Ronald & Karen’s Wedding! (Part 2)

Only managed to take like a 30 minutes nap before I was up again preparing for Part 2 of the day – the wedding banquet! Seriously felt like it’s MY wedding!!! Hahahaha!

This time round I made sure that I do something about my hair and after all the video tutorials on Youtube and nights of fiddling with hair accessories (bump pin, donut and etc) I got from Daiso to aid in my “experiments“, I finally settled on the bun style!

Though my bun still turned out pathetic as usual, because my hair is so thin and I could only create a mini kaya pau; could hardly see my french braid finishing on top 😦 Nevertheless, it went quite well with the dress and I was satisfied enough!

 photo 20130921_190110_zps69665004.jpg

Helping out at the reception! 😀

Ran off from my duty for a while to take a picture with the bride before the crowd falls in! Hehe!
 photo 20130921_191509_zps5be95806.jpg

And then came the arrival of Tiff and a different Lyn! The female version one…haha! I actually thought she looks pretty good in her dress, just that this outfit alone was enough to drive her crazy -_-”
 photo 20130921_190514_zps0d9bf659.jpg

But actually mine too~ Did don’t know how many times of alteration to get rid of the initial big lantern shape at the bottom but it’s still a little “pong” D:
 photo 20130921_190559_zps165a0940.jpg

 photo 20130921_193346_zpsc6d9f1f5.jpg

With the groom & bride! ((:

Generally, the reception duty was quite manageable, except for occasions when people wanted to change table to sit with so and so…Zzzzz. It’s not that I don’t wanna change for you, but everything has been planned out and I just don’t understand why people can’t just make life easier for the already-so-busy couple.

Furthermore, how am I supposed to know who your 三叔公 is or where your 五舅母 sits when even you don’t know their names??? Sigh~ I think even if I had to sit alone I would have because I totally know how difficult it is to plan all these -.-”

Finally the dinner started and the couple made their first march-in with a special performance of 你最珍贵 – one of my favourite duets! They really put in a lot of effort to plan and rehearse in order to put up something special for everyone! And it’s so touching~~~ T.T

Sooooo rare to see the Mei in dress, of course the Kor must take a picture with her! xD
 photo 20130921_203508_zps7f82d7a1.jpg

 photo 20130921_203537_zpsd7b40524.jpg

With the girls!

 photo 20130921_203159_zps9d2d2dea.jpg

With Mommeyyyyyy!

Isn’t she chio with her long hair?! I love it!!!
 photo 20130921_203106_zps3703f8c4.jpg

 photo 20130921_212305_zps052cdab4.jpg

Our pretty emcee – Miss Edlyn!

 photo 20130921_205715_zps8d8d3d24.jpg

Cute drumstick!

Photos from the morning gate crash! Haha! Too bad they did not have a videographer to capture some videos~
 photo 20130921_211531_zps25db2093.jpg photo 20130921_211621_zps1405ae93.jpg

And then the couple made an entrance again with yet another special item – last last year’s NDP dance! Because that’s the year that they first met ((((((:
Super cute one!!!

 photo 20130921_212230_zps43991427.jpg

Popping the champagne!

 photo 20130921_212255_zpsce4598fc.jpg

After much difficulty popping~

 photo 20130921_212322_zpsc3387bcc.jpg

Preparing for Yum Seng!

The brothers and sisters were invited to the stage as well and yay~ Cause I seldom get to go up to the stage…haha!
 photo 20130921_212817_zpse9cb2ef3.jpg photo 20130921_213012_zps22c28f05.jpg

 photo 20130921_213007_zps35adb0be.jpg

长长久久 ❤

Finally a toilet break, which means cam-whore time again! xD
 photo 20130921_214901_zps67d85846.jpg

With my pretty Mommeyyyyyy!
 photo 20130921_214805_zps0f1d421b.jpg

No more pictures nor food after that because I was busy helping the bride with her gown during the table-to-table photo session~ Apparently, the hard liquor that the brothers were holding were not going very well because not many taunted the couple to drink! Only like a few tables did =/

Our 2 NDP tables were saved for the last because of course we would wanna give the couple a toast!! Both of them are not drinkers so they were quite hesitant about it…
 photo 20130921_224212_zpsa4da58ee.jpg

Until Cla said something that is so true – “没有我们 (the NDPeeps),怎会有你们!
So they had no choice but to give face and accept our blessings! Haha!
 photo 20130921_224314_zpsec124574.jpg

The dinner ended so quickly that by the time I got back to the table, the waitress was already clearing off the food and that’s when I realised everything has come to an end~ So fast!!! It really felt so short after I left the table to help out x.x

 photo 20130921_230417_zpse6809d35.jpg

The aftermath~

 photo 20130921_230410_zpsb49ad2d4.jpg

Pretty untouched cake~

And then it was lots of photo-taking again before everyone left! In fact, we were like one of the last few that were still hanging around, unwilling to end the fun!

The high-ness of all the red wine, champagne and hard liquor was just kicking in and now everything just ended in the blink of an eye~ But really had fun!!! Cho~ happy to see everyone one! 😀

 photo 20130921_225758_zps559f8c89.jpg

With the 2 sexy ladies~

 photo 20130921_230040_zps22b1bd1f.jpg

Hugging the panda!
High liao~

But of course the brothers drank a lot more and apart from witnessing puke-driving for the very first time (kinda a kan chiong spider moment!), this was another even more seh brother that was blabbering away in his own language! LOL.
 photo 20130921_230223_zps447277ef.jpg

He is one of the crappiest brothers, which is why I kept thinking he was acting drunk! But apparently, I think he really was -_- Just look at how seh he was!
 photo 20130921_230234_zpsbd4edb95.jpg

 photo 20130921_230136_zps45dd52d2.jpg


 photo 20130921_230734_zps62fc0f3a.jpg

The 2 tall ones 😛

 photo 20130921_230701_zps45e34a18.jpg

With the young lady! (No longer little girl this time)

 photo 20130921_230944_zps564ebe61.jpg

Drunk Richard and his cheeky act!

And the chaos continued outside the ballroom! LOL!
 photo 20130921_231902_zps77f6b583.jpg

He was crapping all the nonsense that no one could understand! And at the end of the video, everyone totally burst out laughing, including me! Cause it’s obvious how seh he was!!! He even shook Kelly’s hand and asked, “Are you Vivian?” LOLOL.

Crashing the family photo even though he is not a family member…hahaha!
 photo 20130921_231915_zpsc0bc20db.jpg photo 20130921_231917_zps46f09fb8.jpg

And maybe the next wedding we will be attending is Alvin (Karen’s brother) and Summer’s??? xD
 photo 20130921_231513_zps8ea98bf1.jpg

Really had so so so much fun!!!!!!! 😀 So high that I even gave the bride 3 kisses (cheek, cheek, lip!) before I left! Hahahaha! She may not be the prettiest bride out there but she’s really so so so cuteeee!

She made me laugh so hard during her speech because her command of English is not very good but she just let everything flowed out so naturally!!! It’s totally her way of speaking and not memorised or anything, which made it even more sincere! That’s what I love about being natural and straightforward~

I remember that “pigeon hole” part totally cracked me up! I still didn’t get what she was saying – I think no one did! But I think she was apologising to her sister/brother for some childhood mischief, and she ended off with, “Soli ahhhhh… Soli ahhhh… But I like it lah“…hahahahaha! Mad cute~

So sad that it’s all over now! Everyone, please faster go get married and invite me! xD

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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