Bao’s 24th~

Since I couldn’t make it (initially) on the actual day of buddy’s birthday, I decided to have an advance celebration for him~ Took the chance to try Arbite, as recommended by Yinning! (:
 photo 20130922_191719_zps716c0644.jpg

The guys playing Lego before the dinner -_-”
 photo 20130922_193314_zpse91bf754.jpg

My breakfast set~! ♥
 photo IMG_20130922_193635_zps200540a5.jpg

And then they gave each table complimentary macarons!!! So niceeeee~ I mean so nice of them; the macarons themselves tasted all the same despite having different flavours =/
 photo IMG_20130922_201516_zpse16c87c7.jpg

Moved on to 一碗甜品 for some durian mousse! OMG~ It’s been some time since I last ate this and I am, still am, really, really craving for durians!!! D:
 photo IMG_20130922_212949_zps2770af77.jpg

Caught We Are The Millers on Monday and I actually chose this over Ilo Ilo – another movie that I have been wanting to watch, because I wanted some comedy instead~



No regrets for that though some parts were quite lame and “easy“. Overall I still laughed a lot, especially that Pictionary part..hahahahahahahaha!

And and and, I must say that Jennifer Anniston is damn damn damm HOT please!!! And I love her epic expression when they started playing F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song at the end xD



Seriously, you guys should at least watch the trailer to get a glimpse of how hot she was in the movie!

(via thepapercranes.tumblr)

(via thepapercranes.tumblr)

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