Swee Choon with mates!

Was craving for some hot fish bee hoon for the cold rainy day but the damn bus needed another 15 minutes to come! Opted for the faster option – spinach dip instead; still comfort food luh~
 photo 20130926_154336_zps4f767650.jpg

Swimmingggggggggg on Thursday~! Looks awful in my swimming cap but crap~ It beats having my fringe covering my eyes when swimming -_- Got national swimmer feel??? HAHAHA!
 photo 20130926_200142_zpsc79f5e2c.jpg

Swam in the deep pool this week because the guy is too tall for the mid pool…hahaha! In a way it feels easier to swim in the deep pool (because it’s easier to float) but I just can’t get past the phobia part!!

Had not swum in the deep pool for so long that 1 lap was already making us breathless! =/
Continued to practise on our freestyle after that but whenever I reach the 1.8m part, I will feel so scared, like I can’t catch enough breath and I would stop…sigh~ Hope we are able to master within the next 3 lessons!

Morning shoot on Friday…yawnz~ Took a cab because I figured that my sleep is definitely worth that 10 bucks, but who knows it turned out to be 17 bucks because they increased the ERP by like 19284732974928 times! Seriously effed up.

 photo 20130927_084138_zps9c4dc2a7.jpg

HL milk as morning boost!

It was a draggy long shoot and all I can say is – too many cooks spoil the broth. Period.It lasted the whole day so I left from the hospital to meet the mates straight for Swee Choon~!
 photo 20130927_195924_zpsea10a878.jpg

 photo 20130927_195542_zpsb83053ca.jpg

The 2 fighters with scary appetite~

Met up with Mr Lame after that to discuss an upcoming short film competition that he roped us in to help -_- As expected, it was a super lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee storyline!!! Seriously, what can you expect when lame is already his middle name.

Mr Lame: What do you all think of the storyline? You think anyone will be making something similar?

Me: Such lame storyline, who would have thought of too?!?!?! -________-|||

Acting is really not my forte but since I am being asked for the 21987492378th time to help (and I have rejected all the other 21987492377 times), I shall take it as an experience~ Details shall be revealed later, but I can’t believe I’m gonna wear a qipao for the first fucking time in my life! Zzzzzz.

 photo 20130927_220622_zpscbb922eb.jpg

In full force (:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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