Isaac’s 2nd Birthday in School!

Woke up extra early on Monday because the possessive Yiyi didn’t wanna miss a part of Isaac’s birthday celebration, especially when it’s actual day celebration! So I joined for his school celebration as well! xD

The birthday boy was too ecstatic after his celebration the previous night that he couldn’t fall asleep! So he missed school the next day and when we went over, the teachers were getting the kids ready for his celebration!

 photo 20131007_102558_zps8f71a675.jpg

So sweet (:

 photo 20131007_100310_zps04e0ba95.jpg

Excitedly waiting to see his Thomas cake!

And ta-duh~! The slightly customised Thomas cake because this is not one of their designs for big cakes, but Isaac would love to have not just Thomas, but his James and Percy as well 😀
 photo 20131007_100355_zps06113ad8.jpg

Once again, he couldn’t wait to eat the cake that he repeated, “Strawberry” like 291749721379 times! LOL. But we still made him go through the ordeal of the usual photo-taking first xD

 photo 20131007_100437_zpsf2a34e08.jpg

Cute pose! ❤

 photo 20131007_100439_zpsbbdcda2e.jpg

Aiming strawberry again -_-“

Asking him to pose with the “2” hand sign again but he was reluctant, especially when he suddenly became the limelight with so many students sitting in front of him, waiting to eat the cake as well…haha!
 photo 20131007_100429_zps71e294bb.jpg

 photo 20131007_100414_zps83c271b2.jpg

Isaac’s friends! 😀

 photo 20131007_100450_zps1af80826.jpg

Finally lighting the candle! *pleased*

 photo 20131007_100524_zps4a3b15c6.jpg

Friends singing the birthday song for him (:

 photo 20131007_100511_zpsaba529b6.jpg

Happy boy clapping away! 😀

And then he got a bit scared like … what’s going on??? Hahaha!
 photo 20131007_100543_zps2ace84b9.jpg photo 20131007_100557_zps9ab242f7.jpg

As expected, it wasn’t easy taking a picture with him because he just refused to look at the camera! Haha! He was more focused on his cake and everything that’s going on around him~
 photo 20131007_100535_zps54cdad62.jpg

And when he happens to look, Papa & Mama are not looking! =/
 photo 20131007_100621_zps251e20b3.jpg

Cheeky boy with Papa & Mama!
 photo 20131007_100605_zpse688fa8c.jpg photo 20131007_1006090_zpsa4dec074.jpg photo 20131007_100609_zpsd4566505.jpg

 photo 20131007_100623_zpse97a46f6.jpg

Blow the candle!

Again, I kept trying to get him to look at my phone but he looked left and right, but just not my direction! LOL.
 photo 20131007_100649_zpsd3da5a69.jpg photo 20131007_100651_zpsb3201484.jpg

Finally! The happy and handsome birthday boy!!! 😀
 photo 20131007_100830_zps18eb01ba.jpg

Then it was photo-taking with his classmates but again, he looked everywhere but just not at our cameras!
 photo 20131007_100725_zps571f2416.jpg

Telling his friends there is strawberry again -_-”
 photo 20131007_100731_zps8f8553b2.jpg photo 20131007_100733_zps2d2b4d9d.jpg

And then with the older kids from another class!
Everyone was ready but the birthday boy was probably still checking if there is chocolate chips at the side of the cake -____-|||
 photo 20131007_100855_zps2a1f9a4e.jpg

And he just refused to look at our cameras! *Give up!* LOL.
 photo 20131007_100921_zps9f75a927.jpg photo 20131007_100915_zps208c91f8.jpg
 photo 20131007_100922_zps88062452.jpg

Finally the cake-cutting! 😀
 photo 20131007_101008_zps8d2363e5.jpg photo 20131007_101011_zps6e28d7a7.jpg

After distributing the cakes, it was time to distribute the goodie bags to his friends and the tam jiak boy was so scared that we would miss out his share! He kept repeating, “Isaac one! Isaac one!” LOLOL!
 photo 20131007_102822_zps9cea58fa.jpg

 photo 20131007_102712_zps8d4bb979.jpg

The big sisters there sayang him so much! (:

 photo 20131007_102729_zps5475b799.jpg

“Thank you.” *turn away* LOL.

 photo 20131007_102808_zpsd3b02226.jpg

Shake hand~

And even while giving out the bags, he was still constantly reminding us of his share -_-”
 photo 20131007_102840_zps3f8095a9.jpg

Grabbed le boy to cam-whore again because I didn’t get the chance to and he looked into my front camera again! 😀
 photo 20131007_103043_zpsec1d2a11.jpg

 photo IMG_20131007_104332_zpsaa06789c.jpg

My nephew is a big boy now! ((:




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