Weekend with ❤s

Spent the Saturday with Mommeyyyy June because I’m supposed to give her a birthday treat! (:
But since she was tied down with work, I roamed around a little first and decided to drop by Sunshine Plaza for my 流沙包!Hehe!
 photo IMG_20130914_144938_zps31954687.jpg

Wanted to treat her Mexican because that’s her favourite, but because she misread the meeting location, we settled in Fruit Paradise instead! Not a bad choice because the food were gooddddddddd~!

 photo IMG_20130914_161317_zps2cffae6d.jpg

Salmon baked rice!

 photo IMG_20130914_163115_zpsbf32db29.jpg

Mixed berries tart!

So while fighting to foot the bill, my precious bee dust-cap flew off from my phone and landed nowhere! We kept looking around and couldn’t find it D:

This kind guy from the table beside us even tried to help us find as well, but to no avail. I was so sad that I even left my contact number with the staff in case there is a glimpse of chance that they might find it while sweeping the floor~

So we went on for shopping because June wanted to get shoes (again!!!) and I was supposed to be there to stop her from impulse buys, but I failed -_- She ended up buying that pair of 100 bucks sandals.

While paying up, I was randomly touching my belt and felt something at the edge of my shirt… It didn’t feel like it’s part of my belt and at that instant, I realised the familiar shape of the unknown object resembles my bee dust cap!!! So it actually flew into my shirt…LOL. End of story xD

Walked around aimlessly and we happened to past by this iDA exhibition place again, so I excitedly dragged June in to do a virtual makeup for her! Haha! I loveee to play with this!

 photo 20130914_183143_zps68aa4940.jpg

Not bad right! 😀

But she was more excited about playing with this piano game! Hahahaha!
 photo 20130914_183627_zps19d215f5.jpg

So happy to see her playing so happily (((:
 photo 20130914_183621_zpsccf719fd.jpg

Shopped from Raffles City to Marina Square and we finally settled in Killiney to chit-chat over hot drinks and ice-cream waffle! 😀
 photo IMG_20130914_200026_zpsd199f98a.jpg

Supposed to go for durian after that and as much as I really wanna finally satisfy my durian crave, I could see that Mommeyyyy was kinda tired, especially after all the walking in her heels, so we dropped the idea and went back instead~

Right before we parted, we exchanged our usual hug and she told me to spend more time with her, because she feels so happy whenever I’m with her. And at that moment, she teared… Felt so heartbroken, but at the same time, really happy to hear that I am able to make her happy (:

Sunday was spent with my garbage boy because I misssssssssssssssssssssssssss him! Every time I see him, his level of cuteness just increases~

 photo IMG_20130915_143846_zpscdd0e94e.jpg

Xiao Long Bao ❤

 photo IMG_20130915_145501_zps22d21938.jpg

Garbage boy playing with iPad while eating, because that’s the only way to keep him still -_-“

 photo 20130915_143622_zpsb893b697.jpg


 photo 20130915_151550_zps808510fa.jpg

Sticky boy asking Mama to help in his puzzle~

 photo IMG_20130915_153330_zps6841880e.jpg

Smiling like ah peh! Almost can’t see the eyes!

 photo 20130915_152947_zps06630a88.jpg

I wanna bite those cheeks!

 photo 20130915_153105_zps134a7006.jpg

Cheeky smile again… Must have spotted something to touch!

He is so obsessed with all those trucks and big vehicles (apart from Thomas & Friends) that he can name most of them! Cement mixer, digger, dump truck and so on, but his favourite is still garbage truck -_- He watches it come and go every morning apparently~

Me: Isaac 以后长大要做什么?做 。。。doctor, 要不要?

Isaac: 表~表~ (His way of saying, “不要,不要”, because he is very scared of seeing doctors! xD )

Me: 做剪头发的,要不要?

Isaac: 表~表~表~ (Because he is also very scared to cut hair! Hahahaha!)

Me: 做扫地的,要不要?

Isaac: 要!!!(Indeed his hobby -__________-|||)

Me: 驾 garbage truck,要不要?

Isaac: 要!!!要扫地,要驾 garbage truck~

Still very ambitious okay! He wants to sweep floor in the day and drive all his garbage at night leh! xD

And so when we went to Kiddy Palace, he dug out all the trucks from the shelves and started having his own playtime~
 photo 20130915_154303_zps9c35dcbd.jpg

Thankfully, he is not the kind of stubborn kid who cry and cry till the whole departmental store can hear you when Sis and Vic didn’t buy him the toys~ He even said, “Isaac 没有 money, cannot buy…” Hahaha!

But one thing he will really cry out loud if you don’t give him is food -_-”
Having his favourite Thomas cake in the car!
 photo 20130915_163332_zpsdb2d7250.jpg

And training him for his coming birthday celebration! 😀
 photo 20130915_163351_zpsc54be988.jpg photo 20130915_163405_zps0833a02d.jpg

 photo 20130915_163350_zps1fb7c311.jpg

So handsome!!! ❤❤❤

And when I asked him to smile into my camera, he actually did this! HAHAHAHA! Mad cute please!!!!! I don’t know why Vic taught him to smile with his bottom teeth instead of upper, but it’s so funny and cute that it makes me laugh whenever I see this photo! xD
 photo 20130915_163424_zpsf7342f8e.jpg

Brought him to the eXplorerkid in AMK Hub for the very first time and before Sis even paid, he was already dying to go in! Haha! No doubt he had a fun 1 hour playing at his favourite place – playground~ And as expected, Sis was busy running around trying to catch up with him…hahahaha!
 photo 20130915_174802_zps962bd394.jpg

And then it was time to part again after dinner~ The garbage boy didn’t wanna let Yiyi go home and cried out so loud again 😦

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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