Ronald & Karen’s Wedding! (Part 1)

Was pretty excited for Karen’s wedding that at some point of time, I felt as though I am the bride! Hahaha! Seriously, I was so kan chiong about all the logistics for the gate crash games because I’m the game master, and at the same time, about my own outfit, hairdo and etc that I couldn’t quite sleep well the night before =/

Few nights ago, I even dreamt that I was late for her wedding and missed the entire gate crash!!! LOL.
Anyhow, spent the night before preparing for one of the gate crash games! Hiak hiak~ That big packet of chilli padis only cost me 60 cents!
 photo 20130920_223131_zps3a6aa6e5.jpg

Finally done with my chilli puffs! Disguised as Chewy Junior‘s cream puffs xD
 photo 20130920_231703_zpsea304a8b.jpg

Woke up at 5.15am the next morning (apparently earlier than the bride!!!) to prepare for the big day~! 😀 I know I’m gonna need ample time for the dress alone because it has like 217497238 ways of wearing; okay, only 20-30 ways actually, but still, it’s enough to be a headache.

 photo IMG_20130921_070101_zps3a691d5e.jpg

On the way to the bride’s house~!
Didn’t have time to do anything about my hair eventually -_-“

Most of the sisters have reached by then and were already preparing the remaining ingredients for the 酸甜苦辣 game! The photographer couldn’t stop snapping pictures of our evil behind-the-scenes…hahahaha!

 photo 20130921_074441_zps4e0bfc52.jpg

酸 – fresh lemon juice!

 photo 20130921_074055_zps579e3559.jpg

“甜” – Chocolate-coated cream puffs!
(To cover up the hole I dug to put in the chilli padis xD )

 photo 20130921_074027_zps46a89c90.jpg

苦 – 苦茶!
Heard it’s real bitter; I personally haven’t tried it though~

 photo 20130921_074310_zps4e9153da.jpg

And the real 甜 – Snickers & cakes coated with honey and sugar!
My idea again…oops~

Done with the preparations! Time to visit the bride! 😀

 photo 20130921_073253_zpscd8f8b59.jpg

In her cute Korean hairdo! Hehe!

And after spending 2 separate nights trying on the different ways of wearing this Henkaa convertible dress, asking for votes, opinions and etc, I finally settled on this halter-like way! (:
 photo 20130921_073628_zps4d83eb67.jpg

But it turned out that ALL the other sisters wore it the tube-dress way because they said it’s the easiest!!! Now I stick out like a sore thumb T.T
 photo 20130921_080940_zpsba653e83.jpg

 photo 20130921_080511_zps3177b853.jpg

All ready and waiting for the brothers’ arrival!
(Tub of chilli to disguise as “辣” item)

 photo 20130921_081325_zpsc8c8e74f.jpg

But the bride’s not ready… Still looking for her accessory! Haha!

*Honk honk* Here comes the groom and the brothers~!
 photo 20130921_081551_zps2847834f.jpg

 photo 20130921_081637_zpsae96fea2.jpg

Trying to bribe the kid -_-“

 photo 20130921_082021_zps59599e23.jpg

Locking the gate up!

 photo 20130921_082504_zpsf05de84c.jpg


Asking for angbao in exchange for the key but it was such a small one! So the mischievous brothers started digging out coins from their wallets for us -_____-|||
 photo 20130921_082348_zpsbae193b9.jpg

 photo 20130921_082350_zps7dbdd907.jpg

“Bo liao~”

Since some of them are quite “experienced” brothers, especially when they were also the brothers for Karen’s sister’s wedding, they know how to drag time and etc. So we gave in and let them in to start off our games!

Treated them to some food and drinks – the 4 酸甜苦辣 items that we had prepared and they were no doubt skeptical about the cream puffs…hahahaha! But they had to eat them anyway 😛

After all the eating, especially that calorie-loaded special Snickers, it was time for some exercise! We wanted a dance item but Gangnam Style is way too mainstream… Then one of my favourite K-Pop song crossed my mind!

Yes! That hot Kara‘s Mister MV that I love!!! xD
We even added like 3 must-have dance moves for them but apparently, it was an epic fail~ The men just refused to bring out the Miley Cyrus in them!

Moved on to the next game and guess what the 6 big guys are busy with~
 photo 20130921_084622_zps617e6832.jpg

 photo 20130921_084653_zps4061ec88.jpg

Picking out red beans from the green beans & barley mixture

 photo 20130921_084626_zpsbf2abafb.jpg

Busy forming…

 photo 20130921_084806_zpse1952a90.jpg


 photo 20130921_084955_zpsbe70fab3.jpg

Having a hard time forming the ❤

And because our rule is that the red beans shouldn’t fall off from the double-sided tape on the paper, the guys actually prepared scotch tape for this game!!! Really experienced huh -_-”
 photo 20130921_085143_zps52010c94.jpg

And then Jason even decided to tape the groom along with it! LOL.
 photo 20130921_085146_zps499a33e6.jpg

The poor groom looking so helpless~ In fact many times during the games when the brothers were not spontaneous enough and joked about leaving, Ronald the Mr. Nice stood there looking so helpless, because he is too nice to walk away and he wants his bride! Hahaha!
 photo 20130921_085152_zps0bdc7f7b.jpg

We actually had like 2 more games but since the brothers dragged till we overran, we had to cut it short and end off with our last game – experiencing pregnancy! Firstly, the guys have to pair up and blow a balloon into the partner’s shirt…

I guess this was the most epic photo caught in the morning! LOLOLOL. The most priceless part is Ronald’s expression! Is he doing it the wrong way, or he’s just too good at it??? HAHAHAHAHA.


(Disclaimer: This game is not my idea ah!)

Anyhow, the ones with the balloon in shirt will have to do 8 sit-ups with that big belly! xD
 photo 20130921_090135_zps993c791d.jpg

I think we let the brothers off quite easily as in the games weren’t too difficult (according to them) or in any way humiliating I think. There weren’t bras or undies used, and neither did we dress them up as a joke~ No cruel waxing games like Abby’s gate crash too! In fact a few brothers were quite skeptical when we announced the end of our games~ Haha!

Preparing the groom to meet the bride! (:
 photo 20130921_090304_zpseb12ca91.jpg

Unfortunately, the groom had to go through yet another obstacle, not by us – Sisters this time, but by the relatives asking for angbao! Haha!
 photo 20130921_090407_zps69e3cbce.jpg

Finally, at the doorstep of the bride’s room! Making his dramatic entrance by shouting, “Karen, 我来了~~~!
 photo 20130921_090539_zps5dc87eb2.jpg

And here’s the bride, right here waiting ((((‘:
 photo 20130921_090459_zps7a79f9b6.jpg

 photo 20130921_090658_zpsdeeeb3d4.jpg

Really drama!!!

 photo 20130921_090703_zps8b348a87.jpg

Removing the veil~

 photo 20130921_090705_zps0b2c6834.jpg

You may now kiss your bride!

对嘛!Where got people kiss cheek one?! 😛
 photo 20130921_090712_zps971949d2.jpg

 photo 20130921_091003_zpsb16c154f.jpg

Kidnapping the bride away!

 photo 20130921_091447_zps302a03ca.jpg

Saying goodbye to parents (:

 photo 20130921_092341_zpsa8c23b7f.jpg

Off to the groom’s house~!

It’s so sweet to see Ronald having all these pictures on his wall!!! Awwwww~ Usually only girls will do such stuff.
 photo 20130921_094639_zpsc9b87460.jpg

Took the chance to take a picture with the bride before she got too busy! 😀
 photo 20130921_094013_zpsc5619241.jpg

 photo 20130921_094812_zps03343984.jpg

In their new bedroom!

 photo 20130921_094932_zps176b1af1.jpg

2 sweet couples! (Another is Karen’s sister)

 photo 20130921_094939_zps918c2548.jpg

Pretty bouquet!!!

Most of the time in the groom’s house was spent waiting because of photo-taking and changing of gown, so we had plenty of time to rest and cam-whore! Hehe!

 photo 20130921_095117_zps7af0ef07.jpg

With the sisters! (:

 photo 20130921_095823_zpsa5f3d479.jpg

With Edlyn!

 photo 20130921_101026_zpsec4d5803.jpg

With Cla!
Looks so funny with his oni ku and bow tie! xD

 photo 20130921_100118_zpsdf3df38c.jpg

Making full use of the time -_-“

 photo 20130921_101737_zps437bf815.jpg

Another shot with the bride after she had changed! 😀

 photo 20130921_101744_zpsbfcf068c.jpg

Still remember the first time she asked to take a picture with me during NDP (((:

And then it was the tea ceremony~!
 photo 20130921_101543_zps2a411b8b.jpg

 photo 20130921_101549_zps62ef5238.jpg

Receiving blessing from the elder brother~

 photo 20130921_101631_zps3d79372d.jpg

And the younger sister!

Back to the bride’s house~! 😀
 photo 20130921_104614_zps71399c46.jpg

 photo 20130921_104534_zps8dd2d48f.jpg

She is so so so cuteeeee!!

 photo 20130921_104633_zps69dd741b.jpg

Finally time to fill my hungry stomach!

 photo 20130921_105943_zpsfbde368f.jpg


Slacked for quite a while at the bride’s house while waiting for them to finish the tea ceremony, which took quite some time because Karen has a big family~ Everyone was exhausted by then and I must say that being sisters (or maybe even brothers) is tiring!!! This is my second time (first was for my Sis’s) and I think my last time shall be reserved for Clique! 再当下去就真的嫁不出了~~~ Hahaha!

Finally off to Chinatown for the last part of the day – photo shoot! The couple wanted to make use of the mid-autumn decorations and just nice that Karen’s Chinese traditional gown matched the theme! (:
 photo 20130921_124826_zps60d28271.jpg

 photo 20130921_124920_zpsc15315ec.jpg

是热的 lor x.x
But at least it wasn’t raining~

With the red lanterns outside 佛牙寺!
 photo 20130921_125010_zps49560944.jpg photo 20130921_125554_zps1c7554e2.jpg

The photographer attempted to ask us to do a catwalk shot but he gave up in the end…LOL.
 photo 20130921_124308_zps7e76ea09.jpg

 photo 20130921_123953_zpsd50e0dc3.jpg


 photo 20130921_131226_zps51b19520.jpg

The cute couple! 一唱一和~

 photo 20130921_124130_zpse94fc96e.jpg

With the sisters!

 photo 20130921_124052_zps1a28bd34.jpg

Kimchi time! (Inside joke)

 photo 20130921_124401_zps76cfd19e.jpg

The pillar to replace coconut tree~

And then we found our “tree“!!!
 photo 20130921_130908_zps8590a395.jpg

It was actually the decorations used for the temple and we happened to spot them on the ground, so we actually asked for permission to borrow the “props“! xD
 photo 20130921_124924_zps4f25ea3f.jpg

 photo 20130921_130149_zps377b5dfc.jpg

While the couple was doing their solo shots~

 photo 20130921_130246_zps9a8062ed.jpg

Sugar cane drinks seller!

 photo 20130921_125729_zps5cd2f319.jpg

The 6 sisters & Karen’s blood sister!

This shot totally looks like those 贺年 (CNY) MV!!! LOLOL!
 photo 20130921_125805_zpsc1a0263f.jpg

Last but not least, the NDP group!!! 😀
 photo 20130921_131045_zps9b79be71.jpg

 photo 20130921_131838_zps7eff735a.jpg

With their unique wedding car!

And then, it finally marked the end of Part 1 of the day~ It was indeed tiring but fun!
Part 2 – the banquet to be continued! More fun to come~! 😀

But before I end off, I shall dedicate this meaningful video I koped from Shu Hui’s blog to the cute couple! (I hope she’s not gonna sue me for plagiarism anytime soon :P)

(via shiverrr.tumblr)

(via shiverrr.tumblr)


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