NDP “Appreciation” 2013

I remember enjoying NDP 2011‘s appreciation event, which was also my first, very much. But ever since last year, there is an obvious downgrade in the events – from hotel to hall. I wouldn’t have minded so much if we really feel appreciated, that’s all that matters, but I really don’t and which is why I decided to skip last year’s event all in all.

I wanted to do so this year as well because watching a 2/5 stars kiddy movie as appreciation event is just *roll eyes*, but since everyone’s going I figured that it would be a nice reunion and I can just go there to eat and skip the stupid show.

Went Chinatown to choose my qipao for the shoot first before meeting June for shopping at PS, because she wanted to get shoes AGAINNNNNN! -_-” But 15 minutes into the shopping, she suggested settling down somewhere for coffee instead so that she can eat our favourite Tong Heng egg tarts that I got her…hahaha! Super tam jiak!

Left for the appreciation event, which was held at Lido Shaw; slightly better than last year’s hall idea, but still mediocre. To me, it’s still the true appreciation that matters, not all these shows being put up.
 photo 20130928_183733_zpse8c99b07.jpg photo 20130928_173611_zpsc28ef262.jpg

Anyhow, I managed to “smuggled” June in, with advance notification and permission of course (:
So glad that she’s there with me, if not it would have been real boring. I think all the aunties were happy to see her again too, especially after her “makeover“! Hehe!
 photo 20130928_180816_zps27ceebb9.jpg

So our real motive was just to eat and show face (and go), but it turned out that even the food choices were disappointing -.- Yea you see many trays of food, but if you realised, they are all repeated. I can even count what I ate – 1 stick of Toriyaki chicken, 1 square piece of pizza, 1 sausage, and 1 apple strudel.
 photo 20130928_173532_zps0eab265e.jpg photo 20130928_173557_zpsa9bd1573.jpg

I was secretly hoping that they catered some macarons from the Canelé beside, but sadly, all we had was lots and lots of the same apple strudels x.x
 photo 20130928_173549_zpsc891e12b.jpg

Although it wasn’t a formal event, all the cute aunties took the chance to dress up and they were like, “Take photos, take photos! I had not worn a dress for 20 years!” LOL.

 photo 20130928_180549_zpseb5a987c.jpg

With 2 of my favourite aunties! (:

 photo 20130928_180643_zps0a5f9e3b.jpg

With Summer~

 photo 20130928_181912_zpsf3c058a3.jpg

With the girls!

 photo 20130928_181644_zpsde1e7cdf.jpg

With my 2 nice group leaders – Uncle Tan & Johnson!

Took the chance to take “model shots” for my chio bu lao bu as she was leaning against the glass! Haha!
 photo 20130928_181108_zps263989b4.jpg photo 20130928_181120_zps75abc5a1.jpg

Catching up with old pal! (:
This auntie was wearing some slimming pants that she claimed helped her to lose a few inches! But sadly, it costs more than a K =OOOOO
 photo 20130928_182141_zpsca50ec62.jpg

I guess the only thing that we enjoyed was the instant print service where everyone was chasing the poor photographer around to get their pictures taken! Haha!

 photo WithAuntieAhEng_zpsb2a4e58a.jpg

With Ah Eng auntie! ❤

 photo WithJune_zps0533b797.jpg

With my pretty Mommeyyyyy!

 photo WithLyn_zpsb23be779.jpg

With Lyn!

 photo Grouppic_zpsf473d7d0.jpg

Group shot with Eric!

 photo Withsummer_zps1031be5b.jpg

Group shot with Summer!

And we chased after the photographer to help us take again because our arms look fat in the previous shot…hahaha! With nicer background this time anyway! 😛
 photo WithMummyJune_zps29fe31e7.jpg photo WithMommeyyyy_zpscb8805be.jpg

Dragged Uncle Tan to the photographer to take this! He didn’t even know there is such photo service going on! Haha!
 photo WithUncleTan_zpscb650678.jpg

With my groupmate! As in she was in my line during the performance (:
 photo Withmygroupmate_zpsb68abc24.jpg

With Carlo and Yu Sheng!
I stood on the sofa because Yu Sheng is wayyy too tall but it turned out that I look like Sadako climbing out from TV D:
 photo WithCarloampYS_zps0cfb455a.jpg

 photo WithYSampCarlo_zpsbc316519.jpg

Last shot!

Continued our shopping at Far East and after bringing June to almost all the shoe shops in level 1 and 2, she finally found her desired pair! 😀 Time to head to Wings for some food and drinks~!

 photo 20130928_210459_LLS_zpsa296fc00.jpg

Eric’s Pimm’s something, June’s Mai Tai & my Mojito!

And as usual when June’s around, we ordered so much foodddddddd!!!
I think the big plate of salad was cleared by me =/
 photo 20130928_211330_LLS_zpsef702b14.jpg

Saved a little bit of each dish for Lyn, who joined us later, and we formed a platter for her! xD
 photo 20130928_214621_LLS_zps4cf19306.jpg

The stubborn little girl finished her glass of Mojito like it was some mineral water and ended up having a face like a big red tomato -_- I don’t know which is worse, someone who can’t drink or someone who can’t drink but insist on drinking.

(via thezodiaccity.com)

(via thezodiaccity.com)


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