Yin & Yang

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Last pink Magnum for lunch 😦

It was a mad humid training that I couldn’t stop whining and demanding for the fan! Evil Mr Lame tried to deprive me from the privilege but luckily I have nice mates like Wang Sha to help me plug it back and face it at me! It was really so, so, so warm!!!

There was a photo shoot after that and they were playing with the smoke machine, causing the smokey effect! Hahaha! Thanks to Wang Sha who happened to capture these xD

Was soooo thirsty after the humid training that I decided to open up my new bottle of Moscato that I got from the recent trip! But sadly, the staff bluffed me -.- It’s cork-screwed and not cap-screwed, so I couldn’t open it!!! Even if I could, I can’t finish it! Zzzzzzz.
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Was mad hungry these few days; waking up with empty stomach almost every day because I haven’t been having proper breakfast or lunch, so I was actually craving for something filling, something like rice!!!

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Baked rice ♥

Made a cake for buddy’s birthday! Super 用心 right~ Hahaha! Best bud on earth!
Okay technically I only made the top part, but still, it was tedious okay! 😛
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Impromptu decision to go for yoga because I got this Groupon that is within my office campus some time ago since I thought I would have no excuse not to go then, but who knows now I’ll be leaving this campus in less than a month’s time! =/

Went for the beginner’s class because I didn’t know their standard, so despite the prior experience, I decided to go for this to “try try” first~ Thank goodness I made the right choice because it was challenging enough!

And albeit it wasn’t hot yoga, I was actually perspiring 15 minutes into the class! Then as usual, I was thinking, “Why the F did I come here to torture myself T.T” But as usual too, I was feeling great after the 1-hour of stretching and “torture“! (:

It’s quite an atas place with tai-tais around and they have lots of facilities/classes there; not just yoga. Quite surprised that I didn’t know that after being in the same campus for more than a year~

Anyhow, I like the idea of having 2 instructors in the class because one can teach while the other gets to go around to correct you and make sure you really stretchhhhhhhh~ Deeper, deeper and deeper!

Joined the rest at buddy’s house for his actual day “celebration” and I even brought my wine over! Who knows the birthday boy ended up watching some 古装 drama with his mum (though I also ended up watching intriguingly) and left the 2 guys – Gui & WJ to drink on their own!!! -________-|||

Worse of all, he went to SLEEP after that. Zzzzzzzzz. What a boring birthday boy~ On the other hand, Queen was so funny after drinking lots of Coke with that tiny bit of Whisky that her face got soooo red and at the same time, she was talking so agitatedly! It looked as though she was real angry…hahahaha!

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A new baby is born! xD

(via thezodiaccity.com)

(via thezodiaccity.com)


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