Bangkok Trip! (Part 1)

Day 1 (6 Sep 2013)

After so many years of hearing people rave about their shopping sprees in Bangkok, and another so many years of saying I wanna go Bangkok too, I finally set foot in the land of smiles~! 😀 Yes! Super sua gu that I hadn’t been there before!!! But at least I finally did~

 photo IMG_20130906_110615_zps1ddc0acc.jpg

On board!

Sitting alone because we did not choose our seats and I didn’t mind since I’m gonna read my book~ I think the other 2 totally regretted sitting with Shrine because he’s someone who can’t stand sitting 2 hours straight having nothing to do, so he would bug you to talk to him and etc, and I totally experienced that on the flight back…LOL!
 photo 20130906_104223_zps98d3783f.jpg photo 20130906_104226_zps89bfc646.jpg

 photo 20130906_130828_zpsa531e3b6.jpg

In the sky~!

And finally, we arrived at Bangkok! 😀
 photo 20130906_131113_zps18b70de5.jpg

It’s all our first time to be in Bangkok, except for Shi Min, who has been there many times, so she became our tour guide for the trip~
 photo IMG_20130906_144047_zpsb9688d41.jpg

We were heading out to get a cab when this tour agency approached us and offered their cab service at 800 baht (S$32.50). Although I don’t know what’s the “market price” for cabs from airport to our hotel area, I was rather skeptical because they were so friendly and helpful =/

Furthermore, I know the things there should be pretty cheap, so even with surcharge all these, I think S$30+ for a cab is very much like our fare in Singapore, which doesn’t make sense. In the end we declined but booked their temple tour package instead, which is of a much reasonable price.

My idea was to go out to try getting a cab instead, if we really can’t get one, it’s always not too late to fall back to this plan B. So we headed out and saw this queue for the cab, and after inquiring, we got our cab in like 5 mins and at 400 baht (half the price)!!! Money sucking monsters! I really hate people who try to rip me off!

So now you guys know, don’t accept “kind” or convenient offers. The friendlier they are, the more you should beware. And according to Germain, if you go to the departure hall to take the cab, it will be even cheaper. But 400 baht is cheap enough for the 4 of us~

Our driver was very friendly too, but in the good and sincere way (:
And the roof of his cab is decorated with currencies of different countries, which we presumed are tips for him!
 photo 20130906_133318_zps9280d3e8.jpg

Spotted Singapore dollars! 😀
 photo 20130906_133405_zpsba9a67c1.jpg

Squeezing in the cab because one of our luggage took the front seat~
 photo 20130906_135432_zps16305094.jpg photo 20130906_133500_zps7e921af4.jpg

There was some jam and I kept whining about how hungry I am! Finally arrived at our hotel – First House, which is located in the Pratunam Market! Super convenient location because once we step out, we can shop, shop, shop and the big Platinum Mall is also just 10 minutes walk away! There is also a 7-11 right opposite us; I loveeeee going to convenience stores when I am overseas…hehe.
 photo 20130910_100329_zps6fa6c4d5.jpg

 photo 20130908_134255_zps5f7850fb.jpg

Our decent-looking rooms (:

 photo 20130908_134422_zpscc659ba1.jpg

Clean bathroom!

 photo 20130908_134439_zps41818db4.jpg

Clean toilet~

Headed out shortly after because we were all hungry! Time for our late lunch at this Thai cafe that Shi Min introduced us to, which is beside Platinum Mall~
 photo 20130906_153340_zps5bbde590.jpg

Here comes our food! 😀 We even ordered extra green curry and salmon mango salad to share! Shows how hungry we were…hehe!
 photo 20130906_154246_zpsa1d61210.jpg

And because Miss Fussy Khiew complained that I did not take photos like how I usually do when I go on trips, I took one to please her xD
 photo 20130906_154256_zps09445132.jpg

Can’t wait to dig into my ultra-spicy-looking Tom Yum noodle!!! I have always loveddd Tom Yum so of course I have to try this authentic one, even if it’s gonna make me Angelina Jolie again…lol.
 photo IMG_20130907_200223_zpsde5ec08e.jpg

吃饱饱,time to start our shopping spree at Platinum Mall~! And because most of the time was spent shopping, I did not take that many photos for this trip~

 photo 20130906_163800_zps9c0f1664.jpg

Cute mini shorts in my favourite colours!!!

 photo 20130907_162402_zps1aafa390.jpg

The killer bra~

Shi Min and I did not dare to buy much because the prices seem pretty high~ Only KIV-ed some items and got 1 or 2 skirts before all the shops started closing at 7pm =/

Reunited with the guys, who seemed to have finished their shopping long ago, since the guys only have like 1 level to shop as compared to us – 3 levels or even more…hehe. Out to the night market outside the malls for more shopping~!

 photo 20130906_210314_zps8ec43a5e.jpg

Handmade bags!

 photo 20130906_200957_zps5b486506.jpg

Street stall food ❤

Tried this nice egg thingy which I wanted to eat it again during the last few days but couldn’t find it anymore D:
 photo 20130906_201018_zps4f946b3b.jpg

And after all the walking and shopping, we finally ended the day with a good massage! 😀
 photo 20130906_224015_zpsa46148b9.jpg

Looks atas but still cheap! Though later on we found even cheaper ones around~
 photo 20130906_224002_zpscc65d157.jpg

The rest went ahead with their foot massage while I opted for Thai massage because my body has been needing one badly~ It was mad shiok (though scary) especially after all the crackings! Oh I loveeee massage so much~

Day 2 (7 Sep 2013)

Woke up early in the morning on Day 2 because we gonna conquer Pratunam Market! It’s a bigggggg wholesale market right outside our hotel that by right has the cheapest clothes. But because it’s wholesale, you gotta buy like 2 or 3 pieces from each shop to get the cheap price, if not buying 1 piece can cause you like double the price!

But most of the time it’s still cheap even if it’s double the price, like around 8 bucks, so I would not get more than what I need if I really can’t find anything that I like. I’m not the impulse buy kind so unless I really like the item, if not I also wouldn’t get it if it’s not dirt cheap~

Halfway through, it started raining! And although it’s mostly sheltered there, rain still managed to seep in here and there, making the ground really disgusting to walk on! But we still managed to finished like 3/4 or more of the Pratunam Market before meeting up with the guys again for lunch with Germain!

She happened to be on her last day in Bangkok with her friend, so we decided to meet up with her for lunch! 😀

 photo IMG_20130907_200150_zps3d316524.jpg

Beef ball noodle at Platinum Mall foodcourt! Yums~

 photo IMG_20130907_200130_zps60de72ee.jpg

Side dish to share~

 photo IMG_20130907_200059_zps9c9f4c22.jpg

Cute mini macarons from Germain!

Continued shopping in Platinum Mall from where we left the previous night but still did not manage to finish before it closed! But still managed to get some loots 😀

 photo 20130907_185757_zps13f121f9.jpg

Shopping for shoes~

No pictures of dinner because I usually don’t take dinner…haha! But I think they had KFC for the night before we moved on to our next destination – rooftop bar at Baiyoke Hotel!

It turned out that the rooftop is like another attraction place for tourists and we gotta pay in order to go up. Since we had walked all the way there, and the S$16 ticket includes a free drink at the bar, I guess it’s still worth it (:

Went up and there was this little museum for us to take peeeeeektures!

 photo 20130907_211208_zps34a43f19.jpg

In the tuk tuk!

 photo 20130907_211648_zps25112fb4.jpg

Old school

 photo 20130907_211412_LLS_zps4863be68.jpg

Like a boss!

 photo 20130907_211435_LLS_zps1643a7ba.jpg


In our Thai “outfit“! xD
 photo 20130907_212015_zpse764bc34.jpg photo 20130907_212050_zps774f32e9.jpg

And then we went up to get an outdoor view from the 83rd or 84th storey but it started drizzling shortly after~ Bangkok isn’t well-known for its night view so it wasn’t thatttt magnificent. Nevertheless, we were still quite impressed by the size of Bangkok alone.
 photo 20130907_213243_LLS_zps497b77cf.jpg photo 20130907_213432_LLS_zps116f0585.jpg photo 20130907_213339_LLS_zps01d5456c.jpg

 photo 20130907_211737_LLS_zps0674cb0c.jpg

Like a race track!

 photo 20130907_212704_zps97bb80e2.jpg

Outside the rooftop bar!

 photo 20130907_212752_zps51ee0309.jpg


 photo 20130907_212639_zps07955e02.jpg

The statue of Mr Kiasu.

 photo 20130907_212836_zpsa857639a.jpg

Yet another blurred group shot D:

Sadly, it wasn’t an outdoor bar, so we could only enjoy the view through the glass windows. But then again, it was drizzling, so thankfully, it was an indoor bar =/
 photo 20130907_222820_zps637cee22.jpg

 photo 20130907_222758_zps17234de4.jpg

Chilling after a long day~

 photo 20130907_220818_zpsbf1b6787.jpg

With a glass of Margarita! Perfecto~!

And our plan to go back to our hotel to get wasted (or at least get Shi Min wasted) failed miserably because the alcohol we bought turned out to be a mixer with alcohol content and hence it was extremelyyyyyyyy sweet, like syrup -_-”

But we had a good time laughing at, first, Min’s very own flea market in the room (with her scary amount of loots), and then her extreme expressions whenever we tricked her to take a sip of the drinks…LOL. Honestly, I don’t know which is worse, that bottle of syrup, or the Singha beer. Hahahahaha!

Day 3 (8 Sep 2013)

Wanted to sleep in a little more so the rest headed out for breakfast while I prepared for the day~ Although I enjoy having the companions, I think I’m still more suited to travelling alone because I get to have my own time own target thingy =/

At least I get to recharge myself enough to enjoy the day instead of dragging myself around like a dead zombie. That’s really not my idea of a holiday~

 photo 20130908_095626_zps53ef669b.jpg

Recharged for the day! 😀

Heading out to meet the rest after their wanton mee breakfast~
 photo 20130908_100010_zpsc54feccb.jpg

Went back to Platinum Mall (yes, again!) because I was determined to finish the mall! But Shi Min was not so keen about shopping anymore because she had spent most of her assets in Pratunam Market the previous day, getting 3 pieces from each shop =/

So we fixed a timing to meet and then I went on my own way to cover the mall! But there weren’t that much to buy at the top levels, so I only got like 1 item after I finally finished the place~

 photo IMG_20130908_122126_zpsb5515bd3.jpg

Taro cake as my own breakfast!

Met up with the rest and we decided to head over to another mall near our hotel – Shibuya 19, because the guys went the previous day and recommended to us~ But before that, we decided to grab a crepe from the roadside to try!
 photo 20130908_123751_zps53635a92.jpg

This cost us only like 50 baht, which is S$2! Super cheap given its size~ But few days later we got ripped off by the same auntie when she charged us like double the price…Zzzzzz! So angry!!!
 photo 20130908_124221_zpsa17410b6.jpg

It turned out that Shibuya 19 sells really weird stuff that even Shi Min doesn’t wear (we always laugh at her fashion sense xD)! So Min and I finished the place pretty fast before reuniting with the guys again~

Our next planned destination was Chatuchak, which the guys almost wanted to cancel because it’s gonna rain soon… Furthermore they are not a fan of crowded outdoor places, which is what exactly Chatuchak is =/

But since it’s my first time there, I really didn’t mind going down to take a look. It’s like everyone who talks about Bangkok will mention Chatuchak, and I didn’t wanna miss it, especially when it’s Sunday and it’s our last chance to go.

Eventually, the guys decided to go ahead with the plan since we had nowhere else to go anyway~ Had a good nap in the cab due to the massive jam! But I am sooo glad that we went because I found my nude heels shortly after we reached!!!

It’s like I have been searching foreverrrr for it and I finally found it! Could have bargained even more but I failed at the bargaining technique of “never let the seller know you like the item a lot“. Because I really like it!!! =/

Me: How much is this?

Seller: 350 baht.

Me: Cheaper?

Seller: 330 baht.

And I stupidly replied: 300 baht?

The moment she agreed immediately, I knew the number slipped off my mouth way too fast -_-”
300 baht is still considered pretty expensive there, though I didn’t mind getting is at 12 bucks since I have been finding it for the longest time.

But I was quite 不爽 to be ripped off like that, and I know I could have bargained more!!!  Argh. Got buddy to help instead since he is the best at bargaining amongst us. He tried to pull me away after the negotiation failed and that’s when the person gave in! TEEHEEEEE~

Managed to find a few more 宝s there including like another 3 pairs of shoes from another shop! Hehe! This is really a shoes trip because I came back with at least 7 pairs of shoes (excluding slippers) from this trip! But can’t help it when it’s 150 baht store-wide! I mean that’s like 6 bucks for a pair of pretty shoes, where to find?!

So although we did not cover all the inner lanes of Chatuchak, because the rest didn’t wanna squeeze in the crowd, it was quite a loot-ful trip and I am so happy that we went! 😀

Took the cab down to Chinatown next and we were really surprised that it just consists of 2 rows of shops selling Chinese products, street stalls selling seafood and a few Chinese restaurants~ We were kinda expecting more…
 photo 20130908_182947_zpsc637dc3c.jpg

But anyhow, settled in this Chinese restaurant where the guys had their dinner~ Although it’s a restaurant, the food are still pretty cheap (:
 photo 20130908_192021_zps6bd26483.jpg

There wasn’t much to shop at Chinatown; our only motive of coming is to raid the 土产 shop and wipe out all their shrimp crackers with pork floss! Hahaha! Spent like 40 over dollars in the shop~ Honestly, like all other trips, most of my money are spent on gifts and snacks (which are also for gifts) =/

Ended the day with cheap massage again! This time round I chose foot massage because I needed it after 3 days of shopping! Haha!
 photo 20130908_203207_zpsde4750fd.jpg

It’s a mistake to be sitting beside Shrine because he couldn’t stop cracking jokes and I ended up bursting into laughter every now and then! Awkwarddd max because the masseurs know that we were talking about them, and we also know that they were talking about us at the same time -_-”
 photo 20130908_203523_zps5652741d.jpg

Anyhow, their skills are really so good that I always have such a nice sleep after a massage! 😀 So good night!

[To be continued…]

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