Hello Hello Kitty!

1-hour of swimming passed so fast on Thursday and I think it’s because we spent the first 30 minutes practising in the mid-pool and by the time we moved to the deep pool, it was soon 9pm after just a few rounds =/

Practising freestyle in the big pool is easier for sure, but whenever I look down and see the ground getting steeper and steeper, I just freak out and “crawl” to the wall! And even after I managed to swim past the 1.8m part, freestyle is still mad tiring and the max I can go is half a lap x.x

Then right before we left the pool, I tried doing a very short distance without the float board and coach was rather impressed! He said it’s considered very good, especially when I haven’t been coming in to practise on my own…hehe.

I would love to practise of course, but I hate the washing tangled hair part after that…Zzzzz. And if I were to practise, I would wanna do it in the deep pool, but I wouldn’t dare to if I’m alone 😦

Back home and decided to debut my new mixer with a simple recipe that Queen passed me!
 photo 20131003_223318_zpsacaafd0c.jpg

 photo 20131004_000144_zps0dd0b18c.jpg

Little butter cookies!

 photo IMG_20131004_013343_zps16bad56e.jpg

And it was quite a success 😀

Used the lunch time to drop by Taka because Reiko was hosting an event there and I decided to show some support~ And she told us that Hello Kitty would be there too!
 photo 20131004_144030_zps10e5f7b2.jpg

Although I am not a huge fan of Hello Kitty, I reached just right at the timing that she is supposed to come out! Hehe! And finally after some waiting, here comes the Hello Kitty! (:
 photo 20131004_145053_zpsb23619d8.jpg

She’s soooo cute! Full of poses and cute actions!
 photo 20131004_145003_zpse18969d9.jpg photo 20131004_145303_zpsd2cc0dd8.jpg
 photo 20131004_144540_zpse459b898.jpg photo 20131004_145054_zpsd45438bb.jpg

And somehow Reiko just couldn’t help but mimicked some of her actions along with her unconsciously…hahaha!
 photo 20131004_144152_zps5afacc2f.jpg

 photo 20131004_145700_zpsf4c9b7ee.jpg

*whisper whisper*

After hopping around, it was photo-taking sessions for some registered guests~
 photo 20131004_144351_zps87b41ca9.jpg

It’s so not easy being Hello Kitty; you gotta think of like 98720397290 cute poses for the photo-taking xD
 photo 20131004_145537_zps1be349c1.jpg

Saying good-bye to all~
 photo 20131004_145753_zps1b8ece2a.jpg

Everyone was gathering around her to take photos after she came down, even though the official timing for public to take photo with her is 5.30pm. Then I realised that boss was also at the event supporting Reiko! Haha! And he attempted to help me take a picture with Hello Kitty but there was just wayyyy too many people~
 photo 20131004_145823_zpsf3221bd8.jpg

But it’s okay because I managed to take with Hello Kitty #2! xD
 photo 20131004_150521_zps327be4e2.jpg

Was rather looking forward to the night even though it was a mad rush to the east after much hide-and-seek to have my long-awaited 夜来香 cheng teng! But sadly, before I even managed to reach there, it was already closed 😦 I remember it was closed the previous time I visited too, so I guess I am just not fated with it…sigh!

Or maybe it was really just a mad suay day for everyone because the next destination that we wanted to visit closed (down) too!!! So there goes my olive rice as well~

And then even after an alternative plan came up, we had to give it a miss again T.T
It wasn’t even Friday the 13th. So in the end… Ice-cream first!

 photo IMG_20131004_200833_zps6ea2b7a8.jpg

The must-have whenever I’m at Tanjong Katong (:

And finally, the late dinner at airport Thai Express!
 photo 20131004_211314_zps5a335135.jpg

I had really good impression of the food the previous time so I was rather looking forward to it. But the first order – Tom Yum soup turned out really disappointing! It was bland like plain water and the manager actually rebutted to me that “it’s meant to be like that“.

I told him that I ordered the exact same thing the previous time and I’m pretty sure it didn’t taste anything like that, then he changed it for me – but adding some salt -_- I don’t know how to make salt water meh!

In the end we just decided to cancel the order, because there’s no way giving in on such thing especially when one doesn’t admit his/her mistake and insist that “it’s meant to be like that“. Anyway shortly after we cancelled, the table next to us tasted their soup and rejected as well…LOL. Yes, it’s meant to be like that, I know.

Thank goodness my yummy yam was still good~
 photo 20131004_211616_zps4c795367.jpg

Was craving for chocolate molten cake after that because obviously airport doesn’t have durians, so I will have to go for craving #2. But once again, Pizza Hut was closed by the time and there goes my cake as well~ Just not my day >.>

 photo IMG_20131005_001206_zps185ccd60.jpg

Spicy sauces from Korea from boss!

(via thezodiaccity.com)

(via thezodiaccity.com)


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