First Outing with Mates!

After more than 3 years, this is my first outing with my mates! I do have a few more “gum” mates there but not to the extent that we would go out together, and some of them come and go along the way. It was only when Wang Sha and Snow White joined then I became closer to them; crapped together and stuff and we decided to have an outinggggg~!

After much changing, we finally settled on an impromptu K session, because Ilo Ilo was almost full house D:And because the thick-skin Snow White kept asking us to celebrate his birthday for him, we really got him a cake! He was indeed surprised when the staff walked in shortly after me with a cake…haha!
 photo 20130905_202117_zps7246564c.jpg

 photo 20130905_201948_zpse36dbd90.jpg

The 2 September babies~

 photo 20130905_202014_zps80759e81.jpg

My crazy mates!

As usual, Snow White and his very wrong conversation -_-”

 photo 20130905_202231_zps6c6b9064.jpg

何老师,Wang Sha, Snow White & Complain Queen xD

 photo 20130905_202508_zps8bad3420.jpg


And like we don’t know how strong he is, he broke the knife while cutting!!! -____-|||
 photo 20130905_202707_zps1eedfb90.jpg

 photo 20130905_202447_zps80438ba9.jpg

Cutting with half a knife

 photo 20130905_204402_zpsd451faae.jpg

Because when Snow White is around, this is a must~

They were all pretty good singers, and 何老师 – my dingdong mate who always bake sweet stuff for me totally shocked us with her powderful imitation of One Night in Beijing! Hahaha!
 photo 20130905_204129_zpsfe13a0eb.jpg

 photo 20130905_204333_zpsd91aaea3.jpg

Emo-ness at its max level~

Short but good outing! 😀 And then it was time for me to go back to do my last minute packing~ My virgin trip to Bangkok; here I come!

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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