MRT track near our school non-stop! That place definitely brings back no fond memories but nightmares x.x

She doesn’t remember our names of course, but she can still remember our faces a little~ I am so not used to see her speaking to me in such a feminine manner…hahaha! Our impression of her is always yelling away kind, cause she is really fierceeeee!

But she is a very nice and fun teacher, after you have passed her 魔鬼训练 of course xD
PE classes during Sec 3 and 4 were definitely more enjoyable then after we did less running and more games~

Another teacher that helped me a lot for my O’s (with her incessant nagging) is our English teacher – Mrs Singh! 😀
 photo 20130905_113818_zpsbab6ccee.jpg

hArmIt sIngH

Taken during our last English class!
Oh I can’t see my eyes~~~

Like the others, she doesn’t remember our names but our faces; it’s after all been 8 years!!! After 8 years, she is still nagging away, but this time, telling us to get married and improve the birth rate of Singapore…LOL.

Mrs Singh: I wanna give birth also cannot!


I love listening to her long grandmother stories and how she can crack jokes subtly! I even miss her nagging because even the way she nags can be quite funny xD

Took a walk down the memory lane to the hall and I don’t remember seeing these pictures here before. But there are definitely some bits and pieces of us left behind after seeing all these familiar faces ((:

 photo 20130905_103459_zpsf845c794.jpg

The mischievous boys from my class

 photo 20130905_103447_zps07b87c3d.jpg

The 校花s – 3CS

 photo 20130905_103519_zps14ea24cd.jpg

Our classroom with our family tree! ❤

Went back to check out our classroom and was sad that the tree is no longer there, obviously, and the class has been repainted 😦 No more CDs (used for our class deco) lying around, though Miss Foo said the CDs still lingered around a few years after we graduated…haha!
 photo 20130905_115536_zpsc63904c0.jpg photo 20130905_115425_zps3bf61e83.jpg

 photo 20130905_114928_zps97f42883.jpg

回到过去 (:

And then we spotted this cabinet hidden at the corner of the classroom that still has our graffiti art on it!!! 😀 Awwww~ It’s so nice to know that our presence is still lingering around somewhere at the corner of this classroom! (Now I sound like some ghost…hahaha!)
 photo 20130905_115200_zpsbe25f65a.jpg

Despite being partially repainted, we could still find our names at the side of the cabinet where we once painted! Can you spot it? 😀 I added dotted lines for the ease of spotting~
 photo 20130905_115252copy_zps4192c3bd.jpg

Was mad hungry and thought I could get some cheap canteen food, which I miss, but all the stalls were closed D:
 photo 20130905_120709_zpsa0619164.jpg

Nevertheless, it was definitely a good trip back to school! Brought back so much fond memories (((((((((:
Wanted to visit my primary school as well but I didn’t have time to 😦 Next year maybe!

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


6 thoughts on “Back to Deyi!

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  2. Missed those moments in deyi
    I dont know if u still remember…
    I m hidayah same class during the lower sec days
    With devaki,alia…

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