Precious Moments ❤

Before I continue with the Part 2 of my trip, shall catch up with overdue entries at the same time!

Took a short break after I came back and it was nothing but quality time spent! ((:
Prata for breakfast; off for some fresh air; saw cuteeee turtles sunbathing; visited a horse ranch; discovered a resort; cycling; swimming and chilling!

Covered the whole Pasir Ris Park and I didn’t know it’s so small! I guess the achievement of the day would be I cycled out of the park for the very first time, on the pedestrian pavements, traffic lights and all 😀

 photo 20130911_134441_zps16ba7080.jpg

Cho~ cute one!!!

 photo 20130911_223900_zps97626156.jpg

美好的一天就这样,结束了 😦

Stayed up till pretty late to prepare for next day’s interview and I realised that everything is kinda in a rush. I accepted the interview today and it’s scheduled on the next day, which means I only have less than a day to prepare my CV, portfolio and etc =/

But then again, I wanted to seize the opportunity before I change my mind again. In the end the interview went much smoothly and faster than I expected, because apparently, I had met my (new) boss before!

I didn’t quite remember until he asked, “You have lost some weight right?” And I was like, “Then you must have really met me before!” Hahaha! Then I recalled that we actually met briefly during my internship in MCS when he was doing freelance there (:

He has so much confidence in me probably due to my experience in MCS that he didn’t even test me on my skills (which he did for Gek Peng’s interview), and he did not ask to see my work until I asked him if he wanna see x.x

So everything went pretty well and I have even been assigned my new job! I look forward and in fact, have been looking forward to touch dramas and variety again, and now I am given this opportunity. The only part left now is the departure…

It took me a lot of courage to decide on leaving my current company, because as everyone knows, I have the best boss, best working hours and probably the best working environment (in terms of workload) that anyone would wanna have. What more can I ask for?

But I think it’s really time for me to step out of my comfort zone and experience the real world. 25 next year; slack 也 slack 够了, it’s time to bid farewell to my comfy life and push myself further while I still can. I know if I don’t move on now, I never will, so I am firm with my decision this time.

Of course I believe I will still be able to strike a balance between work and personal life, because all work but no play makes VivianBee… Well, she won’t exist (:

So I really look forward to this next phase of life with more challenges coming up, more things to learn, and more opportunities ahead. Look forward to working with old schoolmates again too! 😀 Definitely scared – scared that I can’t cope or meet up to the standard, but even if I fail, I think it will still be a good experience for me.

Opportunities don’t come by easily, so I think I should seize this one that my 贵人 – Gek Peng has once again brought me. If not for her, I won’t have my current job. If not for her, I won’t have this opportunity either (:
Thank you, Ah Ping!!! ❤❤❤

Mad hungry after the interview and I roamed around Bugis in search of some comfort food~ Finally settled on Soup Spoon because I haven’t had that for yearssss! And since the interview went well, I decided to reward myself with a nice mushroom soup…hehe. Yes! I am very stingy with myself.
 photo IMG_20130912_164752_zps87b364eb.jpg

Back home for a short rest before heading out again for dinner! The usual pizza that never changes its taste (in the good way) and then desserts at Ice Edge!

Wanted waffle with ice-cream but they ran out of waffle, so brownie as the alternative~ But it turned out that lychee martini and brownie is like milo peng with salted egg yolk. Okay lah, not so bad lah. LOL. Just a weird combination but they are still nice when eaten separately (:
 photo IMG_20130912_230855_zpsf57a68b4.jpg

哈比 days~! But time to get back to reality x.x




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